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Sheen's OTHER Porno Playmate -- Bombshell McGee

1/12/2011 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bombshell McGee was the number two chick in Charlie Sheen's Las Vegas porntourage ... TMZ has learned.

Bombshell McGee

We're told Bombshell and Bree befriended each other hours before their on-stage makeout session for Pauly Shore's comedy show at The Palms on Sunday.

After the kiss, we're told Bree invited Bombshell to come back to Charlie Sheen's penthouse later that night ... and lo and behold, she did.

011211_mcgee_bree_makeout_videoAround 2 AM, we're told Bombshell and a friend rolled over to Charlie's room -- only to discover a "trainwreck inside" ... consisting of Charlie, booze, and a whole lotta women.

We're told Bombshell -- Jesse James' former mistress -- hung out for a couple of hours ... but it's unclear what happened behind closed doors.


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You know, I kind of agree with poster #1, as I usually skip things about Bombshell McJizz. I just cannot STAND to see her face or that ugly neck of hers. How on earth Charlie DID her is beyond me...

1191 days ago

A Man    

Go! Go! Charlie!!

1191 days ago


if a guy is makin 2 million $ a week.. n isnt holed up in a penthouse theres somethin wrong wit him... he's livin the dream... whats wrong wit fun between 3 consenting adults?...

1191 days ago


Dam, I thought that was Marilyn Manson

1191 days ago

army mom    

YUK!!I hope the network pulls that show&fires him.hes just GROSS.I cannot believe they are gambling on a LOSER like him.hes an EMBARASSMENT TO HIS FAMILY!!

1191 days ago


Hahaha Charlie Cracks and the freaks. That's the thing with perversion Charles, one tends become more absurd. Suffice to say that you have been physically explored by one or more of these ladies over the years and the only thing left to round out these absurdities is a snuff act. That would be the crowing achievement of your life.
Waiting patiently for the day when you are hauled off to jail for a corpse either choked to death during a sex act or an overdose nay overdoses with your complicity written all over it.
The pursuit of sensation is one hell of a drug eh Crackhead Carlos!! hahaha.

1191 days ago


I assume The Palms supplies it's housekeeping staff of The Playboy Suite with hazmat suits.

1191 days ago


I love that Charlie Sheen is White. White People can anything.....I wish was white.....AND rich.....AND smart..........AND talented.....

1191 days ago


Bombshell is an UGLY Charlie had to have been way too ****ed up to see what he was REALLY dealing with...YUCK

1191 days ago

Rosie the commenter    

Hmm would the guys saying what a hero Charlie is be defending a woman who went on a bender and ****ed a load of men? Kim Kardashian get's called a whore for alledgedly dating 3 atheletes in a row, but Charlie is 'the man' for sleeping with 3 porn stars at once while drunk and coked-up.
Where are all the 'someone's having fun on their own time, big deal' lines when it's Lindsay Lohan acting like an out of control partier? Why is no one calling Sheen a whore or a slut? He's worse than any starlet out there at the moment. I guess I'm just sick of double standards for men and women.

1191 days ago


bombshell is no uglier than charlie.

two little nazi lovers...perfect couple.

1191 days ago


You guys, Charlie may be on TV, but he is still a private citizen. Why are you even reporting on this? This seems like it is starting to border on stalking. But what do I know.

1191 days ago


TMZ - Please quit talking about this trash. Charlie Sheen is a has been who hasn't done anything go in his personal or professional life in years.

1191 days ago


She's NOT Charlie's type. She's not a petite, young, fresh-looking blonde. I doubt Charlie stuck anything in her.

1191 days ago

Tall Blonde    

Wow scraping the bottom of the bathroom floor for these folks!!??! Glad I am no longer drinking and snorting coke. Thanks for a good reminder TMZ of what it was like.

1191 days ago
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