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Sarah Palin's Big Decision -- Payday vs. Politics

1/10/2011 6:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If Sarah Palin's TLC reality show comes back for a second season, it's a sign she's choosing a big payday over a run at the White House ... Palin sources tell TMZ.

Network sources say TLC "would green light another season of Palin's show in a second." The show scored huge ratings and network honchos believe another installment would be even bigger.

We're told the decision to continue the show is squarely in Sarah's hands. Here are the considerations, according to our sources:

A) She would make millions of dollars by doing another season.
B) If she does sign on, she knows she's giving a clear sign to America she's not running for President in 2012.

We're told Palin has made absolutely no public decision, nor has she informed the network. There have been no negotiations. For now it's total radio silence.


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Lady Di    

Her 15 min of fame are lo-o-o-o-ng ovah....why anyone would trade Alaska (beautiful. pure, pristine) for that ****hole Washington (male-dominated, pressure cooker, corrupt) is beyond me. Go home Sarah. Look after your children and service Todd.

1298 days ago


Please,please,please take the payday and stay out of politics.

1298 days ago


i wouldn't be so sure about her NOT making it into office. The last election showed that a person with -ZERO- experience can get elected if you can talk smooth and get into people brains with your worthless bablings.

1298 days ago


"total radio silence" . . . oh, if only . . .

1298 days ago


It pains me to say this -- but GIVE HER THE SHOW IF IT WILL KEEP HER OUT OF POLITICS!!!

1298 days ago


According to Entertainment Weekly, she's not returning.

1298 days ago

Patrick Henry    

TMZ you said the show renewal was a no go , now you report this.
Kind of feeling bad that you insinuated she is a violent inciter?

I wish you dumb azz Palin haters would make up your mind..she's republican, she's tea party. What specifically do you not like about her opinions? No one ever says. Oh is it because you're ignorant liberal flamers that are brainwashed by the media?

I can't stand her? Why? She's ignorant? According to whose standards and what is she ignorant about?

As far as the show I'd rather watch that rather than some lame "housewives" show or reality tv where people are porking each other, drinking, and cat fighting. And they call that talent.

I have learned a lot about alaska, it's industry and people.
And hopefully one day can vacation there. I enjoy the show and am glad that the Palins are self sufficient family and individualists. Our whole family enjoys the show from age 15 to 59.

1298 days ago

name provided    

Guys, her show was cancelled.

1298 days ago


enough already of this dummy...she should do porn

1298 days ago


As a black woman, I believe Sarah Palin will win the election, and be the new woman in the White House. Michelle Obama has done NOTHING for me!

1298 days ago

Ian Mega    

There's no reason she couldn't do both. The reality show could do***ent the campaign.

1298 days ago


If this crazy bag becomes Prez I am moving to Canada! She couldn't even finish her term as Gov. - what makes anyone think she could be President?! If we think the massacre that happened in AZ was bad- imagine what will happen in this country if she was running the country! Who's pic will she put up in the crosshairs next? When is enuf enuf with this assinine Tea Party?!
Oh- and TLC axed her show! THANK GOD!

1298 days ago

Tinalouise isn't Michelle's duty to do a freaking thing FOR YOU..she owes you nothing. Because she is a black woman and the wife of the President she she needs to do something for you?? Get a life and do something for yourself!

1298 days ago


I really enjoyed all of the shows on "Sarah Palin's Alaska" They reminded me of the old series, "utual of Omaha's Wild Kingdon." Very wholesome TV viewing. I will miss it. Thanks for sharing your beautiful state with us.

1298 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

63: Right on. ;) You get a Bubbles the Chimp Moonwalk for that.

1298 days ago
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