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Arnold Schwarzenegger -- Still Talks Like a Politician

1/17/2011 10:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Arnold Schwarzenegger may have left the Governor's Mansion, but when we asked him yesterday about his comment that he lost out on $200 million by being governor -- his answer sounded like a guy who still thinks he's in office.



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Make more movies, Ahnold. Cali is a lost cause.

1383 days ago

JungleTails com    

Once again TMZ can’t find a really story. Schwarzenegger has a chance to make more money now then he would have acting since he became governor. Arnold commuted the sentence of Esteban Nuñez, the son of the former State Assembly speaker Fabian Nuñez. Esteban was involved in stabbing death of Luis Santos. It was a payoff for Nuñez helping Aronld push more green laws in California. Arnold has (private) bussiness partners who will make Billions in Califorina because of theses laws. Oh ya, Arnold will make a nice chunk of change from this GREEN CALIFORNIA RIP OFF!

1383 days ago


Schwarzenegger won't have the power to commute a guilty plea sentence for a politician's son for involvement in murder & attempted murder. Arnold, what did that politician do for you that you cut his son's sentence more than half after he had already made a plea deal. You are disgusting.

1383 days ago


@2 Jungle tails - Thanks for the enlightenment.

1383 days ago

Y do he got    

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1383 days ago


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1383 days ago


What are you trying to say, TMZ???

That he is talkin' outta his A*SH*LE like the rest of washington... hahahaha


1383 days ago

eggshells los gogo    

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1383 days ago



1383 days ago


There is no governor's mansion in California.

1383 days ago


He should have done California a favor and never been Governor.He has the balls to say how he lost 200 million because he was governor, what about all the state employees he fired because he had to, to help balance the budget. Him and his Bitch tits should move back to Austria and screw his own country because he sure as hell didn't do ANYTHING for California. His whole agenda for running was to balance the budget? Instead him and Skelator did nothing but break there own laws and put California deeper in debt. THANKS ARNOLD for being such a gilry man and raping the state and the people who made you.You should run for President you seem to enjoy raping California why not the rest of the country. Its our fault anyway does anyone remember what happen to Planet Hollywood?

1382 days ago



1382 days ago


Should have kept Gray Davis.

1382 days ago


GASHOLE is relentless. Give it up dude, it is over and NO ONE IN CALIFORNIA WANTS YOU BACK.

1382 days ago


Arnold's term as governor cost California much more than $200 million.

1380 days ago
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