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Ted Williams Detained By LAPD

1/11/2011 12:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: Law enforcement sources tell TMZ the argument between Ted and his daughter was over money. Williams has gotten several job offers and made numerous tv appearances since last week.

Ted Williams
-- the homeless man with the golden voice -- was detained by LAPD last night after getting into a shouting match with one of his daughters.

Ted Williams Arrested

It went down at the Renaissance Hotel in Hollywood -- where Ted and his daughter got into it so loudly ... a hotel employee called the cops.

Ted and his daughter were both taken to the Hollywood station, but neither Ted nor his daughter wanted to press charges so both were released.

UPDATE: Ted Williams enters rehab.


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There is something BIG this guy is not telling everyone-and it is going to come out-I gaurentee it. Something is off about him and somebody needs to find out what it is. I saw him lie on national t.v. and it has to do with his children I believe.

1381 days ago


I love the guy and wish him the best but....just wondering, did he support his many children at all over the years?

Posted at 12:54 PM on Jan 11, 2011 by sugardaisy


No - here's the article about it:

A viral video vaulted Ted Williams and his golden voice to fame, but the real hero of this story is the woman he left behind.

Patricia Kirtley raised four daughters alone after Williams split 23 years ago and dove down the rabbit hole of drugs.

Not only that, Kirtley took in the baby boy the radioman had with another woman and raised him as her own.

Oh, and by the way, she's partially blind.

"We survived," Kirtley said Thursday in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. "My children are survivors. They know if we get a little bit that God provides, we make it into a lot. I'm a soup maker. I make potato soup and throw in a lot of vegetables and a little meat. We always ate."

Except that Williams, who seems to be a nice guy, just wasn't strong, wasn't around and wasn't contributing financially.

Kirtley had to go on the dole. "I still remember my case number," she says ruefully. She eventually went to school and got licensed as a blind vendor.

"My mother and sisters pitched in and drove me because I can't see to drive," said Kirtley, now 58, over a din of some of her 16 grandchildren playing.

As if that weren't enough, Kirtley said two of her sisters and a cousin each took in a child Williams and his druggie girlfriend couldn't, or wouldn't, care for.

"I didn't want to see those children in no foster home," she said.

Exactly. It's an all-too-familiar story to the strong members of poor communities - usually women. They are the ones who must provide the backbone, as well as the hugs, for children whose parents get hooked on drugs.

Williams called once in a while, and Kirtley would hear that baritone voice she fell in love with at first sound. They stayed friendly, and he might come for Thanksgiving dinner, but otherwise, he would remain AWOL.

Daughter Julia Pullien, 30, said she was 7 when Williams left.

"He wasn't involved," she said. "Our mom was our sole provider. She is a more than phenomenal person. My father is a nice guy, but he fell victim to the streets. We prayed for him and we worried about him, but we became accustomed to the fact that he just wasn't there."

Kirtley said the kids felt some resentment.

"They didn't understand why he was never there for their school functions, or just to help with their homework," she said.

"That's when I really could have used help, because I couldn't see their pages. My kids are really good readers, though, because I made them read everything to me out loud."

They're grown now, with jobs and kids of their own.

Maybe Williams can redeem himself personally as well as professionally.

Maybe he can be there for his grandchildren in ways he could not for his kids.

Still, all the credit must go to Kirtley, the woman who truly deserves the fame her ex has been getting the past few days.

1381 days ago


Advice would be, hire a PR guy, an assistant, and a life coach and let them shield you from the kids till you can slide into the role a bit easier. New Money, Old Kids, we see how this will work out...

1381 days ago


Geez his kids already looking for a handout? Give the guy a break, let him live a little, get on the right track, he just got started and enjoying it getting his life together, his kids need to relax and support their dad on his recovery, there will be plenty of time to bond later, now is not the time to say Dad I want some of that money!

1381 days ago


Where were his kids before his 15 mins. came up? If they wanted anything to do with him, they should've been helping him already. His kids are ADULTS not children and now they want some $. That is what the argument was about. The daughter was probably mad cause dear old dad hasn't gotten the fat check yet and she can't squeeze him for money. It won't be long before she's out bad mouthing him. She's gonna want her 15 mins. too.

1381 days ago


"every saint has a past and every sinner has a future"

1381 days ago

Margie Becker    

i only wish Ted Williams the best,,, He needs to get someone to help him out,, His money grubbing kids need to leave him alone til he gets things sttraight,, Where were they when he was cold * homeless onn the street,, They did nothing for him and he should not have to do anything for them ,, They are all adults,, He should pay something back if the Government paid welfare or food stamps to them,, But they are grown,, they should be making their own life and let him be...

1381 days ago


Don't let your kids suck up all your money.

1381 days ago


I do not want to hear another word about this guy unless they get his TEEFS fixed! The Cavaliers or Kraft or his new Employer should have made the appointment by now.
FIX those F$%KI&G TEEFS PEOPLE! It's difficult to look at Teefs that have been burnt by a crack pipe. It's quite annoying.
TMZ make the appointment, now Harvey!.

1381 days ago


Well here is what happens when you let a bum and a convicted fellon into the spotlight. This guy is a joke, he is a drug addict a bad father and a thief. This guy couldnt get a job bagging groceries because he couldnt pass a background check let alone make money doing advertisements. What a joke put him back on the street where he belongs

1381 days ago

tha truth    

You haterz need to fall the heck waaaay back! everyone deserves chance(s)in life. who are you creeps to even judge this man. Watch how you throw stones because 9 times out of 10 they WILL be in you haterz own backyards. I have compassion for this man and appreciation towards the man who gave him a new beginning. As for his children-Hey either get over it and seek counselimng or just leave him alone!!!! Daughter arguing over money for what??? He is just getting started let him have a opportunity to prove himself. GO TED DO YOUR THING!!!!

1381 days ago


comment #85

either you are a god or just one bitter person.

1381 days ago


Hater need not apply.

All the haters raise your glass ! !

These are the SAME kids who wouldn't give him a place to sleep. The SAME KIDS that wouldn't even acknowledge him ! But now they want a piece and all up in his face ! ! This kids are a tacky bunch. You can say he wasn't a good father- he admits that- you can say what you want about his past.

HE HAD THE BALLS TO SAY IT BEFORE anyone could dig it up.

This -so called "family" are nothing but hanger-ons' Sometimes you have to take care of you before you try and involve other in your world. It may not be PC thing to say, but it's an HONEST thing to say

He is a nice man. he was always respectful to me.

and before you irk me.....i am a college graduate with a job with the state. I'm not asking him for anything.

1381 days ago


Funny how his KIDS didn't want anything to do with him either... UNTIL HE GOT ON T.V. As much as he was a bad father, or no father at all, his kids are adults and not one of them (that we know of) ever went looking for him neither AND if they did AND had and found him living on the streets, they did NOTHING for HIM! I'm sure they wrote him off until he popped up on T.V.!! Cut me a flippin' break, would ya?!

1381 days ago


#101 Nancy, I couldn't agree more.

For all those talking trash on this guy.. he admits to all his wrong doing,he didn't try to hide any of his past. What are you talking about?!?!?! Like I said before, NONE of his kids could have cared less about him until he appeared on T.V. All of those saying he doesn't deserve a 2nd chance.. let me ask ya.. did you say the same about Michael Vick? Now there is a REAL s***bag who willingly KILLED defenseless animals. This guy didn't kill anyone but himself. HE is the one who will have to live with the father he wasn't and he is the one who will have to face his maker. His kids are only approaching him now because they have their hands out!

1381 days ago
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