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Dana White -- Women Will Never Fight in The UFC

1/19/2011 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The UFC has banned another substance -- estrogen -- because UFC honcho Dana White tells us he will "NEVER" allow a female fighter to step inside his octagon.

For the record, there are a TON of badass, tough-as-nails women fighters including Cris "Cyborg" Santos and Gina Carano ... but they both fight for the rival Strikeforce league.

So we gotta ask ...

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SNOOKI iz a DUDE!    

ya'll think women can't fight, then watch this fight video and see if you don't change your mind.....watch here >>http://www.youtube.com/user/BaddBoyBlanco<... these two chicks from italy go bananas on eachother. Its one of the best fights iv EVER seen, guys or girls. i say.....LET EM FIGHT! SNOOKI is a MAN!

1371 days ago

T Dogg    

The only way women should be allowed to fight is if they can fight with the men. I would have no problem with a woman playing in the NBA or NFL if they could, but lets face it, the WNBA is a joke as is women fighting. Why would I want to watch the best women fighters when they are not even close to as good as the worst male fighters and that is just how it is. It is that way for everything. Would you rather watch a middle school football team or the playoffs this weekend in the NFL?

1371 days ago

artie help    

what kind of wacko wants to watch men fight ? never mind women, evolve people.

1371 days ago


Can we please have a sport where it's just men? Why do women want to do everything that a man does? They've already ruined Nascar and football by putting women everywhere, I want to see men playing men's sports. For the record, I am female.

1371 days ago


HELL YEA!! Stupid broads need to stay in the ****ing kitchen where they belong!!

1371 days ago

Y do he got    

those dopes have more estrogen in thier systems than any female.Why do you think the nuts fall off when roidheading.TMZ needs to go back to college for about 50 years

1371 days ago


The only reason women are not in the UFC is because the women's divisions lack depth. Strikeforce basically owns the women's divisions in MMA and it's hard for them to find decent competition to fight the title holders. Dana has said before that he would have women in the UFC if there were more depth.

1371 days ago


this is the only BAD BUSINESS DECISION I have ever seen Dana White make.

1371 days ago


Thank god, there's a man out there ballsy enough to say "NO!" to women joining that association. There is nothing wrong with that at all. I get so tired of women foisting themselves on any little group that happens to be all men. A woman CANNOT fight like the men can. If you want your own women's wrestling federation go for it. But letting women into certain groups means having to change the rules, the physical requirements, etc and that is not right. I'm sure I'm going to piss off a lot of women out there, but it's true. I think men ought to start playing the same game as women: maybe change "Daughters of the American Revolution" into "Sons and Daughters"...maybe it should just be "Scouts of America" instead of Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts...etc, etc. It's ridiculous.

1371 days ago


Women should only be in the Octagon if there is a kitchen in the Octagon. Period.

1371 days ago


Why is this even an issue in this day and age. Women can do pretty much anything a man can do (especially fighting). This is just silly sexism on the part of UFC. And really if they are that scared of women they're not as tough as they think.

1371 days ago


that guy looks like dr. evil - call austin powers

1371 days ago

Common Sense    

I see a lawsuit coming down the road using the EEO law. Better watch out Dana.

1371 days ago


I'm glad he came to that decision. There's nothing wrong with having women fight inside the ring, it's just boring b/c they're so much less exciting to watch than the men. He made a business decision, not one based on womens rights.

Honestly, the only time I want to see 2 women fighting is outside of a club or bar.

1371 days ago


Gina Carano has already retired because she's too pretty to fight.

1371 days ago
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