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Lindsay Lohan's 'Special Friend' Grilled By Cops

1/7/2011 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

There's a mystery man in Lindsay Lohan's life who is getting badgered by cops determined to throw Lindsay Lohan in jail.

We've learned hours before Lindsay allegedly battered a Betty Ford staffer ... she was hanging out in a hotel room with Adam Case, a fellow Betty Ford patient who spent a lot of time with LiLo over the last few months.  In fact, Case took Lindsay back to her place when she was confronted by B.F. staffer Dawn Holland and saw the whole altercation.

Our sources say Palm Desert cops are convinced ... Lindsay was drinking in the hotel room, and they think Case could be their star witness to prove it.  They also believe Case saw Lindsay attack Holland.

Cops got a statement from Case the night of the incident, and he sided squarely with Lindsay.  Dissatisfied, cops went back to Case the next day and grilled him again, to no avail.

But that wasn't the end.  Days later Palm Desert cops went to Case yet again and interrogated him over what Lindsay did in the hotel room -- specifically, whether she consumed alcohol.  Case said he never saw her take a drink.  Cops pressed Case to get a copy of his hotel bill, but he refused.

As for what happened in the hotel room, Case says Lindsay spent an hour-and-a-half dying her hair, then hung out with him and a few other friends.

Case closed.



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Adam Case fb!/profile.php?id=1527833470

1321 days ago


Little birdy told me police has hotel security camera footage of them bringing beer into the hotel and the hotel cleaning crew said there were empty beer cans in the room. But police cannot prove who consumed the beer.

1321 days ago


Dude needs an attorney stat. Law enforcement does not ask questions they don't already know the answer to. Obstruction of justice is nothing to screw around with nor is that super-ho-mo shirt. Where do you buy something like that? I know it must be online, but where? Thinkin' "PRECIOUSLITLECOWBOY.COM".

All two-bit addicts are the same "leave me alone man" "just back off man" "i'm not bothering anybody" "oh, this p iss stain on my pants, it's someone else's man".

Thank God Lindsay has this guy who is obviously a stand up, good friend with tons of integrity and credibility, not like those addicts n rehab...oh wait...

P.S. Linds, why don't you take a drive up to Malibu, they love you in Malibu, take PCH...oh, they're having a private party at Gladstone's again...dayum what's with all these private events shutting down every bar you go to? Weird, huh?

Also, dying your own hair in a motel bathroom with a bunch of addicts outside - straight class.

1321 days ago


Why does this story keep changing? Out getting her hair done to now dyeing her own hair in some random BF dude's hotel room? No doubt about it now...she was as drunk as a skunk that night.

1321 days ago


Dawn Holland already said on TMZ and her BF report
"She had alchohol on her breath"
why the police dont use that statement?

1321 days ago


Any dork that wears a cowboy hat deserves to get beaten by the cops.

1321 days ago


1. The police need to stop harassing the guy especially if they can't get a subpoena for his hotel bill. By the way, that wouldn't prove SHE drank anything.

2. TMZer's know she probably did drink something.

3. When a patient dyes their hair another color or just dyes their roots staff and other patients would notice.

4. If everything was on the up and up then why were they hanging out in a private hotel room instead of on the grounds of the facility? Don't you get your hair dyed in a salon when you can afford a rental house for $7,000 per month? I'm just sayin'.

1321 days ago


Not to worry Lohan will screw herself up again soon enough.

1321 days ago


As I said yesterday,
Any person, Institution {think Betty Ford rehab}, Any thing or place {Venice California}, whatsoever that comes into contact, however brief, with Fire Crotch immediately picks up her toxic slime and is forever degraded, devalued & tainted.
This loss of reputation is attached permanently!

1321 days ago


These guys are pros. They have had enough practice to no how to get around just about anything. They won't have anything on the hotel bill except the room charge. They would have brought in their own stuff.

Lohan has never taken her rehab seriously. She still keep getting away with everything. That keeps her my crap don't stink attitude alive and kicking.

Give her a drug/alcohol test every other day and see how well she does. No time to get it out of her system. Better yet give her a hair test.

1321 days ago


@Pookie..I agree. BF was once very reputable for all the right reasons. Now the rehab is just her name. The people running it just want the 29K per every 30 days it costs.

Betty Ford would be ashamed.

1321 days ago


When most people, especially a celebrity, say they were "getting their hair done", you assume they were at a salon. When Lindsay says it, it REALLY means she was shacked up in some motel room with a guy.
And people don't understand why no one ever believes her or trusts her?
She's trash.

1321 days ago

Scott Guiher    

Wow, forget about murder, rape, armed robbery and other less important crimes, lets spend thousands of tax payer dollars going after Lindsay Lohan. What a crock.

1321 days ago


And this idiot guy!

His mother should just tell him to cooperate and put the
"friendship" with Miss Lohan aside.

Dude- Run for the Hills!

1321 days ago


I wonder if her dying her hair would mess up a hair follical drug test? Lohan knows all the tricks. Hell, she should by now.

1321 days ago
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