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MJ Soundalike -- That's Not My Facebook Page!

1/16/2011 9:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The manager for Jason Malachi says Jason never posted on his Facebook page that he's the voice behind four songs on Michael Jackson's new album, adding Jason's the victim of Internet fraud.

Thad Nauden tells TMZ someone hacked Jason's Facebook page, touting that he conspired to fool Sony, the Michael Jackson Estate and the public by secretly singing songs on the album, "Michael."

Nauden says Jason -- a Deputy Sheriff in Maryland -- wants everyone to know beyond a shadow of a doubt ... he did not sing a single note on the album. 

UPDATE: Malachi posted to his MySpace page late last night, "I have NOT made any of those statements that the facebook hacker is posting!!!!!!"


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Lee lee    

BTW Siggi and Mimi....I would like to thank you both for defending me and my ( frantic post ) the night we got evacuated. It obviously wasn't that bad that I had a river flowing throgh my house and I was still Posting to all you guys.!!!
I mean I love you gals, guys but I aint gonna risk my life sending you a final post.

Reading back , it did seem frantic.......but I new at some stage during that night evacuation was going to happen.

I obviously didn't realise that it was going to end up quite so bad.

You have all been so sweet and you kind words have meant alot.

Even BnB, whom gives me the SH*TS most days....was nice enough to wish me well. At least some have a little compassion.

1373 days ago


post 153- duilama, actually this website is to be used to discuss issues about the late MICHAEL JACKSON not the people that post on here and there personal information...i simply ask you to be careful with your words because it does affect me personal, i never ask you to stop posting but as i can see you only have sick sarcasism and your calling me sue from tampon???? wth?? good try but sometimes we can know someone without ever seeing there face!!!! get my drift???? sue from tampa

1373 days ago

Lee lee    

Goodnight all !!

1373 days ago


Check out this phone interview:

EXCLUSIVE CLIP- Dieter Wiesner tells Charles Thomson, 'I caught Martin Bashir tampering with Michael Jackson's luggage'

1373 days ago


Good Morning,

I hadn't bought the "Michael" cd, nor has anyone that I personally know of locally, so I am directing this question to those who had.

Below, I've copied and pasted a comment left by someone elsewhere, that states:

"The only songs people should question the authenticity of are the Cascio tracks which are a disgrace. Notice that in the liner notes in the Michael album no one is credited for lead vocal on those."

I ask those of you here that have the "Micheal" cd - if you haven't checked the liner notes, to do so at earliest convenience, please - if you would kindly post back, confirming whether or not, this statement is, indeed, FACT.

Thank you, in advance.

Will check back later...

*** in the meantime, off to continue searching for the liner notes through google...***

1373 days ago


Found them.

"Michael" Album Liner Notes

*** sigh ***


I'll copy/paste them into another post. You can see, through the link, that each track's liner notes are a bit mashed together, so I'll space it a bit better for easier reading for ALL to discern for themselves - especially those such as myself, that do not have a copy of the cd on hand - the info (or, lack thereof) of lead vocal credit(s).

Back in a bit....

1373 days ago


Hold My Hand (Duet with Akon)

Written by Aliaune Thiam, Giorgio Tuinfort, Claude Kelly/
Published by Byefall Productions, Inc./Sony ATV Harmony (ASCAP), Piano Music/Sony ATVTunes (BMI), Talpa Music Publishing (BUMA), Studio Beast Music/Warner
Tamerlane Music Corp (BMI) / Produced by Akon for Upfront/Konvict,
Giorgio Tuinfort for Piano Music / Co-Produced by Michael Jackson for MJJ Productions, Inc. / Akon appears courtesy of SRC/Universal Records,a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc. / Recorded by Mark ‘Exit’ Goodchild For Milk Money Consulting at Palms Studio’s Las Vegas, US, Solitaire
Studio’s Atlanta, US, Metropolis Studio’s London, UK, Wisseloord
Studio’s Hilversum, Netherlands and FC Walvisch Studio’s Amsterdam,Netherlands / Recording Assistants: Mack Woodward, Justin Pintar, Matt Paul, Miguel Scott, Kory Aaron, Eelco Bakker and Ryan Wiese / Orchestra Recorded by Wessel Oltheten / Orchestra Recording Assistant: Dennis Krijnen / Mixed by Serban Ghenea / String Arrangement: Franck van derHeijden / All Instruments and Programming: Akon and Giorgio Tuinfort

