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Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban -- New Parents!

1/17/2011 9:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have a new baby, courtesy of a surrogate ... TMZ has learned. 

Nicole Kidman Baby

Sources tell us ... the baby was born at Centennial Medical Center in Nashville on December 28, 2010. Her name is Faith.

Kidman and Urban are Faith's biological parents.

We're told Nicole and Keith went into the hospital on the down low last week, visiting Faith and the surrogate during her stay.   They entered the hospital through the back, took the service elevator to the top floor, which they rented exclusively for themselves.

We're told the baby is home.

Yes, Nicole and Keith were both at the Golden Globes last night.

UPDATE: Keith and Nicole just released a statement to TMZ saying, "Our family is truly blessed, and just so thankful, to have been given the gift of baby Faith Margaret. No words can adequately convey the incredible gratitude that we feel for everyone who was so supportive throughout this process, in particular our gestational carrier."



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WTF is a gestational carrier? the baby's birth mother. since when are we carriers.creepy

1344 days ago


Urban always looks like a greaseball. NK has morphed into some thing I do not recognize. Another faux CW singer, and a super-star who can buy what ever they want. Is she unable to carry her own fetus, thus the surrogate???????

1344 days ago


For all of you idiots that said she didn't want to carry to keep her body looking good get the facts They already have a daughter that she gave birth to in 08. She had miscarriages in the past. Did you ever think she can't carry? You should be more pissed about the 2 she adopted with Cruise that she gave up

1344 days ago


Why are people so cruel? This is wonderful, joyful news. We know that Nic has had problems carrying through pregnancies and maybe she and Keith did not want any more heartaches. Modern medicine put to produce beautiful miracles. What could be better news. All I have to say to you negative clowns is "get a life and find some joy for others". Congratulations Nicole and Keith. I wish your new bundle Faith, a long, healthy life. May you bring joy to all those around you.

1344 days ago

the truth    

So what they rented the whole top floor? It was probably to keep people like you and press away for privacy.


Posted at 3:07 PM on Jan 17, 2011 by Irene
so what happens when others need help and their isnt any room in the hospital? do they tell the other people to find another hospital? that's what i don't understand. people will do anything for money! I'm sure that rented floor could have been used for other people.

1344 days ago


It's so hard to look at her fake, wrinkle free face. She is a creepy looking woman.

1344 days ago


Wow, keeping a story like this under wraps is almost unheard of anymore. Nice work, Nicole/Keith...and the woman who delivered the child, too. Granted, I am sure they gave her financial incentive to not talk, and I frankly don't blame them.

This is almost as big as when JFK, Jr got married and did it under the paps' radar. Was always happy for him that he had that one time in his life in relative privacy.

I like Nicole. She seems cool and by all accounts I always hear how nice she is and after all the flak she took during her marriage to Tiny Tom I can't snark on this one. She has spoken of nothing but wanting more kids and she found a way to do it, and can obviously afford it so why does it irritate people so bad? Plus some "nobody" who probably needed the money just made a bunch of it which will probably make its way back into the economy now.

1344 days ago


What a beautiful child she is going to be with 2 fantastic parents!!

1344 days ago


congratulations to the baby's name!

1344 days ago

And thats the truth    

Nicole had a miscarriage when she was married to Tom Cruise so maybe she thought that chancing another pregnancy was too risky or she can not have any more on her own. While she was married to Tom and had the miscarriage, she did not want to get pregnant so they decided to adopt. I really dont see the problem with having a surrogate.

1344 days ago

Phoenix Turley     

Nicole has miscarried several times, and had long periods of infertility issues. She just wanted to give her daughter someone to grow up with. Family is everything to her. Folks should lay off with the comments. As to the gestational carrier... no one knows if that is what she really said, kind of like a way to get everyone all upset for no reason. Oh wait, it worked.

1344 days ago


Since when does Kidman have diabetes? I haven't read or heard anything about that. source, please.

1344 days ago


You people should be ashamed of yourselves. Nicole has been trying to have babies most of her adult life. She has suffered several miscarriages and one ectopic pregnancy. An ectopic pregnancy is often more excruciating than childbirth and she had to endure the loss of the child as well. None of us knows what all they have gone through since Sunday was born but any couple who has navigated the long and arduous trail through fertility assistance. Because you buy a couple of movie tickets does not give you right to poke your nose into, critique or or otherwise comment on a someone's most personal decisions. There isn't one of you that would tolerate people doing this to you. Lots in here have been screaming about how mean Gervais was last night and he was just joking around. I read worse stuff in here everyday from the posters.

1344 days ago


To call them "parents" is a joke. The nanny raises the kid, they just show up for the occasional photo-op.

1343 days ago


My only comment is that since they've both had so much freaking work done on their faces, the kids will feel that they don't look like mommy and daddy.

1343 days ago
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