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Sheen's Escort Pick-Up Line -- Hi, I'm an A-Lister ...

1/18/2011 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen didn't use his charm to pick up a professional female companion during his Vegas bender last week ... he used his "A-list" status.


Sheen was surfing around on a website called CityVibe, when he stumbled upon the profile of someone named "Ginger."

Sheen was so smitten, he immediately tried to call her up, but "Ginger's" phone was dead ... so Charlie fired off the following email from his AOL account.


Gotta respect his determination.



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Lou P.    

Charlie Sheen still uses AOL email?!?

1328 days ago


Charlie Sheen's eyes are starting to look mighty 'crazed'. The A-lister dude has suffered brain damage from drugs, alcohol& STD's. I bet it would scare us if we knew how much money he doesn't have even though he will be making a million an episode the next 2 yrs. I really don't see him around that long. After all the years he's been doing all this stuff;he is beyond help.

1324 days ago


Our modern day Corey Haim. With extra cheese.

1321 days ago

Brent Jones    

I love this guy! He is my hero! We need more like him in our business world.

1320 days ago

John Q Public    

Charlie, Charlie, Charlie.....your such a douche bag. You should preg Lindsey Hohan. Then you would have "Two and a half Morons" . LMFAO !

1318 days ago


i hate charlie sheen's dirty face,producers must wipe him out from business.most ugly face in cinema.

1292 days ago


Charlie Sheen:
Dude, You are not fooling anyone with your sobriety.. we all know about the "fake" urinalysis... that one is old and tired. Using another person's urine, through the fake appendage. Charlie, you sound like a cracked out loser... because you are a cracked out loser. Sure you make (made) 2mill a show, but a measure of the man is not what he has hot in the way of posessions and what he does when everyone is looking.. It is what he does when he has NOTHING and NO ONE is watching... I KNOW YOU, Charlie. I am a person who is living the life of a freakin rock star from Mars, but unlike you Charlie I had to learn humility and that is something you will learn.. you will learnt that YOU ARE WEAK OVER YOUR ADDICTION, you will become violent, you will sneak away and when you think no one is looking you will puff on the pipe, and think that you are foolong everyone, but we all know... we all know charlie, because we losers are all the same, we all think that we are invincible and we alll heave tiger blood. That is the lie that the we tell our selves before we all learn about the humility of the drug. I see that your dad is no where aropund.. that says it all... yohave not forgiven him about his actions in turning you in... and that, charlie, tells everyone of "us" that you are not the "light seeing" person that you are putting your self out there as... You might fool a few people out there, but Charlie there will come a time that you will not be able to live another second in your lies and deciet, and when that moment hits, you might even try to kill your self because you will feel lonely... reach out and you will recieve comfort,,, you are NOT SPECIAL nor are you different than any other crack head who has experienced the life that you are living right now.... the goddesses will be gone with out the dope and money. then you will be alone in the closet smoking your crack and living your nightmare, called the Charlie Sheen Show.

1270 days ago



You should go to, for the ladies.

991 days ago


Charlie, You have to be a better shopper.

986 days ago

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965 days ago
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