Hollywood Tonight

Written by Michael Jackson, Brad Buxer / Spoken Bridge Written by Teddy Riley / Published by Mijac Music, Adida Music Inc. / Produced by Teddy Riley, Michael Jackson / Co-Produced by Theron “Neff-U” Feemster /
Mixed by Jean-Marie Horvat, Teddy Riley, Scott Elgin / Programming and Finisher: Teddy Riley / Vocals Recorded by Michael Durham Prince and Mischke / Additional Background Vocals: Mischke / Spoken Bridge by Taryll Jackson / Whistling: Danny Ray McDonald, Jr., Michael Durham Prince / Engineered by Scott Elgin, James Murray, Michael Durham Prince,
Jon Nettlesbey / Assistant Engineer: Quentinn Gilkey / Keyboard: Theron Neff-U” Feemster, Edward Brown / Guitar: Erick Donell Walls, Eric Jackson / Horns: The Regiment

Keep Your Head Up

Written by Michael Jackson, Eddie Cascio, James Porte / Published by Mijac Music, Jab Me Music / Produced by C “Tricky” Stewart for Red Zone Entertainment, Inc., Angelikson, Michael Jackson for MJJ Productions, Inc. / Mixed by Jaycen Joshua for the Penua Project / Mix Assisted by Jesus Garnica / Background Vocals: Michael Jackson, James Porte / Additional Backing Vocals: Duawne Starling / Engineered by Brian “B-Luv” Thomas, Andrew Wuepper / Engineering Assisted by Jason Sherwood, Steven Dennis, Travis Harrington Stuart Brawley, Joe Corcoran,
Drew Harris / Musicians: Jamie Wollam, Rudy Bird, Sean Hurley, Stuart Brawley, Joe Corcoran, Eddie Cascio, James Porte, Lamont “Monty” Neuble, Cameron Stone, Nicole Garcia / Drum Programming: Joe Corcoran
and James Porte

(I Like) The Way You Love Me

Written by Michael Jackson / Published by Mijac Music / Produced by Theron “Neff-U” Feemster, Michael Jackson / Mixed by Serban Ghenea /
Engineer for Mix: John Hanes / Assisted by Tim Roberts / Vocals Recorded by Michael Durham Prince / Engineered by James Murray / Piano: William C. Champlin / Guitar: Erick Donell Walls / Bass: Thomas Drayton / Percussion: Paulinho da Costa / Keyboards and Drum Programming: Theron “Neff-U” Feemster

Monster (Featuring 50 Cent)

Written by Michael Jackson, Eddie Cascio, James Porte / Rap Lyrics Written by Curtis Jackson / Published by Mijac Music, Jab Me Music, Curtis Jackson 50 Cent Music Publishing (admin by Universal Music Publishing) (ASCAP) / Produced by Teddy Riley, Angelikson, MichaelJackson /
Mixed by Jean-Marie Horvat, Teddy Riley / Programming and
Finisher: Teddy Riley / Background Vocals: Michael Jackson, James Porte / Kids’ Scream: Nigel and Naiden Maynard / Recording Engineer: Scott Elgin, Khaliq Glover AKA Khaliq-O-Vision, Quenton Gilkey (Assistant Engineer), Luis Navarro, Zachariah Redding (Assistants Engineer on the Rap) (Recorded at Boom Boom Room), Stuart Brawley, Glen Marchese, Joe
Corcoran, Drew Harris / Rap Performed by 50 Cent courtesy of
Shady/Aftermath/Interscope Records / Musicians: Rudy Bird, Joe Corcoran, Eddie Cascio, Stuart Brawley, Cameron Stone, Sharon Jackson, Orianthi courtesy of Geffen Records

Best Of Joy

Written by Michael Jackson / Published by Mijac Music / Produced by Theron “Neff-U” Feemster, Michael Jackson / Co-Produced by Brad Buxer / Mixed by Serban Ghenea / Engineer for Mix John Hanes / Assisted by Tim Roberts / Vocals Recorded by Michael Durham Prince and Mischke /
Additional Background Vocals: Mischke / Engineered by James Murray /
Guitar: Erick Donell Walls / All Other Instruments: Theron “Neff-U”

Breaking News

Written by Michael Jackson, Eddie Cascio, James Porte / Published by Mijac Music, Jab Me Music / Produced by Teddy Riley, Angelikson, Michael Jackson / Mixed by Jean-Marie Horvat, Teddy Riley / Programming and Finisher: Teddy Riley / Recording Engineer: Scott Elgin, Khaliq Glover AKA Khaliq-O-Vision, Stuart Brawley, Glen Marchese, Joe Corcoran, Drew Harris / Assistant Engineer: Quenton Gilkey / String Session Recording
Engineer: Reggie Dozer / String Session Assistant Engineer: Brandon Datoli / Voiceover Engineers: Myron Chandler And Dave Hampton / String Session: The Benjamin Wright Orchestra / Arranged and Conducted By Benjamin Wright / Musicians: James Porte, Stuart Brawley, Eddie Cascio, Joe Corcoran / Voice Talents: Stuart Brawley, Sandy Orkin, Stacey Michaels, Michael Lefevre, Lisa Orkin / Voiceover Producer: Michael Lefevre

