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'Jersey's' Angelina -- Sued for Taj Mahal Attack

1/11/2011 11:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Angelina from "Jersey Shore" has been smacked with a lawsuit over an alleged "violent assault" on a female clubgoer before a Celebrity Boxing match in NJ last month ... and now Trump is also a target.


Melissa Mayne claims she was leaving a nightclub at the Trump Taj Mahal Hotel and Casino back in December, when she crossed paths with Angelina ... who was on her way to box.

In her lawsuit, filed in NJ, Mayne claims Angelina suddenly grabbed her, struck her in the face, threw a glass in her face -- and perhaps worst of all ... snatched her cell phone and threw it across the room.

Mayne is also going after the Trump Taj -- claiming the whole thing went down in front of Trump security guards, who did not intervene or "even attempt to stop" Angelina from laying the beat down.

Mayne is suing for unspecified damages.

Angelina has told us she feels she was "set up" -- adding, "That night I feel I was provoked, taunted, and harassed into a fight."


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does anyone know what time it is...

1289 days ago

artie help    

i was there, everyone was in a great mood, when all of a sudden these two , crazy jackwagon's start cussing and screaming and making a big scene. Everyone threw money and sang ***baya.

1289 days ago


Why do I think looking at this girl wrong is all you need to do to provoke, taunt and harrass her into a fight. Course I'm willing to bet the other girl wasn't grabbed as "suddenly" as she makes out. Lots of lip on both sides I'm guessing.

1289 days ago

Ben from Baltimore    

Angelina was probably drunk when she did this. The whole Jersey Shore cast is a bunch of alcoholics, with Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi being the leader of the pack. Plus, it always seems that when a celebrity is accused of assault, they always have the same excuse, that they were provoked. Donald Trump needs to tell those guards that didn't do their job "You're Fired".

1289 days ago

Diane B1213    

ok Little girl!...NOTHING is EVER your fault! Grow up, even if you were provoked, it was youre own choice to lunge at someone like a child, instead of walking away like an adult!...Watch all the Jersey Shore episodes you're actually in...youre always starting drama and blaming others or flipping the script when you're called out on things. TAKE ACCOUNTABLITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS...maybe if you actually apologized and changed your BAD ATTITUDE, you would be able to see that youre whats wrong...not everyone else. NONE OF YOU CELEBRITIES/CELEBRITY WANNA BES TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANYTHING! PASS THE BUCK!...How sad!=(

1289 days ago


Trump should stomp on all of them....why he would let any of these scanks into his establishment is beyond me. Not even for big bucks would I ever touch these nasty bit@he$

1289 days ago


one day she will cross path with a wrong person to mess with and end up in the hospital with bullet holes. Farkin hate this chick

1289 days ago


What are these idiots still doing on TV? Enough already.

1289 days ago


#3...Hope you're kidding. She is incredibly ugly and man-ish looking, just like Jwoww. The only cute one on that show is Sammi...and unfortunately her bitchie attitude and whining make her not so attractive either.

1289 days ago

Girls Gone Wild    

Um i went to school with the chick who got beat up and she had it coming to her! I know her very well and i know she wasnt just quietly walking by when things went down because she has never been one to do anything quietly

1289 days ago


She looks like one that would have to douche everyday.

1289 days ago


Jeez what is with these opportunistic bottom feeders suing over any and every little thing when they smell money? Pathetic and repulsive.

1288 days ago


Poor Angelina! She's going to "play" the victim her whole life? This chick is rotten to the core. Won't be the last time she is sued. Pure evil.

1288 days ago

Mr. Pervect    

Why are these people even famous? Did some magical pixie drop bye one day and whap them with a sack of pixie dust, saying "Poof! You're famous now!"?

The overall quality of celebrities has dropped dramatically since the end of the 80's.

1287 days ago


Fights occur all night long at every bar/club in America!!! I dont hear of lawsuits about those fights unless somebody is hospitalized! Angelina is far from innocent but come on now... To sue her.... If you couldn't handle the argument or didn't want to fight the girl shouldn't of opened her mouth and she have walked away prior to it escalating !!! As far as her phone... Small claims court to buy a new one!!!

1285 days ago

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