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'Golden Voice' Guy -- I've Got NINE Kids!!!

1/6/2011 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The homeless man with the golden radio voice revealed another shocking fact about his life this morning -- dude has NINE kids!!!

Ted Williams just appeared on the "Today" show -- and when Matt Lauer asked where he thought he'd be in 5 years, Ted replied, "My kids will have love for me."

Williams then explained he has 7 girls and 2 boys .... oh, and he's also a grandfather!!!


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9 kids..Was he wealthy before he went broke or was he just dumb and created children he couldn't support? Having 9 kids is ridiculous he may have a good voice but i wouldn't support the bum. He should do Planned Parenthood commecials and Trojan ads

1385 days ago


American's use to be the first people to root for the under-dog
& I think millions still feel that way, most of us would love to see a miracle in the works & this guy over come his many troubles.

1385 days ago


It seems everytime we (the "common" folk)take a liking to someone there tends to be a big let down in store. Either the media hypes the story SO FRIGGIN much and they celebutize him/her to where we do not even recognize them anymore (Susan Boyle), or the person themselves turns out not to be what we thought at all! He seems like a genuine guy. I hope nothing comes out (which they are DIGGING AS WE SPEAK) that we find out he is a fraud. I have no idea what the ages of his children are but I would hope he did everything he could to support them before things had got so bad (having nine children to support will do that!). But so far he has my heart and good wishes. Please don't be another flight attendant Slater!!!! I am trying SO hard not to lose faith in people! Oh, and I will never forget what Hollyweird did to those poor kids from Slumdog Millionare! Gave them everything on a gold platter and as soon as the red carpet was rolled up BACK TO THE GUTTER! Be careful Ted! Stay a humble and good person.

1385 days ago

Mikey M    

Well, with 9 kids we know he likes to f**k. I mean come on dude. Stop reproducing.
Try a rubber.

1385 days ago


Absolutley fantastic, People make mistakes and he deserved a second chance. He percevered through all his mistakes to come back for this one chance. God bless him he deserves it. When its all said and done its through the persons character that will determine success, he never gave up on his chances and because of the internet and god he was granted that one wish

1385 days ago


Apologies if this has already been said but he looks like Rick Fox in about 40!

1385 days ago


Dude looks exactly like Obama too.

1385 days ago


good luck to the guy..... its funny reading some of the negative bitter people who just want this guy too rott. why? hes been pretty strait up with his past demons,ya the guy has 9 grown kids that he most likely hasnt paid for but its not like the guy has been livng on a high rise condo in miami or something geez! just bitter jaded people ... GOOD LUCK TED!

1385 days ago


I heard that on CNN yesterday. Absurd. I'm glad he's getting another chance, but I never done drugs, convicted of a crime, and don't have any kids...where's my bailout?!?!

1385 days ago


@Superman Do you have any amazing talents?

1385 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

presdent obama abandoned his older brother!!! what a jerk!

1385 days ago


O.K. So this guy gets a HUGE break...He is a crack addict....Lets see after he gets that first paycheck , how long it takes him to get back on crack, if indeed he was ever off. I say he owes the state or states that his 9 kids live in, since without a doubt the baby momma or momma were getting money from the gov. I'm all for a happy ending to a hard luck story, but I think this is a crock !!!

1385 days ago


Comment #15 Rex Kramer

Rex, your preconceived notions are narrow minded - sad you see fit to con-**** some sad ending for this guy.

1385 days ago


Wow, negitive people up-in-here.... very sad!

1385 days ago


nstead of being reasonable, they will cream him on the back child support and he'll be back on the street with noone better off.

Posted at 7:33 AM on Jan 6, 2011 by rex kramer

Yes, Rex, it's "unreasonable" to expect a man to pay to support his children instead of becoming a drug addict. It's the state who should pay that support, i.e., we who pay taxes, right? Maybe his kids would have "love for him" if instead of being a drunk and a drug addict, he'd kept his career and supported them. And if child support is too costly, don't father 9 children! It's not like he got to 9 and then suddenly said, "Wow, this is expensive." Expensive kicks in at ONE kid!

1385 days ago
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