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Arizona Shootings -- Take A Stand

1/10/2011 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Arizona shootings raises serious issues .... from Sarah Palin telling people to "reload," to banning automatic weapons. So we're taking your temperature.



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It scares me that the early results from the poll show that people seriously think the Tea Party incites the most violence. Find me any new article where any Tea Party resulted in violence. You'll be lucky to find one, maybe two stories at most on a national level?

Then look at the UK tuition riots, G20 protests, etc. which are largely or overwhelmingly democrat and liberal participants.

1383 days ago


Idiots, automatic weapons for general citizens are already outlawed by federal law.

1383 days ago


Automatic weapons effectively ARE outlawed. The federal permit required for each automatic owned, where they are permitted at all, is outrageously expensive and requires an extensive application process. If you are referring to SEMI automatic weapons, get your terminology straight.

1383 days ago


I can't see how you would NOT be able to point fingers at Palin, after putting crosshairs on the US map. This person does not have her finger on the pulse of America! You simply don't do that, if you do, you incite this type of anger.
Prayers to All involved.

1383 days ago


If one decides to place blame for this violence on Palin, then he/she needs to apply the same blame on Obama, who referred to his opposition just within the past 60 days as "the enemy". Any one rabid supporter of Obama's could take that term "enemy" to heart, and target Obama's enemies.....with a gun or any other form of violence. The bottom line is no one is to blame here except for one demented and sick individual.

1383 days ago


Palin represents ignorance. Violence is only one step away, especially after she says "reload". The fact that this person was on her target list makes her partly responsible.

1383 days ago


Such an irresponsible move by TMZ to even ask people if party affiliation incite violence. Harvey Levin shows his true color that he despises the Tea Party (maybe because the Tea Party does not like gay people.)

1383 days ago


uhhh, putting crosshairs is A LOT different.

1383 days ago

I blame my Dear Friend Sarah Palin. She, while highly intelligent and articulate, loves to fire guns at anyone who disagrees with her. I still would tag Levi in a minute. I need more friends on Facebook. Tickle me now, MFs!!!! kimberlybubblesboots at yahoo

1383 days ago


Sarah Palin is no more responsible than Jodie Foster was when Reagan was shot.

Obviously, Democrats incite more as this was a Democrat attacked.

Violent revolution? Hmmm, Ever heard of the American Revolution. It wasn't peaceful.

Both Foreign policy and Domestic policy under this President and this administration are damaging. Just in different ways.

Nothing wrong with running for office. Just remember who you are there to represent.

Automatic weapons have been banned from the general public.

Typical loaded questions designed to lead to a predetermined point. Problem is the questions are misleading.

1383 days ago


"gay" meaning happy?

1383 days ago


TMZ there are times when you just totally disappoint and disgust. No party had anything to do with this shooting. The only person that had anything to do with it is the shooter himself. He is clearly mentally ill and instead you idiots want to find blame in people or parties that had NOTHING to do with his actions. How irresponsible. I am not a fan of Sarah Palin, but please the woman had NOTHING to do with this shooters actions nor did ANY party. Stop with the bull****.

1383 days ago


Aren't fully automatic weapons already outlawed?

1383 days ago


Everyone seems to forget that the gunman, Jared Loughlin, is a LEFT wing extremist, who was unhappy with Nancy Pelosi. So for those who blame Palin for this violence need to educate themselves rather than just blaming the Tea Party or Palin for such attacks.

1383 days ago


Palin isn't responsible for some nut's actions.

1383 days ago
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