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Michael Lohan: Burned

1/14/2011 12:02 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's like a scene out of "Backdraft" ... only not really. Michael Lohan heroically broke through a glass fire extinguisher case with his bare hands to help put out a fire in his apartment building.

It happened last night at the West Hollywood apartment building of Lindsay Lohan's daddy.

Michael tells us he noticed the smoke in the early evening, walked outside and saw smoke. He then ran to the extinguisher case, broke through it, cutting his hand ... then ran to the neighbor's apartment to help douse the flames.

It's good to see Michael finally come to someone's rescue.


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"It's good to see Michael finally come to someone's rescue."

shame that skanky woman cokehead dina has only come to the rescue when leslo needed more coke.

and they say woman are the better parents.yeah they help cover all your tracks when you get in trouble and not make you face it if your leslo.

1380 days ago


Did he set fire to the apartment first? Who named Lindsay Fire Crotch?

1380 days ago


The jerkoff probably started the fire, jumped into action to put it out, just to get more attention than the stupid media already gives him. Did you ever think of that?? Who gives a **** about Mike "douchebag" Lohan.

1380 days ago


He didn't start the fire
It was always burning
Since the world's been turning
He didn't start the fire
No he didn't light it
But he tried to fight it

Hummm funny how drama seems to find him.

1380 days ago


Fetching the fire extinguisher is the part you deemed heroic? Who is writing this stuff? Like Backdraft? Sure, I bet. He ran into a raging inferno with his fire extinguisher and "saved the day" right?

1380 days ago


So wierd. He is like Danny Bonnaduci, except never been on a sitcom. Somebody give him his own reality show. You gave one to Bobby Brown. I think his would be HISTERICAL. My DVR is already set.

1380 days ago


Oh, swoon.
But, you know, Michael is actually the only decent Lohan (and God just threw me shade because they all suck at best).
Good job, Milo.

1380 days ago


Yeah, and there just happen to be paparazzi around to film all this heroism and interview him. give me a break. what won't this man do to get attention?

1380 days ago

Vegas Wrestling    

I am sure this happened and I am also sure it was a very minor and contained situation that TMZ because it's douchebag Lohan, is making that he rescured puppies (see..the pic) and pulled an elderly woman in her wheelchair out and The World is safe for democracy again.

1380 days ago


PedoDAD timeline:
9:15 pm gather kindling
9:25 pm call TMZ
9:40 pm click your bic and light fire
9:42 pm pull fire alarm
9:43 pm get extinguisher
9:45 pm watch for paparazzi to arrive
9:50 pm see paparazzi arrive
9:51 pm put out sink fire
9:53 pm pay $25.00 for puppy prop
9:55 pm escape blazing inferno and save the day
10:15 pm call TMZ and set up appointment to pick up "TIP" payment

1380 days ago


and he doesn't live in santa monica. stalker a$$ father moved into a building across the street from lindsay's old building to stalk her, oh i mean be there for her. he's probably doing this to get her attention and sympathy.

i wouldn't be surprised if he started the fire. first he was "attacked" and now it's a fire in his building.

1380 days ago

Booger McGee    

The cabinet cover is meant to be broken by your hand.

...that's why it's clear acrylic, not glass.

1380 days ago


Why didn't he go up on the roof and scream for help then jump off?????

1380 days ago


Miley and Lindsey hitting that bong! (too much smoke in here - lol)

1380 days ago


The cabinet cover is meant to be broken by your hand.

...that's why it's clear acrylic, not glass.

Posted at 7:29 AM on Jan 14, 2011 by Booger McGee

quite a few are still made of glass to be more precise.especially the ones that still have the red metal cabinetry.thats why they had the small hammer/wrench system attached by a chain to break the glass but for a time those were something teenagers would break and rip off so im not surprised if it was extinguishers are always a safer bet than the stand pipe fire hoses that almost always burst from lack of use and dry rot IF the water system is even turned on which has happened.

1380 days ago
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