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Ted Williams Detained By LAPD

1/11/2011 12:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: Law enforcement sources tell TMZ the argument between Ted and his daughter was over money. Williams has gotten several job offers and made numerous tv appearances since last week.

Ted Williams
-- the homeless man with the golden voice -- was detained by LAPD last night after getting into a shouting match with one of his daughters.

Ted Williams Arrested

It went down at the Renaissance Hotel in Hollywood -- where Ted and his daughter got into it so loudly ... a hotel employee called the cops.

Ted and his daughter were both taken to the Hollywood station, but neither Ted nor his daughter wanted to press charges so both were released.

UPDATE: Ted Williams enters rehab.


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So much has happened in such a short period of time. This poor man became famous overnight. This is a lot to absorb. Also, I disagree with some of the comments that he is a dirtbag. He's made a lot of bad choices. For starters nine kids who are probably pretty mad they never had a father. So they want money..who doesn't?? And I'm sure when the guy gets some everyone will get there up and cominths. Problem is some want it all now..yikes money really is the root of all evil!!!

1358 days ago


To Neko Nation: I'm with you man..lets get some praise and recognition out there to our people overseas defending our country-Enuf of this story with Ted. the guy is a success story, but for God's sake lets get our countrymen home and start worrying about all the American's who go to bed on sand and who want to be home with their families. Our country sure does have its priorities screwed up.

1358 days ago


damn. you mad.

1358 days ago


SCREW THE GOD DAMN POLICE AND BOO HOO HOO AMERICAN SOCIETY!! Yes, I'm American but I'm sick of it. Thoughts of arrests, charges, etc. because of a YELLING MATCH ??????? SINCE WHEN IS YELLING A CRIME? No note of violence, so screw 'em. The police should simply piss off for the thought of anything other than telling them to be quiet.

1358 days ago

Pa Persack    

This guy has been clean for over two years. Before the drugs and booze took him down to rock bottom he had some success as an announcer, had a family with kids. So he's had nothing for two years, no contact with family, no home and owned only the clothes on his back. He puts a little money in his pocket for the first time in ages and his daughter is already there to hit him up for some. As a recovering alcoholic, the last thing he would do is hand over cash just because someone you love asks for it. He's been there, done that and bought the t-shirt. He would say, " what is it that you need and we'll go buy it." Who knows the dynamics here, but this guy is just coping the best way he knows how and keep his shizil together and ego in check. If his daughter has similar issues to his own (very possible), then I'm sure he didn't want to give her money. Give this guy a chance. He;s wallowed around in the mud long enough and I bet he has no desire to go back. He has an opportunity to set an example that could inspire thousands and I hope he does.

1358 days ago


Amen #25! Very well put I could not agree more! w/the Charlie Sheen part!

1358 days ago

Big Mamma Cornbread    

Can't we all just get along.

1358 days ago

KATHY =( ^-^ )=    

I think the smartest thing would be for Kraft Macaroni is to remove his sorry ass from doing anything connected to them(and others) Not a good idea.. As for Oprah.. She gets what she deserves..After seeing all his past, and how recent the crimes,and the family unit recklessness.I say let Oprah handle this.. I don't think anyone else should put their business or anything else at risk over this guy. He is a high risk.And with money provided to him,there will be booze and all the bad personality this guy obviously is going to be involved with, for years to come. There IS other people that are in need of a job and following the laws of society even through unemployment,and do have voice background etc.. This guy is a RISK..... Sorry but some people are destined to stay homeless..The thing with how many kids (and their names..wholly mackerel) was enough to disgust me... But then.I wasn't raised in a family/relatives where baby mama's are a norm.

1358 days ago

Peta Vale    

Too much too soon. We see this with the younger stars everyday. I cant see this turning out well.

1358 days ago


Ted Williams' kids are going to be chasing the golden money jet stream shooting out his ass like gas. I'm sure his kids see the dollar signs and they are gonna want a part of it too!

1358 days ago


His children deserve the support that he neglected to pay and hearing that he has 9 children, he will be lucky if he has anything left over from his paycheck to live on. After this argument, you can bet that they will collect child support arrears. I heard on the news this morning that he told his daughter to shut the hell up. There is still alot about this man that will surface. Soon, Kraft and other companies are going to regret their hasty decision to sign a contract with him.

1358 days ago


Ted Williams haters ... get your hate-spew on!!
Hotel jerk who did not call hotel security, get another job.

Give me a BREAK!! Who among us are prepared for instant success?

Give it a rest and let this man, along with his new employers, a chance for an unbiased attempt at a rare chance to 'do the right thing'.

1358 days ago


Since when do you get arrested for having a shouting match? What did he do that was so wrong as to be detained? Are you kidding me? This man has been homeless and most likely appreciates every dime he gets and probably hasnt gotten much just yet. He needs to get back on his feet before he can start handing out the cash..

1358 days ago


He needs an well known agent,an investment counselor his side,AA meetings,listening to his Mother,a lawyer that has his best interests at heart.He needs a makeover and a good DENTIST. Most of all he needs good, honest people around him always. That way that police probably wouldn't have benn called last night.His lawyers will have to work out money owed his younger children. Another bit of advice is to give up old friend. Dr.Drew are you listening ? What Not To Wear is another reality TV show that's wonderful. They give you $5000 to spend on a new wardrobe and they watch where every penny goes. He needs our prayers to live a sober life.

1358 days ago


wonder if this dude is a muslum? sure looks like obamas daddy!!

1357 days ago
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