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Selena Gomez:

The Topless Photo

is FAKE!!!

1/19/2011 2:54 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Selena Gomez says the "topless" photo circulating on the Internet -- purporting to be her -- is fake ... and she is now on the attack.

Selena Gomez Leaked Pictures
Sources directly connected with Gomez tell TMZ Selena and company are furious that her reputation is being sullied by some perverts with Photoshop. 

We're told her lawyers are planning on taking action immediately.  Standard operating procedure is to fire off a cease and desist letter ... followed by a lawsuit.

UPDATE: Selena's people tell us, "The alleged photo of Selena Gomez is absolutely not her.  Selena’s family is pursuing all available remedies to deal with the offender.” 


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Lady NaNa    

I really hope they find the sucker, poor sweet Selena does not this deserve this. I'm just glad she is not following the trend in Hollywood.....
Lady NaNa

1332 days ago

James W Palin    

Its a fake I blew up the suspect picture from a picture of her in a airport and this is the result. Obvious fake.

1332 days ago


Its a fake I blew up the suspect picture from a picture of her in a airport and this is the result. Obvious fake.

1332 days ago



1332 days ago


okay JUSTIN BIEBER is a christian
SELENA GOMEZ ... well idk bout her
but i so know that JUSTIN BIEBER would never hurt his mother and dis respect her like that by having sex so if she is it aint by JUSTIN BIEBER

1332 days ago


1331 days ago


@Lori Kiddie porn? Really? She's an 18-year-old woman now.

And what can her family do? Sue the person who made it for photoshopping? That's not illegal. The people who believed this picture was real should be the one's being sued for being so gullible and stupid.

1331 days ago


I think this pic is real but Selena didn't intend to show it to the world. Someone must have leaked it.

1331 days ago


all these people who are putting all these stupid fake pics of her and writing all this unnecessary comments. she's a really good girl who should be treated right and loved.

1330 days ago


Some people... First off she's 18 now....

Listen, So someone faked her picture. Big deal! If it's not real then who cares? You're only seeing her face and someone elses body. If that's a crime then there are going to be a lot of women and men that need to be arrested. Because people so that all the time when making love, it's called fantasy. Get over it. Stuck up snobby ass people! Say somehow you managed to stop people from photoshop-ing your head on other peoples' bodies and things like that, you still have great artists that can draw her (or you) butt naked. then what? you cant stop ones imagination. The problem with this case is that the guy is trying to make money off her faked topless shot. That's why they even have a case to sue over. Lastly, the more people talking about it and raising a fuss about it, the more people are going to want to see it.

1329 days ago


where's the pic ???
i wanna seeeeeeeeeeeeeee it !!

1329 days ago


My heart goes out to this young lady for the humiliation she has suffered. It may comfort her to know that this has happened to other girls who have had deep hurt by such inconsiderate actions; One of the most tragic innocent victims of such conduçt was former Miss Wyoming USA JOYCE McKINNEY --a sweet girl from a Christian family whose life was devastated in 1977 when a trashy British tabloid The Mirror paid a hoodlum and street druggie/ex-conviçt, to break into her home to steal photos which they then altered to falsely make her appear "naked". They superimposed her head on another model's naked body and then printed a false and libelous story saying she was a "Russian prostitute and Hollywood whore who had kidnapped and raped a 300 pound 6'5" Mormon missionary"! The source? Mormon PR teams and spin doctors who had disseminated this false story to the using their media and wire service contacts! Why? To cover up a love tryst one of their street recruiters (her fiance) had with her as well as to discredit Ms McKinney because she spoke out against Mormon human rights abuses of minority groups and un–Biblical doctrine and scriptures and their bizarre plan for world takeover of the US government so they could establish their "New World Order". (A) People have enemies and (B) some creeps will do anything for money even if it means destroying the life of an innocent person. May Ms. Gomez, like Joyce McKinney, keep her pretty head still up high!

1327 days ago

Jaylee :)    

haha. That's funny and then not. Really. That's sick and rude :)

1327 days ago

eric k    

Why is it when you have and excellent actress and singer some a-hole always want to ruin their image? The most anyone can do to her Is the united states government, for havivg sexual contact with a minor! And you know this will never happen

1326 days ago


heres the thing

a Fake requires a scrouce photo and there isnt one

furthermore the mole on the right breast is accurate

and theres no signs of seems or lighin changes at high magnification

this is either real or the worlds greatest lookalike it is NOT however a photoshop job

1325 days ago
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