(I Can’t Make It) Another Day

(Featuring Lenny Kravitz)
Written by Lenny Kravitz / Published by Lenny Kravitz/Miss Bessie Music/ Produced by Lenny Kravitz / Co-Pproduced by Michael Jackson / Mixed by Lenny Kravitz / Lead and Background Vocals: Michael Jackson / Background Vocals: Lenny Kravitz / Michael Jackson’s Vocals Recorded at Marvin’s Room by Henry Hirsch / Electric Guitar: Lenny Kravitz / Bass: Lenny Kravitz / Mini Moog: Lenny Kravitz / String and Horn samples: Lenny Kravitz / Timpani: Lenny Kravitz / Gong: Lenny Kravitz / 12-String
Electric Guitar: Craig Ross / Drums: Dave Grohl / Drum Programming and Noise: Dave Barron and Lenny Kravitz / Synthesizer Programming: Dave Baron / Studio Technician and Additional Programming: Alex Alvarez

Behind The Mask

Written by Michael Jackson, Chris Mosdell, Ryuichi Sakamoto Published by Mijac Music (BMI) All rights administered by Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp. (BMI) & by Alfa Music, Inc. (JASRAC) All Rights Administered by Sony/ATV Tunes LLC (ASCAP) / Produced by Michael Jackson, John McClain & Jon Nettlesbey / ‘Behind The Mask’ contains a sample of the recording “Behind The Mask” as performed by Yellow Magic Orchestra. (P) 1979 Alfa Music, Inc. Licensed by Alfa Music, Inc. All Rights Reserved. / Mixed by Jon Nettlesbey, Khaliq Glover / Lead & Background Vocals: Michael Jackson / Additional Background Vocals:
Shanice Wilson, Alphonso Jones / Background Vocals Arranged by Leon F. Sylvers III / Engineered by Jon Nettlesbey, Allen Sides, Khaliq Glover / Saxophone and Saxophonic Percussion: Mike Phillips courtesy of Hidden Beach Recordings / Keyboards & Drum Programming: Big Jim Wright /
Additional Keyboards: Greg Phillinganes / Bass: Alex Al / Percussion: Paulino Da Costa / Additional Keyboards, Drum Programming, Sequencing & Digital Editing: Jon Nettlesbey

Much Too Soon

Written by Michael Jackson / Published by Mijac Music / Produced by Michael Jackson, John McClain / Mixed by Allen Sides / Guitar: Tommy Emmanuel / Khora: Dean Parks / Harmonica: Tommy Morgan / Accordion: Suzie Katayama / Arranger & Conductor: David Campbell / Contractor: Suzie Katayama / Concertmaster: Charlie Bisharat

1373 days ago


Hi guys... this is brazilian boy with voice of the Michael Jackson very more very good!your is Jean Walker ,work the taxi in the city belo horizonte minas gerais into the Brazil.the mam

1373 days ago

Phantom of the Opera    

Check out this phone interview:
EXCLUSIVE CLIP- Dieter Wiesner tells Charles Thomson, 'I caught Martin Bashir tampering with Michael Jackson's luggage'
Posted at 8:07 AM on Jan 18, 2011 by Unknown;

1373 days ago


This is funny, now, Daphne, this is real humour, get it?

Posted at 10:51 PM on Jan 17, 2011 by duilama

Birthdays, come & go. Speak when u are spoken to, laugh when u are laughed at. Enjoy the rest of your day. On another note, Lee Lee, its nice to know that u are OK. Take care. I luv the Michael album.

1373 days ago


Michael in his own words...

One day this world will see who Michael Jackson REALLY was & will listen to his important messages

1373 days ago


I left the list of tracks and their liner notes in 2 posts on the the other JM thread, (half on one, half on the other, with a few posts - unrelated - that had been made between the two while I was typing the second) with the liner notes in an easier to read format - bolded the titles as I had on this thread, but also removed the back slashes they used as separators between the credits listed. Much easier to read.


Leaving out credit(s) for LEAD and/or BACK GROUND vocal(s) that has obviously been done on many of the tracks, to ME anyway, makes it obvious that Sony INTENTIONALLY does not name WHOM the credit SHOULD BE assigned to - whether it be MJ, Jason Malachi, or anyone else for that matter.

