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Man Sues The Rock Over WWE Match from 2000

1/6/2011 4:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

11 years after a legendary WWE match between The Rock and Triple H -- a guy who was in the audience is suing the wrestlers ... claiming he was injured when the men ran into the crowd and knocked a female fan into his knee.


It's all in a Kentucky lawsuit filed by Ronald Basham -- who says he was 7-years-old at the time of the incident ... and too young to sue for himself.

According to the lawsuit, Ronald claims the wrestlers took the fight out of the ring and into the stands -- when The Rock shoved a spectator ... and caused a woman standing nearby to fall onto Ronald ... injuring his right leg and knee.

Ronald claims he sustained "severe and painful injuries" that will continue to bother him. In fact, Ronald says he recently had to undergo surgery on his leg as a result of the wrestling incident.

A rep for the WWE tells us they are "looking into the matter" but says they "don't comment on pending litigation."


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Not only do I think there is a statute of limitations issue, but I also believe, as in baseball, when you enter the arena there is an assumption of the risk that you can get injured. Thus no liability for the wrestlers, and no money for the loser.

1364 days ago


Must be another pill head here in the state of Ky looking for a free ride because he is too sorry to work.

1364 days ago


What the ****? If you were really injured why in the hell didn't your parents sue the wwe when this happen? This boy is full of ****!

1364 days ago


I wouldnt sue the wwe even if by slight chance they would be at fault...

i would let them know..

then.. offer a settlement...

hire me to be a personal bodyguard for all their WWE DIVAS :)

Maryse.... Maryse.....Maryse.....Michelle... Michelle... Michelle.. Mcbootycool....

i'd work for free to be in THAT lockeroom!!.. and i'll paint golddust's face..

This kid , his parents, need to have the lawsuit thrown back at them for stupidity...

Ouch my Knee hurts i want a cookie , an apology from 11 yrs ago.. and.. i want 1 Bazillion dollars.. all in order to complete my plan...TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD AND BUILD MY DEATHSTAR... LASER!


1364 days ago


IF this moron was as horrifically injured as he states in the lawsuit, would there not have been an ambulance called? ER visit, SOME proof. Oh wait, I know, his parents couldn't take him because they had no insurance and couldn't get a mortgage on the trailer.

1364 days ago

T. Bag Jones    

I think we'll all sue your mother for uncrossing her legs and giving you to the world.

1364 days ago

The Peoples Johnson    

The Rock says: He's gonna take that bad knee, shine it up real nice. Turn that sum-b i t c h sideways and stick it straight up your candy ssA!

1364 days ago


The "Statute of Reasonable Sanity" seems to have eclipsed this particular gentleman . . .

1364 days ago


As I understand Kentucky law, if a child is injured, the statute of limitations does not BEGIN to run under the child is either aged 18 or married, so no, there cannot be a statute of limitations problem here.

As far as why the parents didn't sue, you are assuming that the parents gave a flip in the first place. Not everybody's do, and why should the child be punished because the parent (or guardian) failed to do the right thing?

1364 days ago


O.K., If he was 7 when that happened, and it's 11 yrs. later, that makes him 18 yrs. old. The man in the pic. DOESN'T look 18! He looks a lot older. Somethings wrong here.

1364 days ago


why in the hell did he wait 11 years to finally sue the Rock and triple H.... dude, the rock is no longer with the company!!!

1364 days ago


First of all, if another fan was part of the incident, ie: the woman who was shoved, she would not only have sued the WWE, would she have always be counter-sued by the guy for causing pain and sufffering? i'm not a lawyer or law student, but i have seen other stories where a second party is always named in the lawsuit.

Second of all, if he was injuried, the parents would have seen any psyhical problems and would have hired a lawyer quickly in order to get some sort of legal action rolling.

I have been a wrestling fan for years now, and have gone to many events, both big name and independent. Security makes sure that none of the audience members interfer or get hurt while the wrestlers are 'fighting' in the crowd. Safety is the in number one concern at any event. This guy probably injuried himself at some other point in his life and now trying to leech of a multi-million dollar corporation.

1364 days ago


Well this is the match that they are talking about:

Its at 7:55 when they start going into the crowd.


1364 days ago


ummm statue of limitations has passed dude! Parents should have sued 11 years ago. Blame your parents!!

1364 days ago


why didnt his parents sue a long time ago? I am calling BS!

1364 days ago
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