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Lindsay Lohan's 'Special Friend' Grilled By Cops

1/7/2011 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

There's a mystery man in Lindsay Lohan's life who is getting badgered by cops determined to throw Lindsay Lohan in jail.

We've learned hours before Lindsay allegedly battered a Betty Ford staffer ... she was hanging out in a hotel room with Adam Case, a fellow Betty Ford patient who spent a lot of time with LiLo over the last few months.  In fact, Case took Lindsay back to her place when she was confronted by B.F. staffer Dawn Holland and saw the whole altercation.

Our sources say Palm Desert cops are convinced ... Lindsay was drinking in the hotel room, and they think Case could be their star witness to prove it.  They also believe Case saw Lindsay attack Holland.

Cops got a statement from Case the night of the incident, and he sided squarely with Lindsay.  Dissatisfied, cops went back to Case the next day and grilled him again, to no avail.

But that wasn't the end.  Days later Palm Desert cops went to Case yet again and interrogated him over what Lindsay did in the hotel room -- specifically, whether she consumed alcohol.  Case said he never saw her take a drink.  Cops pressed Case to get a copy of his hotel bill, but he refused.

As for what happened in the hotel room, Case says Lindsay spent an hour-and-a-half dying her hair, then hung out with him and a few other friends.

Case closed.



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What the hell was she doing hanging out with randoms dying her hair? And the rest of her little "party" was wasted when they got back to their REHAB right?...something happened, trouble follows this broad wherever she goes, she attracts its for her own amusement.

1386 days ago


This poor guy better relocate for his own good. These cops put a whole new light on police brutality.

Move now before they arrest you on some false charges for kissin their A** and backin them up.

1386 days ago


It sounds like this police lieutenant has a big nasty hairy bug stuck up his A** because he didn't get his 15 mins. of fame in front of the cameras.

He and his department need to be investigated by the feds for corruption.

How many other people did this lieutenant and his police force do this to?

How many other Innocent people are sitting behind bars for his "RABID BEHAVIOR".

His actions give good descent police officers a bad name...

1386 days ago


Ask yourself how likely it is that her boyfriend, a BF Alumni, and a man who want's a piece of LL, is telling the truth. To get an honest statement from him is not likely.

Then ask yourself how likely it is that LL would dye her hair, make her makeup run all over doing it and all in some potential boyfriend's hotel room. It's utterly ridiculous.

This entire bunch are a masterful collection of liars. And sadly, LL paid off the woman she assaulted so fast it set a record.

Nothing like covering your tracks. LL is a professional at this kind of thing.

Nevermind about this. Something much better is coming. Just wait for it....

1386 days ago

Oh no!    

The P-I-G-S should knock it off. There are all kinds of people out there who belong in prison, and you guys waste your time with a 97 lb "B" list starlet?

This is just another example of how America has turned into a facist police state. Wall Street steals trillions of dollars from America and nearly destroys us with their scams, and all the cops can do is harrass Lindsay Lohan. Pathetic.

1386 days ago


I think what has angered the PD Police is that LL just keeps on getting off. She can do and say (or lie to be exact) and she just escapes consequences.

They are obviously sick of it and want to apply the law. I do as well.

1386 days ago


Lindsay "hooked up" with a guy in rehab. She ALWAYS does...remember Cirque Lodge (in Oct. 2007) and her "bathroom rendez-vous" with that other guy?? Lindsay always gets/finds a "man" no matter where she is!!! (Except for when she was going strong w/Sam Ronson)! I smell another "Lohan Family Pay-Off" ...just like with the fired rehab "tech" from Betty Ford.

1386 days ago

kooky and balls lover    

This police department needs to stop. She has an addiction. Even if LILO was a regular person you think Betty Ford and other such centers don't have squabbles, scuffles, sometimes physical with patients? They do. That is like being in a hospital and not expecting to see illness.

It is crazy to expect anything different and guess what, the police aren't called in those situations for regular folks. People need to get off of this girl's back because un-addicted to any substance is not easy. Back off! She is going to have set backs.

1386 days ago


This poor girl, apparently doesn't know what love is.

Oh, well, keep bang ganging:)

1386 days ago

Jim in Cali    

How sad. Lindsay is banging guys from rehab. Well I guess it beats sleeping with that man Sam Ronson.

1386 days ago


Will you TMZ idiots stop making it seem like LL is innocent and the police are "out to get her". Had they been out to get her, her *** would have been thrown in jail in 2007 for her 2 DUI's and cocaine possession, like any NORMAL person would have been. She gets away with murder and you act like she is some victim because the police are being oh so mean to her.

Oh and OF COURSE this horny guy who she is sleeping with is going to defend her. He wants to keep sleeping with this skank and remain on her good side. Had she ditched him, he would be spilling the truth.

1386 days ago


TMZ we want the 911 calls !!!!

1386 days ago


Yeah RELEASE THE 911 CALLS!! Why has NO ONE done this?!?

1386 days ago


There was no danger there with this man that looks like a WIMPY OLD HAG TRYING ON THE "TEXAS COWBOY" LOOK.
He has no arm muscles,no strong jawbone,smudgy mascara eye's, etc.

1386 days ago


More proof she wasnt getting her hair done.
A pattern this skank repeats everytime she goes to rehab

1386 days ago
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