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Man Sues The Rock Over WWE Match from 2000

1/6/2011 4:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

11 years after a legendary WWE match between The Rock and Triple H -- a guy who was in the audience is suing the wrestlers ... claiming he was injured when the men ran into the crowd and knocked a female fan into his knee.


It's all in a Kentucky lawsuit filed by Ronald Basham -- who says he was 7-years-old at the time of the incident ... and too young to sue for himself.

According to the lawsuit, Ronald claims the wrestlers took the fight out of the ring and into the stands -- when The Rock shoved a spectator ... and caused a woman standing nearby to fall onto Ronald ... injuring his right leg and knee.

Ronald claims he sustained "severe and painful injuries" that will continue to bother him. In fact, Ronald says he recently had to undergo surgery on his leg as a result of the wrestling incident.

A rep for the WWE tells us they are "looking into the matter" but says they "don't comment on pending litigation."


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Sorry dude. Your full of crap. First of all. If it really did happen back when you were only a mere 7 years old. I think your parents would have sued back then for you. 11 years after the fact, I think not. I think it never happened. I think you are just a money hungry piece of doodoo. I hope the wrestlers counter-sue you for whatever you have, win and spit at you when you are left out on the streets. Such douchery nowadays.

1389 days ago


WTF is this ****.... People are retarded

1389 days ago


Can you smell what the ambulance chasers are cookin?

1389 days ago


Dude, you were 7 years old and one of your favorite wrestlers (I'm pretty sure one of them was his favorite since they were 2 of the top wrestlers in the business 11 years ago) bumped into someone that ended up bumping into you and now you want to sue over it. You probably loved every second of it when it happened. I call BS on this.

1389 days ago


this is stupid as hell 11 years later he just want money i think it never happen if it did why his parents didnt sue ?

1389 days ago


LOL... ooo wow what some would do for money.. this is the result of the bad economy and recession...

2010.. Year of the Gold Digger
2011.. Becoming Year of the Spoil Brat Gold-Diggers. Let this be the official term for 2011 already during the 1 week of the new year..

this will be thrown out.. even i noticed the event staffers at events try to keep folks out of the way when it comes to the outside the ring moments making sure no one gets hurt.

they should send him a get well card and a signed autograph and a your pathetic kid..period..

Stand up For the WWE!

besides i question.. since this occured 11yrs ago what has he done to aggro the so call injury?? he walked.. wow.. throw this one out.

1389 days ago


Harvey - Wouldn't the stat's of limitations been way past due??

1389 days ago


This is stupid, but as he was underage at the time it happened, the law gives him a certain period after turning 18 to sue. However, I'm sure risk is assumed and liability waived when tickets are purchased and he shoud be suing the adult(s) who took him to the event. He's a douche and needs to get a job instaed of trying to steal from people who actually work for their money.

1389 days ago


Kentucky lawsuit...lmao...that explains it.

1388 days ago


Let me guess, your un-employment ran out and this is your new source of money.

1388 days ago

pink floyd    

deliverance part 2. he sure gots a perty mouth!! weeeeee weeeee weeee! only in america.

1388 days ago

Hey Now    

Were his parents asleep like Rip Van Winkle for the past decade? I can't think of a good reason to wait this long to sue if you knew your kid got injured in 2000.

I can smell what they're cooking all the way from Florida...

1388 days ago


LOL This guy is insane I go to a event with younger kids since they were 3 and 4 yrs old and husband every year when they come to Ohio and sit floor seats my kids NEVER got hurt when they come out on the floor they always have event staff ALWAYS and before the show begins they tell u that the superstars do make their way on the floor and to STAY OUT THEIR WAY.

1388 days ago


WOW!!...This is why Americans are considered as idiots. Seriously suing for everything...Wow!!...

1388 days ago


This is such bull!!!! It has to take a lot harder and much more weight to be that bad for 11 years. You had to have been doing something to you leg/knee. Get over yourself it was 11 years ago. your a dumbass

1388 days ago
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