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Lindsay's Sober Pal -- I Have Proof She Didn't Drink!

1/14/2011 8:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The guy who was with Lindsay Lohan the night of the alleged Betty Ford attack says he has "proof" Lindsay wasn't drinking that night ... but he's being coy.

TMZ caught up with Adam Case outside of a sushi joint in West Hollywood last night, where he once again defended Lindsay -- saying Betty Ford staffer Dawn Holland "overreacted" that night and the whole thing was "blown out of proportion."

Case says he would testify on Lindsay's behalf -- and seeing as how the Riverside DA doesn't appear ready to drop the case just yet ... he just might have to.


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They were probally just hooking up, I bet its been a while since she got some good Dcik.

1341 days ago


Adam Case is a wanna be...get lost Loser!

1341 days ago


If it wasn't Lindsay Lohan, this would have already been dropped. However, if this actually ever made it to trial, there's absolutely no doubt what would happen. The prosecution would get completey rolfstomped.

1341 days ago



Lindsay got 3 months of rehab for testing positive for coke while on probation for 3 misdemeanors.

T.I got 11 months for 3 probation violations while on felony supervised release.
I'm a T.I fan but he is a 7 time felon and was lucky that he initially only got 1 year a day for his charges.

U.S. District Judge Charles A. Pannell, Jr. sentenced T.I. to one year and one day in prison and ordered to pay $100,300 for federal weapons charges; T.I. had his sentence reduced from a maximum 10 years and a $250,000 fine with a plea bargain

1341 days ago


How can he possibly prove she didn't drink? That's harder than trying to prove a politician is honest.

I hope he at least gets an attorney to protect himself; everyone has a right to an attorney when being questioned by the police. If nothing else it prevents the police from beating him during the interrogation. Anyone who talks to the police without an attorney is asking for a trip to prison. Trusting the police is worse than trusting politicians.

1341 days ago

dennis in sac    

Okay TMZ.... When did his agent call you guys and tell you when and where he would be? You couldn't pick him out of a line-up if they told you who he was. Can you say "Staged"? What a garbage story and "interview".

1341 days ago


Making a public statement that he has "proof" is inviting a visit from the police.

LL had an instant opportunity to prove her sobriety when BF Security asked her to take a breath test. She would have been in the clear. Now she has to rely on Adam, etc.

1341 days ago


@ Nicole - Lohan has had plenty of opportunities to get straight in the past. To compare apples to oranges is ridulucious. TI is not LL and LL is not TI. Your smokescreens certainly leave a lot to be desired.

TI graciously accepted his sentence. LL fought tooth and nail... and even denied she had a problem until there was no other choice to get her butt out of the slammer. She was forced to admit... but how bout those cigarettes?

Betty Ford ripped her off ... and she loved it. One of the only rehabs, if you want to even call it one, that lets addicts smoke. What a joke!

1341 days ago


Oh lord... am I the only one who thinks they might possibly have been having sex? Maybe he videotaped it! It would be proof she wasnt drinking.

1341 days ago


I would love to go to rehab if he were there

1341 days ago


I think this guy Adam is hopelessly in love with Lindsay, and will do whatever she tells him. Lindsay got her claws into him, and can string him around like the real nice guy he is which is why I doubt he even hooked up with her. Look hes probably hanging at the same sushi bar Lindsay was at days ago waiting hopelessly for a text back from her. You lost Adam, to Sam Ronson.

1341 days ago

Money is not different, but it is the people that you know (blow).

1341 days ago


another ´´wanna get famous in a matter of 5 seconds´´ whore

1341 days ago

The Judge    

Dear spot, please read a book. Please remove your head from the sand. Please get off the Lohan's payroll. Thank you...

1341 days ago


There is no certain proof she didn't drink without a drug test. This young man is looking to score something further with her and he's willing to perjure himself to do it.

Or perhaps she slipped him a few bucks as she did the woman she shoved around.

1341 days ago
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