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Michael Lohan's Song -- Every 'Rose' Has Its Thorns

1/10/2011 9:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Prepare to have yourself an eargasm -- TMZ has obtained a preview of the song Michael Lohan had commissioned for his daughter Lindsay ... and OMFGGFFG it's amazing!!!

As we first reported, MiLo collaborated with Delious Kennedy, one of the members of the Grammy winning group All-4-One on a track in Lindsay's honor.

Delious told us the song would be a club track in the mold of Lady Gaga -- and, uh, it's definitely a club track.

If this doesn't say I love you ... nothing does.


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Sheriff Rusty    

you're very lucky you're not in slapping distance TMZ

1385 days ago


You realize this isn't actually Michael singing, right? It's Delious Kennedy. Michael commissioned him to write and perform the song.

1385 days ago


I hate it

1385 days ago

Home Skillet    

Is that actually Michael Lohan singing that? Well, I mean, being auto-tuned in that? I thought dude was just commissioning someone to sing it for him.

I was going to say something snarky about a Lindsay Lohan-inspired song. Then, it occurred to me: "Hey, your dad never went into a recording studio and knocked out a kickass club mix like this in your honor." Hmmmph.

Advantage: Lohan.

1385 days ago


I would rather masterbate with a cheesegrater than listen to this. Leave the music business to an actual singer and go back to being the smut peddling loser you always were Mr . Lohan.

P.S your daughter should just go into porn now to recover her career.

1385 days ago

Home Skillet    

I hope you get a Grammy, Michael Lohan! AND, Father of the Year! You are the BEST! I look forward to your Greatest Hit Album!

1385 days ago

Home Skillet    

Let's get some Cornbreadd up in here:

1385 days ago


This is a joke, right?

1384 days ago


This by far is one of the WORST songs ever !!!!!

I didn't listen but only to the first 10 sec. That was enough for me. Michael if you have a day job don't quit it. I know he didn't sing it, but please go back to a fulltime job or something Pluuuesssse

1384 days ago


I'm not sure if this is the audio book of Dantes Inferno and his tour through the bowels of hell, but if you listen to it backwards you can hear Satan himself say "Please make it stop! God please turn this off! I give up!" Interestingly enough if you play it normally it sounds like a badly ochestrated soundtrack of fart noises. MiLo for the sake of everything pure and innocent on this earth I would rather stare at a bucket of dust for 80 years than be forced to listen to .8 seconds of this abortion of 'music.'

1384 days ago


In all fairness you guys should listen to the MASTER COPY of this song. WAAAAY BETTER! I suggest you lend it an ear and really give it a chance before you knock it. I apologize for the delay in in begining of track but its worth it:)

1384 days ago


Blehhhhhhhhhhhhh! I was expecting something touching and beautiful, judging by TMZ's words. What kind of CRAP is this, anyway? I couldn't even listen long enough to hear the part about Lindsay's "pedals" falling off - hopefully it's still there, since they definitely look like they've fallen off a LONG time ago.

1384 days ago


Not ONLY is she a rose, a rose, a red, red rose, but she's also a DAYLIGHT SAVINGS one at that, springing forward and falling back. Preeeeetty amazing that one, eh?

1384 days ago


Looking at that pic of him, he looks like Mr. Ed the talking horse...."Wiiillllbbeerr" what a stupid fool.

1384 days ago


this dude sux, and that surprised me. hate to say it, but if you like that top 40 crap, this song is pretty good.

1384 days ago
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