TMZ Live: Conspiracy, Controversy & Cradle-Robbing

1/10/2011 6:50 PM PST
Conspiracy day on TMZ Live -- did Kim Kardashian sabotage the Saints? Is Sarah Palin partly to blame for the AZ shootings? O.J. Simpson's Bronco ... why so little blood?!?! And ... Rachel Uchitel's pretty young thing.

(3:42) Rachel Uchitel's new man ... 25 years old?!?!
(4:55) Anna Nicole Smith’s estate trial could take years ... and we'll cover it all
(5:28) Nicole Brown murder scene ... tons of blood -- but not much in O.J.'s Bronco.
(6:49) Sarah Palin ... TV show or Presidency? Probably TV show.
(9:30) Mel Gibson’s lawyers calling Oksana’s statements ludicrous -- because she’s never made them before
(10:02) Judge Milian ... live from Miami on Thursday
(12:32) Were Michael Jackson’s fingerprints on the IV bag?
(13:04) Charles’ last name ... how the hell do you pronounce that thing?
(13:26) Saints lost this weekend -- Kardashian Konspiracy?
(15:05) Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords shot -- six others killed -- but is Sarah Palin partly responsible?
(15:58) TMZ polls -- which party incites more violence? Sarah Palin to blame?
(19:22) Suspected AZ gunman supposed to be arraigned today
(19:46) Willie Nelson’s pot charge ... reduced to misdemeanor
(20:16) Dr. Arnie Klein -- possible defense witness ... likely to testify to MJ’s history of drug abuse