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Sarah Palin's Alleged Stalker -- She Texted Me First!

1/12/2011 6:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The teenager ordered to stay away from Sarah Palin -- or else -- wants the world to know he's innocent ... in fact, his dad tells TMZ, he'd never be in this stalker mess to begin with ... if Sarah hadn't texted him first.

It's the craziest story -- the father of 19-year-old Shawn Christy tells us it all started back in 2009 ... when his son began receiving "ominous" text messages from an unknown number.

According to Shawn's dad, the person sending the texts dropped several hints about her identity, including that she's from Alaska and works in politics ... and for some reason, Shawn believes the culprit was none other than the former governor of Alaska herself.

So why would Palin contact some random guy in Pennsylvania? Shawn's dad couldn't explain that part.

But Mr. Christy did tell us they alerted the FBI -- which didn't investigate Sarah, and instead turned on Shawn ... gathering evidence against him to secure a restraining order.

Shawn's dad tells us they've spent thousands fighting the protective order to no avail -- and have since been forced to declare bankruptcy.


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So the stacker's dad is a nut himself. I guess it runs in families.

1381 days ago


WOW!!....This sounds like a crazy fairytale.....Some people love attention. I don't like Sarah, but this story is unbelievable.

1381 days ago

Lynn M    

Why fight it? Stupid to go bankrupt over something like this (although I doubt it is the real reason). There's no reason he needs to be near Palin. Just stay away from her. It's obvious LE didn't believe the son's story.

1381 days ago


I believe this. There is nobody more insane than Sarah Palin.

And she has a big enough ego to imagine someone is stalking her when they are NOT.

1381 days ago


i can believe that she texted him first.
she is a pro for money.
as pro i mean whore for money or fame.

she will say or do anything for money. palin makes kate gosslin look like a saint. and kate is a now to millions of dollers surgerys a hot woman. and palin is the joke that ended mccain and the quittter of every job he has ever had

1381 days ago

Lynn M    

My guess is LE found out this kid is the problem as LE CAN find out the "unknown" number. This dad is as much the problem as the kid.

1381 days ago


haha comon, so Sarah Palin randomly text some kid in PA.....doubtful. And if she did text him, then wtf Sarah, spread the text u sexy Mother****

1381 days ago


Why fight it? Stupid to go bankrupt over something like this (although I doubt it is the real reason). There's no reason he needs to be near Palin. Just stay away from her. It's obvious LE didn't believe the son's story.
Posted at 1:01 AM on Jan 12, 2011 by Lynn M

I was just thinking the same thing....if you aren't the one stalking her then why does it matter if there is a restraining order on you....just stay away!!

1381 days ago


I don't think they fought it to be near SP, just the fact that these things so up in background checks. They stay on your record. And if the kid ever wants any kind of serious job, he's screwed!!

Also, I believe the's why.

Think about it, how did the kid get her phone number? Of a CELL PHONE??? They aren't listed. And she isn't claiming he stole it. So how did he get her number? I don't think he is smart enough honestly. Or he wouldn't be doing this in the first place. But also, she is a former vp candidate. Her phone is screened by the Secret Service. Just like she is protected by them. The chance of some punk teenager hacking in or randomly getting luck and guessing her cell number is a trillion to one! I just don't believe it. I believe she would do this for attention. She is out there mentally. She thinks she has foreign policy experience because she is across an ocean from Russia!! She didn't even know the names of newspapers. She had things to say written on her hands!

SERIOUSLY!!! She is hot in a MILF way. I'll give you that. BUT, she is nuts. And a horrific mom. Look at her kids! The badger and berate people with the n word, calling them gay and ***gots and obviously can not control their anger and of course can't keep their legs closed! That is not the kind of roll model I want in charge of the country!

My daughter is 9 and we were just talking about using "that's gay" in a joking manner. My brother in law is gay and I told her it offends him and possible other people and explained everything and she totally gets it. Obviously SP NEVER had that talk cause her kids are foul mouthed nightmares!

1381 days ago


Palin is crazy, so this guy maybe telling the truth. btw, i really want to puke on Sarah's face! that face on the pic looked disgusting.

1381 days ago

Patrick Henry    

*shrugging shoulders* We live in a stalking world. Plain has a busy schedule but has time to seek out some 19 year old kid. More than likely a smart- mouthed kid pulling a stunt. I am sure that Palin probably has secured phone numbers with all the hate that she gets.

1381 days ago


Sarah Palin's a dirtbag loser. She's trying to drum up sympathy. "Look at me, I'm a victim too!!!". What a pig.

1381 days ago


There is nobody more insane than Sarah Palin????? Really???? How about Mr. Jared Lee Loughner??? You shouldn't make stupid blanket statements that make no sense, JLS! There are plenty of people in this world that could make a good run at being "more insane" than SP.

1381 days ago


Oh puh-leeze... the father is nuts. Great HWs stuff:

1381 days ago


This's resurged because deranged whacko Palin desperately needs a "poor me" angle.
She's done.
I believe the TP stands for Toilet Paper, because that all Palin's done with those twits, wiped her fat stank ass with'em.

1380 days ago
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