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Dr. Conrad Murray -- I 'Love' MJ's Mom

1/6/2011 12:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Doctor Conrad Murray claims it's been hard for him to watch Michael Jackson's mother Katherine grieve over the death of her son ... because he "loves" her like his own mother.

Murray was out shopping at Nordstrom in Santa Monica yesterday -- hopefully looking to replace the awful paisley tie he wore on the first day of his manslaughter prelim -- when he told photogs, "It's hard to see [Katherine] grieving ... I care about her as much as I care about my own mother."

Murray added, "I love her very much."


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Honestly, I believe that.

1386 days ago


Creep. So, he was ok with fueling his "brother's" drug habit. Lol, no.

1386 days ago



He just wants to look good in court.

1386 days ago


frustrated as doctor only learned to take the lives of those who should now try to take care of his acting career makes pose for photos sitting in the cemetery and tombstone says he loves the mother of Michael Jackson that to me is not only a moral damage the morale of the member michael family but we also are seeing that his theater to convince the judiciary of a lie that he is also the strength to believe
killer coward

1385 days ago


Dr. Murder loves Katherine so well he had no problem making sure her son Michael was dead before calling for help that was less than ten minutes away.

Dr Murder loves Katherine so well and he had no problem making sure there wasn't any medical equipment was available to jump start Michaels heart if he went into cardiac arrest after Dr. Murder injected her son Michael with a combination of sedatives and heart stopping drugs!

Dr. Murder loves Katherine so much that he had no problem injecting her son Michael with a heart stopping drug that should only be used in a hospital environment!

Oh and Dr. Murder had no problem blaming Katherine's son for his own death after Dr. Murder committed a homicide against her son Michael.


1385 days ago


It seems that Dr. Murray reads your column. This is obviously a very sad and tragic situation for everyone. Whatever Michael did in his life - which I have serious doubts he hurt children due to his recorded behavior with Mac ec [they were relaxed, laughing ec as young people, although he acted many times like a child - he didn't deserve all the accusations, finger-pointing, public release of sealed court do***ents, harrassement during his life [innocent util proven guilty, is that not the premise of our law?]. He surely did not deserve to die as he did - what trained, responsible, caring, law-abiding physician would: allow a patient who obviously had a drug problem to take more - inject them for him?; not even have the decency or fore-thought to tape Michael's eyes shut with gauze and tape while under the profonol so there would be no eye damage - too many things to name. If Dr. Murray loves Michael's mother so much, do the right thing and go do your 4 years and let her visit you once a month and help you see the error of your ways. A human lost their life, children lost their father, a family lost a loved one. Four years with early release for good-time, would make his sentence what, 2.9 years? Nothing when compared to the many years Michael could have lived. You protect a patient - you do not administer things that can kill, or give substances that harm, and profonol - what can you say, under a general anesthetic your body undergoes changes, to the vessels, lung and heart tissues ec. It's obvious Michael had lost a tremendous amount of weight. Like - WTF? where was the persons with brains and who was manning this ship? Not one person. And as for Kenny Ortega being held partially responsible - hog-wash. He was there for Michael - you can see that during the rehearsal tapes. Kenny showed upmost concern for Michael, even instructing stage personnel to lead Michael from the stage with a flashlight. I don't believe Kenny, or AEG, or Sony, or John Branca should be brought into this. Michael had a lot of problems. Period. His personal physician was there to protect him, and he didn't. His personal physician was talking on the phone to his many girlfriends while his patient lay dying. Dr. Murray, go do your time and stop whining.

1385 days ago


Posted at 3:34 PM on Jan 6, 2011 by Pat
Yoko and Paul Mc did not have the money or think the catalog was worth 47million over 20 years ago. They have no legal rights whatsoever to it. Now that MJ is dead the catalog will now go directly to the families of the beatles.................................betchgotfleazzzzzzzz!!!

Posted at 11:57 AM on Jan 7, 2011 by mymjj5


Michael bought and paid for that catalogue. He eventually had to mortgaged half of it to Sony to use for collateral.

Michael's Estate still owns half of it and Sony owns the other half. But nothing goes back to the Beatles families. There's other music in the catalogue other than the Beatles. When Michael bought it, I don't understand why Sony did not out bid Michael in the first place, because they definitely could have afforded out bidded Michael.

1351 days ago


@Pat.#118. Posted at 12.23 AM on Jan 10, 2011 by Pat.

Agree with you 100%, Pat. Would even like to add that considering all the mistakes made by dr. Murray I'm even starting to think it wasn't INVOLUNTARY MANSLAUGHTER at all but PREMEDITATED MURDER. The very 1st MISTAKE was puchasing the anaesthetic the doctor damn well knows it should not be given OUTSIDE a hospital or clinic setting. Dr. Murder endagered his patient by his very first move, the 2nd mistake(?) was he had no adequate equipment at hand; then he made an ARRAY of others MISTAKES(?), like waiting too long before calling 911, then tried to get rid of the evidence, then lied to the paramedics and the doctors at the hospital, then disappeareds for 2 whole days before going to the LAPD. How can a skilled physician, a cardiologist no less, make so many mistakes? Yeah, mistakes my @zz, MURRAY IS A KILLER!

Posted at 7:24 AM on Jan 10, 2011 by kathy 40


I agree, because he must have had a darn good reason to put his career and reputation on the line for such so-called negligence.

1351 days ago


There is so much more to this story. Wait until you see John Lennon and the Beatles involved. It is gonna get interesting especially when the next trial brought by Catherine Jackson to AEG. That is where the Jackson family are saying that they killed Jacko on purpose for that beautiful Beatle Catalogue. That catalogue helped support the Jackson Family over the years. Yes, Michael jackson hid a love child daughter that John Lennon put in his will. Jacko was going to England because he had to give back the royalties to the daughter and Lennon/McCartney families. He didn't want to. He probably was going to prison for Fraud. That is why he was so afraid. He said this is it. It would be his last concert. He was going to the slammer after that. Instead he wanted to die or Dr. Murray followed orders and killed because AEG wanted him dead for the catalogue. Once Jacko was dead the catalogue would go directly back to the Beatles families. Yoko is the mastermind behind it.

Posted at 3:34 PM on Jan 6, 2011 by Pat


What is all of this, and where is it coming from?

It sounds like someone that could be on medication with an imagination running a hundred miles an hour. Is this what's happening here? Because nothing connects to nothing.

1351 days ago
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