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Ricky Gervais -- I Will NOT Host the 'Globes' Again

1/18/2011 3:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ricky Gervais doesn't care if he's ever asked back to host the Golden Globes"" ... because he's "not gonna do it again anyway."


A smiling Gervais was weathering the storm in New York this morning -- following his super-controversial statements at the awards show -- when Ricky told us, "I think twice is enough."

After the photog mentioned that Ricky's fellow comics seem to be standing by the performance -- Gervais replied, "Well, it's nice to be loved by your peers ... they stick by you."


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He stated clearly in interviews before the show that he was not going to host the Golden Globes again.

1376 days ago


You are all seriously overly sensitive and the reason you did not pick up on ANY of his jokes and humour is because you have been manipulated by the Movie and Television industry to only laugh at politically correct crap. There was absolutely nothing offensive about what either he or De Niro said. Ricky Gervais did not say anything that has not crossed our mind already. He lightened up the GG'S. You are all just stuck on American born celebrities that kiss and wipe eachother's bums on a daily basis. Another thing, there are Homosexuals in the world...movies will be made DEAL WITH IT!

I'll keep my other thoughts to myself...

Posted at 11:23 AM on Jan 18, 2011 by Mariah help!!!

Please do keep the rest of your thoughts to yourself cause the ones you have just wrote belong in the garbage.

1376 days ago


I agree with Robert Downey,Jr. Its funny until you hurt people. Since when is being "nasty" (as Gervais admits in video) pass for being funny? No talent there ,small,brattish children do it everyday. It horrible to see people praising Gervais for being a bully. If you think most of America and Hollywood are saying well it took backbone to do this sort of act, think again, Most I venture are saying.....SEE? You extend a helping hand to yet another foreigner and what to they do in return? Tell you how despictable you are.

1376 days ago


The worst thing he did was out John Travolta, as did a very popular site or magazine which I can't remember..about one month ago. Travolta doesn't seem to care since he hands around bathhouses in LA asking men for sex. Kelly doesn't seem to mind, let's home he's using

1376 days ago



Your comment says a lot .. I can imagine how hard it would be living with yourself every day.

1376 days ago


Spoiled pompous celebrity millionaires have no trouble taking huge piles of cash for unimportant to the universe "work".

Celebrities, put your Big Boy/Big Girl Pants on and take what Ricky Gervais dishes out. Small price to pay, don't you think?

You could also lead the moral decent life and have nothing to worry about.

Posted at 11:39 AM on Jan 18, 2011 by soulofanangel call them unimportant , well without them , you might have to get off your butt and entertain yourself. nobody has the right to do what ricky Gervais did to any of them. actually its called defaming and demeaning and I believe there are laws on the books against it. I think you think its so cool to go along with his crap because a few do, so what happen to your decency and morals, for thinking its ever okey to hurt people , or laugh at their expense.

1376 days ago


Good for you, Ricky. We (the American public) loved your jokes and hosting the Golden Glove Awards. You are our hero - funny hero at that!! Too bad the pampered stars and the biased media did not appreciate you. The people who pay for their existence did and that is all that counts. Good luck to you. I will look for future appearances of you somewhere! Keep on joking about the Tinseltown folks - it is always a hoot!

1376 days ago


@Debbie and becky: you two girls realize that one of the many reasons why MEN RULE THIS WORLD is because women cannot take a joke, right?

Those Hollywood phonies are gods in their own minds - thank you, Ricky, for bringing them down to Earth.

Posted at 11:39 AM on Jan 18, 2011 by MightyMad

Please take note on how bad off the world is because Men rule as you put it....

1376 days ago


Movies are just stories, writers and producers tend to want to tell stories that the public actually WANT to see so they can, you know make a few bucks in the process...

Welcome to the bottom 15% of the country in terms of intellect and culture, welcome, we'll try to keep "the gays" out for ya...

Posted at 11:42 AM on Jan 18, 2011 by 4somecommonsense

speak for yourself, i dont want to watch gays or straight having sex or anything else...they can be what they want but I dont have to go along with it, neither will I miline them for their choices if they are gay..but why do some people on here work so hard to try and prove they are cool, instead of decent.

1376 days ago


Since when has Hollywood been categorized as decent and moral? Get off your high horse and grasp the reality that what you saw was funny. You just didn't get it with your head so far up your ass. What you witnessed was a comedian telling a bunch of pampered babies what they really are. They stroke their own egos with these awards 4 or 5 times per music has at least 6 award shows per year, for the same music that came out 2 years ago. Get over it move on.

1376 days ago


he majority is not gay so every show should not be expected to have a gay in it. The whole show was about if it was a show about or with gays they won an award. Even Ricky Gervais threw in about Tom Cruise and John Travolta which is just a rumor so it shouldn't have been mentioned. I seriously doubt they are but at least they have the decency to keep it private if they are. If gays have a problem with male/female sex scenes on TV or movies because the majority are male/female having sex the gays have got a problem and the gays are the minority. Also gays wouldn't be here if a male/female didn't have sex. Showing this continuously on TV says it's ok to our youth to be gay and it's not. I'm 50 and now I'm be hit on by gay women I don't want to go to a neighborhood party with my husband and he leaves my side for a short period of time to be hit on by women or women wanting to dance with me rubbing their bodies against me. Hearing a male/male saying they are married and a female/female saying they are married makes me laugh more than Ricky Gervais and they will never be married in my eyes. If they want to have same sex that's up to them I just don't want to know about it or see it and that goes for kissing.

Posted at 11:49 AM on Jan 18, 2011 by Debbie

good for you Debbie.

1376 days ago


LOVE Ricky Gervais! Show was great! Would watch him paint a wall - this man has talent.

If you don't see it - that's definitely your loss...sorry about your luck!

1376 days ago


Hollywood celebrities are taking Themselves, and their Work, so seriously that they can't even be moved to laugh at some of the more obvious truths of their peers and profession. As someone who
is doing Serious work with Actual Consequences in the Real World,
Posted at 11:49 AM on Jan 18, 2011 by bree

working as you do then you should know enough not to demean or insult your co-workers.. in the real world as you put it. put yourself in there position, how would you have re-acted in your real world honest answer now

1376 days ago


Fran & Debbie both need to take a looooong walk off a short pier.

Fran - you're not a fan;'ve said it (several times) move along now.

Debbie - you need to find yourself a time machine hot tub and take your closed-minded paranoid beliefs back to the 1950's. Trust me; no women is hitting on you...not with that type of personality!

1376 days ago


And if you refer to Hollywood as Hollywierd, you have issues, do you also call the main stream media, the "lame-stream media"? Yuuukgh! And if you didn't know who Ricky Gervais was before this, then why were you even watching? I mean he created the Office, has a billion different projects, in the UKL and could you not have heard of him? Unless you simply don't watch TV or movies, or at least not one's that are in the mainstream, and as such why were you watching? I think Perhaps some of you should have been watching the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 1st Annual Wholesome Movie and TV get a Golden Jesus statue when you win, and the complete Growing Pains TV Series on's a bit of a long winded title but I think it'll be a hit!

Posted at 11:55 AM on Jan 18, 2011 by 4somecommonsense

why is it when anyone with commom sense and decency says anything to go against the so called norm of today ..we get told to go back to our churches and such, are you that afraid of us because we dont demoralize another human being and find it distasteful when it is done..I am not a church goer never have been, but that does not mean i dont practice human decency.

1376 days ago
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