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Camille to Kelsey:

You're Not Divorcing Me Yet!

1/13/2011 5:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Camille Grammer just fired off a legal response asking the judge to reject Kelsey Grammer's request to get a quickie divorce -- and estimates the estate's value at $120 million ... TMZ has learned.

Cammille Grammer
Camille says in her declaration, Kelsey is trying to bifurcate the divorce (get a quick decree now and work out the property settlement later) "...solely for the reason that he intends to remarry as soon as possible."

Camille continues, "I don't believe this is a sufficient reason to prejudice my rights to the community estate."

In the docs, Camille also lists their assets -- including "multiple real estate properties" and more than 25 vehicles.

The rest of the declaration gets pretty technical, but the bottom line is this ... it looks like Camille's lawyers believe Kelsey's papers don't square with the legal requirements for a quick divorce decree.

And get this -- if the court grants Kelsey's request Camille wants $10 million immediately ... to hold her over until a final decision is made on the separation of the estate.


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I'm so sick of these f*cking golddiggers! First of all what has Camille done to deserve 5 million. I'm sooo tired of her back peddling, the only reason why she's humbling herself is because she knows that she's irrelevant without him. What has she done with the exception of spend his money? She didn't give birth to their children, and she boasts about how she supported him during his chemical dependency issues and such. Hello, Biotch that's what you vowed to do!

1314 days ago


I don't think Camille was delusional perse'....putting on a front and living on hope perhaps is why she came off the way she did. Frankly unstead of whining about the square footage of the NY apartment as being the reason why she didn't want to spend alot of time let alone relocate to NY was HER MISTAKE. I personally would've AT LEAST been on that plane EVERY weekend (Thursday-Sunday) or at very least every other weekend to be with MY HUSBAND. She practically took his type of personality for granted....I mean he was going to be gone for a whole year and she refuses to go to NY? I mean what exactly was she doing in LA apart from going to lunch and vationing in Hawaii?

1314 days ago

Squeaky Shoes    

you know... Camille should have thought about this BEFORE slandering him calling him a cross-dresser in the media.

If she actually manages to convince a judge to grant her request after trying to strip kelsey of his dignity in public, than i officially have respect in the negatives for california judicial system

1314 days ago


I had know idea who Camille was before "the Real Housewives", looking her up, I see she did a few "B" movies. Really don't care too much about this, but can't believe Kelsey didn't have a prenup. Also want to say about the "waiting period" before he can remarry, in my state, my husband's first with was remaried to the man she was cheating with, the DAY after their divorce was final!!!

1314 days ago


once a cheater always a cheater i hope she takes him for everything he is worth...he'll cheat on the next one just because he can...

1314 days ago



1314 days ago


you guys are all idiots, this women has every right to be doing what she is doing and love it how you only say that she has 4 nannys, kelsey must be going along with it to. i cant beleive you guys are saying all this she doesnt deserve the money take the 50 mil and run. hell no she has a right to HALF of everything. thats what happens when you get MARRIED to someone then divorce them so stop blaming everything on camille the stupid husband is just as much to blame and is running around with hookers getting them pregnant. i mean he looks so much older then that lil whore hes with. so she deserves to get HALF of everything and shouldnt stop untill she does. GO GETTEM CAMILLE, AND YOU WERE GREAT ON HOWARD STERN THE OTHER DAY.

1314 days ago


Try Golddigger! She was a backup dancer on club mtv.... she did skin ficks on Cinemax and Showtime... If it wasnt for him she would not be in Beverly Hills.....

1314 days ago

beverly sexton    

I can't believe all the people out there think cheating is ok.
Kelsey Grammer has always had problems, drugs,porn you name it and he has it. No matter what he owes 1/2 of everything to his wife encluding the new apartment he just brought for his girl friend. If he can pay a hooker from Canoga Park over 2 million he can pay his wife and kids half of everything he has. Which will leave him enough for this hooker. California law says the wife gets half of everything and Kelsey know that. Stop feeling sorry for the man. He is a cheater. Pay up. Go get him Camille.

1314 days ago


let camille do this her way. women get bullied by men most of the time. i like camille and im glad she is returning to the show. maybe bravo wanted to show camille in a different way because she has it together than some of the others on the show. i like lisa,kim so far. kyle looks starnge, to be around kyle you need to bring a cross and siler bullets for safety. camille you go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!

1314 days ago

g ellsworth    

I will always take the wife's side in this ridiculously dysfunction, addict situation.

Did this weirdo not learn a thing about recovery at all over the years??

These "people" who are name calling, "gold digger' "whore" "turkey neck" obviously have nothing, material or otherwise.

The bottom line is this: THEY have made a lot of money since they said I DO. At least one-half is hers.. maybe more.

I do not blame Camille one bit.. make that a**hole suffer. Jolt him into reality if that is humanly possible. He seems like a spoiled child who has ADHD and addictions and he flits off to the next flower when the mood hits him. He is a man whore who needs to be reined in.

GO Camille. I think you are beautiful. Shed the weirdo physic friend though. Go for the jugular and show people what a real TURKEY neck is.. Kelsey Grammer is at the very least a turkey for doing this to his wife and kids. People who say you have a turkey neck are just jealous. You look better than most people.

Even at 20 something this goofball he is now involved with does not look half as good as you. She looks like she needs to go on one of those fat intervention shows.

GO FOR THE JUGULAR. Wear his A*s out in courts from the west coast to the east. Maybe he will end of up in Betty Ford next to Lindsey... if he is lucky.

GO Camille do it for all the women of America... A slam dunk baby... make sure you have a team of ball busting lawyers. clean his JOCK!!! Amen.

1314 days ago


After watching Camille's psychotic behavior on "Housewives" it is no wonder Grammar wants out. I worry about their children. She is one hot mess with some real psychological problems. I'd give her whatever she wanted to make her GO AWAY! You go Kelsey ... find some happiness. Life is short. No one cares what floats your boat.

1314 days ago


Camille should take him to the cleaners.Kelsey is a p.o.s. He lived the single life, conned his wife into staying home and forgot he had two young kids. He knocked up some pig, parades her around on tv ,announces he is getting married before the divorce is settled.He is always humiliating his family with no regard for the children. He is a heartless soul-less man.

1314 days ago

robert h    

I think they forgot to re-attach her chin after her last plastic surgery! Woops!

1314 days ago


No wonder he dumped her. What a spiteful bitch. As for Kelsey....what are you thinking? Are you crazy? Why are you marrying AGAIN so soon? You'll only end up with what you already have...a wife, who's loving at first but soon turns in to spiteful harridan he already has.

1314 days ago
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