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Katherine Jackson: AEG Was Reckless with MJ's Life

1/21/2011 4:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson has just filed legal docs claiming AEG was well aware ... there were life-threatening activities going down at Michael Jackson's house ... yet the company turned a blind eye.

Katherine Jackson AEG
Katherine is challenging AEG's motion to dismiss the wrongful death lawsuit against the company.

In her docs, Katherine says AEG retained Dr. Conrad Murray for an "exorbitant salary of $150,000 monthly," and in return Murray agreed to "get Jackson to attend rehearsals and perform."

Katherine's lawyers claim it should have been obvious to AEG when Murray requested CPR equipment at MJ's home that "the medical treatments being administered risked stopping Jackson's heart and breathing." 

Katherine's lawyer continues, "This is hardly the type of risk expected in an ordinary house visit from a family doctor."

The lawyers claim, "AEG should have known that the course of treatment being administered by Dr. Murray was unorthodox and unsafe."


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Who cares    

I'm so F'n tired of seein' crap about MJ's case. Let it f'n go. Its the same crap over and over again!

1373 days ago

artie help    

i love fred sanford, didn't know he was still going strong,

1373 days ago


Katherine Jackson (and the entire Jackson family) knew Michael was a drug addict but were too afraid to intervene. Why? Because then he would stop giving them money and supporting them! Also, he was a grown man who choose to live like a freak, look like a monster and take all those drugs. Those poor Kids are better off without him!

1373 days ago

This woman is a greddy bitch who is determined to get money out of Michael by hook or by crook.

She's really to blame. She stood by as Joe beat the sh*t of of Michael, causing him to have mental issues.

1373 days ago


It's sad this woman is being forced to talk about garbage she has no clue about, just because most of her family are a bunch of lazy leeches that she has to support. If she didn't need the money to raise Jermaine's kids, she wouldn't be doing any of this crap.

1373 days ago


Michael Jackson was a grown-ass man who indulged his every whim and thought he could buy his every want and need. Yes, his death is a tragedy. But he's responsible for his own choices. Those choices resulted in his untimely passing. Enough with the lawsuits and blame. Let it go, grieve and move on.

1373 days ago


why does everyone spend so much time blaming everyone but the one adult entirely responsible,,wacko jacko..he was not a kid, he was an adult and made his decisions and has to live with that..err well he doesnt now

1373 days ago


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1373 days ago


why is it some body else's fault? Family members, business partner, how about Michael, should he not be responsible for his own life, with 3 kids in the house he does this-- blame game is a joke

1373 days ago


Now that she can't make money off "The Book" and other ventures not authorized by the estate, she's trying to do what she can to help get money to support Joe and trifling Jermaine's kids and ex. AEG had no control over what went on inside Michael's house. Michael was responsible and they need to let it rest.

1373 days ago

abram hernandez    

Way to go Katerine...

1373 days ago

This crazy bitch is really saying that AEG should have hired ANOTHER doctor to monitor Murray.

1373 days ago

MJ Fans    

copy of the do***ents pretty please?

1373 days ago


Her kid was a junky,pedophile and had self image issues and probably a host of other problems.How about going after yourself for the same reasons.... parents should know as much or more than AEG.The bottom line is these type know to sneak around the system and get what they want.Mom and dad didn't know ...calling B.S.

1373 days ago


This crazy bitch is really saying that AEG should have hired ANOTHER doctor to monitor Murray.

Posted at 11:20 AM on Jan 21, 2011 by

This kind of comment is really uncalled for! So you don't agree with her, great, we got it! No need to call her such horrible names.

Nobody knows the whole story here. We only get what TMZ and other tabloid media want us to hear and see. So don't be so quick to pass judgement on Mrs. Jackson or her family!

1373 days ago
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