But to do so, seriously depicts LIE BY OMISSION that MJ IS the lead and/or back ground vocal(s), on any given track that vocals aren't specifically credited.

Notice on one: NO lead, NO back ground vocals named/credited, but "Voice talents" are.... doesn't even name MJ on THAT list either.

Sony brings levels of disgust to new heights - heights that MJ was all too painfully experiencing LONG before his demise - and, now with THIS blatant discovery of how blatantly NASTY the exploitation of fans that REFUSE to get real OF WHO SONY IS, AND IS ABOUT ie. butchering MJ posthumously as rampantly as they had before he passed (or, not, according to your beliefs).... those that choose to be obtuse to these FACTS presented in the liner notes of "Micheal" - of MJ's vocals coming into question of IF he's even on specific tracks of what is being hawked as HIS album - that he's not even CREDITED (and most probable, and as far as I'm concerned, DEFINITELY - there's damn good VIABLE reason WHY he's not credited - so instead of crediting who IS lead and/or back ground vocals on those tracks, they just "forgot" to credit ANY ONE for those vocals, at all.

The intentionally, or otherwise, OBTUSE that financially support Sony, and the Estate which of course backs this album, by having purchased this album (those that did so, without knowledge of the now clear reality of this album - I mean, how many to this day haven't thought to read the liner notes that DO have this cd, right. I'm sincerely sorry for your having been taken advantage of as you cannot get refunded.)

Those that choose to continue to support Sony/Estate hawkings in future (especially in light of the facts these liner notes clearly detail) or will purchase ANYTHING released by Sony/Estate from here on out, before PPB are handed over their rightful and FULL possession of the Estate, is and will be financing their continued crimes against him/them.

Purchasers: You will continue to buy Sony/Estate hawking(s) because you "LOVE" MJ/PPB? Really?

I, now, FULLY understand why in many cases the term "rabid", is used in conjunction with "MJ fan". Really.

... "rabid" = the stark reality of some scary, scary, **** within the MJ fan base, that are in fact, supporters of Sony which indicates anything BUT love for the man. I don't even want to guess the percentage. What I've seen here, as it is, is horrendously alarming enough.

Didn't know I could feel even WORSE for MJ, and his children, then I already had.

*** sigh ***

Could have gone the rest of my life NOT having had to learn that bit.

.... DAMN.


Not wasting another min of time, or ounce of energy, on this subject of JM, and literally "MJ rabid" cluster f*cked portion of the Sony supporter fan base posters on TMZ articles, or anywhere else for that matter, from here on out.

Personal objective: Whatever spare time I can manage to continue researching on/for/about Murray, Tohme Tohme et al surrounding the impending Murray trial, from here on out -- 10 days, and counting, folks.

Be back to visit TMZ only if I hear anything, relating to THE TRIAL, gets posted in article on here. As dirty as TMZ has obviously fallen to becoming.... perhaps, not even then.


1373 days ago


Check out this phone interview:
EXCLUSIVE CLIP- Dieter Wiesner tells Charles Thomson, 'I caught Martin Bashir tampering with Michael Jackson's luggage'
Posted at 8:07 AM on Jan 18, 2011 by Unknown;

Posted at 10:20 AM on Jan 18, 2011 by Phantom of the Opera

I am not particularly surprized by this - Martin Bashir being the slimeball and s***bag that he is, but still! YUKK

1373 days ago


@Dullama. # 152.

No Dullama, your friend AQ isn't FUNNY at all.
He is just an ignorant a..hole who has nothing to do but come on here and shoot BS.

What white verrry attractive horny middle-aged women is he talking about?

Was Lisamarie Presley middle-aged? No she was 10 years younger than MJ when they married.

White, yes! (and so what, you RACIST!).
Very attractive, yes! (jealous aq?)
Horny? Maybe, she kept "tailing" Michael for at least 4 years after she divorced him. Must mean something!

Aq should find something useful to do with his time, instead of posting BS the whole time. So annoying!!

Posted at 10:22 AM on Jan 18, 2011 by kathy 40

I scroll by its posts now - have for a long time. An utter waste of time reading those ramblings. Generally I scroll by a lot of posts - check the nick first, then if it is one of the loonies: scroll.
I can recommend it. You avoid the irritation about their nastyness plus it is a great satisfaction that they wasted their time writing their BS at least where I am concerned.

1373 days ago


I am glad Jason Malachi has finally put the rumors to rest. Some fake Michael Jackson fans started the rumors over the internet that Michael Jackson did not sing at all in the cd Michael so people would not buy the album. Shame on them! And shame on people who would rather believe those rumors that are hurting Michael Jackson's legacy.

1373 days ago
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