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TMZ Live: Conspiracy, Controversy & Cradle-Robbing

1/10/2011 6:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Conspiracy day on TMZ Live -- did Kim Kardashian sabotage the Saints? Is Sarah Palin partly to blame for the AZ shootings? O.J. Simpson's Bronco ... why so little blood?!?! And ... Rachel Uchitel's pretty young thing.


(3:42) Rachel Uchitel's new man ... 25 years old?!?!
(4:55) Anna Nicole Smith’s estate trial could take years ... and we'll cover it all
(5:28) Nicole Brown murder scene ... tons of blood -- but not much in O.J.'s Bronco.
(6:49) Sarah Palin ... TV show or Presidency? Probably TV show.
(9:30) Mel Gibson’s lawyers calling Oksana’s statements ludicrous -- because she’s never made them before
(10:02) Judge Milian ... live from Miami on Thursday
(12:32) Were Michael Jackson’s fingerprints on the IV bag?
(13:04) Charles’ last name ... how the hell do you pronounce that thing?
(13:26) Saints lost this weekend -- Kardashian Konspiracy?
(15:05) Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords shot -- six others killed -- but is Sarah Palin partly responsible?
(15:58) TMZ polls -- which party incites more violence? Sarah Palin to blame?
(19:22) Suspected AZ gunman supposed to be arraigned today
(19:46) Willie Nelson’s pot charge ... reduced to misdemeanor
(20:16) Dr. Arnie Klein -- possible defense witness ... likely to testify to MJ’s history of drug abuse


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why does it take well over 24 hours for TMZ live to get posted on your site as well as your evening show? I use to be able to watch both by 8PM the same night if i missed them on TV..New Jersey Time.

1345 days ago


Hey guys does anyboday watch "Damages" at TMZ? If not I recommend it.

1345 days ago


do you suspect the people managing the This is it Tour knew about the treatment Dr. Murray was providing to Michael but were turning a blind eye, because that what Michael insisted he wanted?

1345 days ago


I order narcotics for my job, they are sent to the MD's home address, but are tracked. propofol is a very short acting drug and requires several re-doses.

1345 days ago


All evidence points to the fact that the assailant from this weekend was severely mentally disturbed. His belief system was not rational by any modern political standard. He was an atheist, believed George W. Bush was responsible for 9/11, feared a global currency, cited the Communist Manifesto as one of his favorite books and thought the Mars rover landing was staged. These are not the opinions of a coherent individual.

Turning these horrific events into an opportunity for a political attack is a very childish response to a very grown-up problem. This is not about winning a political blame game. Atheists are not to blame. Those who hate George W. Bush are not to blame. Those who don’t believe in space travel are not to blame. Jared Lee Loughner is to blame. Period.

This tragedy should not be used as an opportunity to try and bend reality to retroactively place a madman on the other side of the aisle. It should be a time to pray for the victims and their families, a time that we can all come together and state that violence is off limits for all sides in a Republic. It’s a time for us to state with a unified passion that we won’t accept anyone who threatens or actually carries out violence.

1345 days ago


show is cancelled.

1345 days ago


Can barely here the guys today, worse with Charles

1345 days ago


You hold the questions so others can't see or ask anything you don't like. Another example of an inability to admit you are ever wrong. You were WRONG about the volcano.

1345 days ago


Rumor is that you cannot be addicted to Propofol, as MJ was said to be????

1345 days ago


Enough OJ and Volcano.

1345 days ago


Why are the TMZ Live videos being posted so late? They were posted a few hours after the original broadcast. Now it seems they are going up the next day. Lawyer friday went up today.

1345 days ago


Any thoughts on the BCS Bowl, Oregon vs. Auburn???

1345 days ago

dwayne is my name    

why does perez hilton copy tmzs stories, posts, headlines, etc. just sayin

1345 days ago


OJ drove himself there and back. No one saw him kill Nicole and Ron and then take off all his bloodied clothes and shoes, wrap them in a ball and put them somewhere in his car. And he threw all the incriminating evidence out in a trash bin at LAX.

1345 days ago


Show cancelled: Sarah Palin Alaska

1345 days ago
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