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Zsa Zsa Gabor

Touched by Televangelist

Benny Hinn

1/11/2011 8:16 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Zsa Zsa Gabor will get a laying on of hands from world famous televangelist Benny Hinn today ... before her upcoming "risky" surgery to remove a blood clot from her leg.   

TMZ has learned Hinn – best known for his TV show “This is Your Day” – flew in from London yesterday and plans to go with Zsa Zsa's hubby Prince Frederic von Anhalt to UCLA Medical Center later today.

As we previously reported, Prince gave the ok for the operation ... despite doctors saying it is “very risky.”

Sources tell us Benny plans to hold a prayer circle with Prince and Zsa Zsa that could last well into the night. 


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pooket mccoy    

benny hinn had an affair with paula white.she left her's are all over the net. he has been in trouble several times , due to using funds for personal the way paula white has been on his show several times talking to hinn and his wife. all the tv preachers use to back her, but not any more.they will all have to answer one day.

1381 days ago

Alissa Tillman    

what a joke

1379 days ago

Pastor Bill    

You don't put your faith in the man,you put it in the one and only living God.God is sovreign,He will do what is best for her.Her faith will set her free!

1379 days ago


Note to self: never let Benny Hinn touch me...

1379 days ago


May GOD Bless Zsa Zsa and may GOD Bless Benny Hinn. Only GOD knows the hearts of these people. Pray for them and pray for yourselves.

1379 days ago


Additionally it's so very true that if you don't have your health YOU DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING and having all the money in the world means nothing when you are sick and dying. The only thing that is permanent in this world is your relationship with GOD. Pray for your family and friends and pray for yourselves.

1379 days ago

Ideas Come Free    

It seems that anyone can pray until the cows come home, and nothing ever changes. If the person is healed (after surgery), it is considered a "miracle" by these lunatics. If the person is not healed or dies, "it was God's will". The only difference between Benny Hinn and most people's prayers is that he gets paid for his.

1379 days ago


God is just taking Zsa Zsa a piece at a time.

1379 days ago


Check his pockets on the way out Fred,the guys a shyster from way back.

1379 days ago


My brother who had cancer brother-in-law recommeded he go to Hinn to be healed. We all tried to warn my brother but he went because his brother-in-law insisted he was true. Well, Hinn yelled on top of his voice and put hands on my brother and told him he was healed and to run down a ramp. He was such a shyster and my brother paid for it royally. Was he healed - hell no. I don't know why people would believe charletons like this. And with the TV exposing his wrong-doings, people still believe him. Guess there's always a sucker and Hinn is reaping in the monies. He's no healer and he's absolutely NOT a man of God - just a man of how much monies and endorsements he can get from people.

1378 days ago


Prayer has never hurt anyone and I do agree if it is her time she will pass but to all those that down a man of god, I didn't hear you volunteering to be with her. Always someone passing judgement because you have a problem with god. Hell will be hot on those that don't believe.

1378 days ago


I don't know that much about Benny Hinn, but it's a good thing that Prince Frederic didn't ask for either Peter Popoff or Ernest Angley. These men are phony healers.

It is not always God's will to heal a person. Like I've said before, if it's God's will to heal Zsa Zsa Gabor, let Him heal her. If it's His will to take her, let Him take her. We can still pray for her, but let's leave it in God's hands. Only He knows what's best for her, Prince Frederic, and the rest of us.

1373 days ago


Oops! I almost forgot. W. V. Grant. He's another phony healer. It's a good thing that Prince Frederic didn't call on him too.

1373 days ago


Zsa Gabor, Prince, Rev. Benny Hinn,
Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ went to the cross to bear our burdens,and no one can stand in the way of the power of the Holy Ghost. I believe in laying of hands and God's Word does not come back void. The persons that say that all is not real I can tell you He The Lord Jesus Christ is Real, He healed my daughter from being Blind. Get on your knees and ask God to come into your life as Zsa and her Husband did. DO not be ashamed of Our Lord Jesus Christ, all of our time is near. Get well Zsa, your are a great asset to our movie industry.

1369 days ago


I siguo to god AND NOT TO BENNY HIM

1043 days ago
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