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Tish and Billy Ray Cyrus -- Date Night

1/15/2011 2:53 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tish and Billy Ray Cyrus enjoyed a movie in Burbank last night with two of their children not named Miley ... despite having filed for divorce back in October.

No word on what movie they say, but if we had to bet ... we'd say "Country Strong."


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kr at #77: Oh, my. Re: the gratuitous slam against Jon Gosselin:
Kate doesn't slave over anything, she has babysitters (so-called nannies, but awfully young for it) with her all the time, also has had (might still have) a cook. She doesn't do the serious cooking and cleaning and childcare except while on camera. Jon was the hands-on parent while on the show - he did the bathing and dressing and preparing meals etc., anything that required actually dealing with the kids physical needs - even Kate admitted it back then. That's why she got him to quit his job, so he could stay home for both the childcare duties and the filming. Jon wanted to stop filming a long time ago, when the kids were about 3, and said so on "the couch" segments, but Kate insisted that the show go on. That ^*%%$ show is all-important to her, I wish she could find success at something else that didn't involve the kids, preferably far, far away and involving lots of travel, so Jon could just quietly and gradually assume custody.

Good food on the table? Kate doesn't seem to feed them enough, actually, except lots of sugar when she needs them to act hyper for the show (simulated happiness). Watch carefully how she parcels out the food on the show, both at home and at restaurants. Also notice that one kid was ecstatic to have a whole apple in one farm visit - what six-year-old is that unused to having a whole piece of fruit? They all were so hungry at an organic dairy that they each drank several cups of milk (some tried to hide their seconds and thirds from the camera) - Kate announced they wouldn't need dinner that night (and she wasn't kidding). She's very rigid about food, it's part of her many problems.

There is very good reason to believe that Jon and Kate were not living together as husband and wife for at least two years in the "biblical sense" (maybe more, I suspect they had problems since the tups were born, she has such issues with getting touched and germs) before the you-know-what finally hit the fan and it became public. They certainly were not "together" during the sham renewal of wedding vows in Hawaii for that "very special episode". He was apparently relegated to the basement in the old house and definitely lived above the garage in the new mansion. They had a deal - he could do what he wanted, see whomever he wanted, as long as the show went on and they pretended to be married. This is why he answered with all the right body language when asked if he had ever cheated - he plainly and firmly said he never cheated, and I believe he was telling the truth, no signs of deception in his reaction. The marriage was a sham, and Kate is angry only because the paps found out about it. She's been playing the role of "woman wronged" ever since, just as she played the role of "wife" when she wasn't.

Whatever - don't waste your time feeling too sorry for Kate. She has multiple disorders that make the kids' lives' miserable. She was abusive to Jon even on camera, but at least he was somewhat of a buffer for the kids when he lived with them - now they're very vulnerable and under tremendous stress, just look at videos and pictures for the body language around their mom. The two younger ones expelled from kindergarden for physical and verbal abuse of other children and staff are just the beginning. Jon was caught in an impossible situation - I strongly suspect that, among other things, Kate has Narcissistic Personality Disorder, and there is no drug or therapeutic cure for that at the moment. Search for narcissistic mothers on the net to get some examples from adults afflicted with such a parent or spouse to get some insight. She fits all the signs, even the increasing isolation from friends and family. Such mothers typically like babies and very young toddlers, which explains why she seemed more affectionate in the early episodes. But they lose interest once the kids are more independent. Kate just seems annoyed by her children except when posing, and she doesn't even try to disguise her dislike of one of the twins (who by the way, is not a "brat" just because Kate claims she's difficult - this is just the kid who sees the Emperor has no clothes and says so).

The universal advice for spouses with a full-blown narcissist for a husband or wife is to just "walk away", there is nothing that can be done or that can moderate their behavior. Pathological narcissists always refuse therapy (as Kate did when Jon wanted couples counseling). Jon was a hero for sticking it out as long as he did. I can forgive his behavior once off the leash officially because he was under such unusual stress living with her - he soon figured out that the playboy life wasn't for him, money wasn't enough to be happy, and he missed his kids. He's been quietly fighting for them ever since. Which isn't easy, since actually judges tend to assume the woman is more capable than the man in matters of childcare - which certainly is not the case here. The kids don't need anything that he can't provide with the job he has now. They don't need an isolated mansion or private schools or fancy trips. They just need their dad.

1342 days ago


Aaw, you mullet people are just jealous lol!! Doesn't matter what his hair looks like lol, he still has more money, more fame and more HAIR than some lol!!!!
Good to see they're making an effort to be friendly with one another for their other kids sakes!! Y'know the one's not doing everything they can to stress out their parents - well not yet lol!!

1342 days ago


at least he isnt letting miley do his hair piece anymore.

1342 days ago

stephen farrier    

What I say Miley's Mommy And Daddy Are Back on And yes miley cyrus is living a dream in hollywood and i will living a dream to be an actor and filming with miley

1336 days ago


i was reading noah's fb, the real 1, and it says that there still divorced, but there also still best friends, so thats good!and 4 the people who dont no there stuff, noah is there daughter

1335 days ago


that is ridiculus and tell miley to come to my b-day party saturday night @ 7:00pm.

1335 days ago


o billy esta ridiculo com esse novo corte de cabelo eu prefiro o corte de cabelo q ele esta na HANNAH MONTANA FOREVER

1328 days ago


I Love Billy Ray and I feel bad for him!

1320 days ago
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