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Cops: NFL Star Was High on Drugs, Carrying Gun

1/18/2011 1:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Denver Broncos running back Laurence Maroney was high on drugs AND in possession of a firearm when cops arrested him in St. Louis last night ... this according to law enforcement.

Laurence Maroney Arrested

The St. Louis PD tells TMZ ... 25-year-old Maroney was arrested for possession of marijuana and unlawful use of a weapon.

Cops say while Maroney has a valid "Conceal and Carry" permit -- he was arrested for packing the gun while under the influence of drugs.

Maroney was in a car with 5 other people late Monday night when cops say they observed "several occupants" of the vehicle smoking what was believed to be marijuana.

Five of the six people in the car were arrested and three firearms were discovered during the bust ... including two handguns and a rifle. It's unclear which gun cops have associated with Maroney. 

Maroney's rep had released a statement saying, "Mr. Maroney was unlawfully arrested for possession of weapons. He holds a permit to carry a concealed weapon and he had his permit on his person when he was arrested."

The rep added, "He was not arrested for any drugs nor was he involved in a high speed chase. He was released without being charged with any offense and we do not anticipate he will be charged with any criminal offense."

UPDATE: The Broncos tell TMZ they know about Maroney's arrest but have no comment for now.

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WTF is up with these folks? I've been on this planet longer than this guy and I've never had to carry a pin-knife for protection nor do I know anybody who carries a gun (or for that matter owns a gun).

So he was kick'n it, getting high with his homeys - and they had an arsenal in the car because...

1374 days ago


Worthless running back for a crap team.. Who cares.

1374 days ago


This is not me being racist. This is about "state of mind", and upbringing.
You can take the boy out of the ghetto.....but you cannot "take" the ghetto out of the boy". The boy has to want out and get out of his own head. Money does NOT buy happiness or class, clearly.

1374 days ago


6 thugs cruising the hood high on dope carrying guns- nothing good ever comes from that scenario! LOSERS!

1374 days ago


Please stop stereotyping: all the commenters here are not male and my guess is not all are white. I am a female Boston sports fan. So bummed for Maroney's family.

1374 days ago


REALLY! For pot?? Wow, gimme a ****ing break. Sorry man, you live in the wrong state. A state of ignorant pilgrims. The Golden State ftw

1374 days ago

Conservatives are Cowards    

He's got a CCW permit?

Case dismissed.


Who cares?

Just some stupid cops trying to make a name for themselves, nothing more.

1374 days ago


A lot of racial remarks on here gee, Go Broncos! Bronco fan for life!

1374 days ago

Patriots Fan    

I take a very liberal view of Pot- in fact, I think alcohol is just as bad, if not worse.
But, as a PAID athlete, he has NO right to smoking or even allowing himself to "fishbowl" in a car of friends smoking. For weeks after exposure Pot majorly effects speed, endurance, etc. For athletes, even a split second of decision making can be a play changer and thus a game changer.
As a Patriots fan that stuck with him and defended him with his delayed decision making and reactions when he was with us and couldn't seem to break the defensive line too many times- I AM TICKED OFF.

1374 days ago


jes' anotha brotha out on his wheels wit da boys! wassup wit dat? So he packin' , so what?

1374 days ago


High on drugs... that's the funniest thing I have ever heard. What do you people think weed does to you? I thought he got pulled over for drugs, not an herb. I hope he walked. He needs the gun for protection, read your posts again and figure out why. Some fans are crazy jerks. As for the comments on the black or monkey thing. Come on, it's 2011, I would hope we are past color, but we aren't, which is another reason a wealthy African American has to carry a gun.
I'm a white woman in my 30s and I smoke weed. We also have a few registered guns in the family. Protection isn't a black or white thing and marijuana is about as dangerous as a cigarette, only a lot more fun to smoke. Just because of few of you weak folks can't handle the ganja, doesn't make it bad. Getting drunk and beating your wife is bad. These guys don't do that, their fans do.

1374 days ago


Star? Star?

This guy was a clown in New England and it sounds like nothing has changed.

Waste product.

1374 days ago


The idols for our children... whatever happened to people like Warren Moon!?!?! The NFL needs to quit paying MILLIONS to idiots who will throw everything away because all they care about is the fame and money. I am tired of athletes who act like idiots, and get paid to do so. There are no consequences because the team may not win, or it's not fair. Bunch of juveniles!

1374 days ago


Nice knowing you dude.

1374 days ago


First off, if you are the guy who just turned this situation into a political argument, I have 3 words for you.....

....get a life.

Secondly, this guys last name should be changed to "Moron-ey". You're a millionaire professional athlete....get a BODYGUARD to carry your guns for you if you insist on trucking around in the ghetto all the time.

Lastly, I don't have anything against the guy smoking weed. But you have got to be a HUGE flippin idiot to be driving around in your car and doing it. KEEP IT AT HOME. Don't let it leave the house!

Do you honestly believe that if it weren't for football, guys like this wouldn't be taking your order in a drive thru line?! GEEZ!

1374 days ago
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