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Keith Olbermann

Abruptly Leaves MSNBC

1/21/2011 11:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Keith Olbermann and MSNBC are going their separate ways ... effective immediately ... the liberal cable host announced tonight in a shocking move. 

MSNBC issued a statement saying they had ended its contract with Olbermann, who hosted the top rated show on the network.

The statement read in part, "MSNBC thanks Keith for his integral role in MSNBC's success and we wish him well in his future endeavors." A spokesman went on to say that Comcast's acquisition of NBC Universal had nothing to do with the decision.

Olbermann was suspended for two days in November for violating a network rule on political donations.

Lawrence O'Donnell, who hosts a show on the network at 10:00 PM, will fill Olbermann's 8:00 PM slot beginning Monday.


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James A. Coleman    

As a disabled Vietnam Veteran, retired Federal Employee, active
member of my community and political arena. I enjoyed my msnbc
line up from 5 p.m. until 10 p.m. nightly, and I don't get involved in commentary, but I must, reading the comments of some
of these so called American Chistian, I only pray for and wish
Keith Oblbermann, all the best...and thank you for making my
service worth while......

1327 days ago

Dottie Andeerson    

Huh, now Olberman is gone, and I miss him. Why is that guy who bought prescription drugs in a parking lot still on the air? Why is the dopey woman from Minnesota still being broadcast? What qualifies Lizzie Cheney to spout her views as a guest? I need my daily dose of Olberman's reality to light up my life, but only dark-agers remain on air to spout unintelligent caca. Are some people's rights greater than other's?

1327 days ago


Keith, I NEED my daily fix of truth and courage from a REAL newscaster! I missed you the first night you were gone. I really want to watch Rachel and Ed, but will not give MSNBC any more ratings from our household. Ha, what a joke that was except for the aforementioned two. So could you please take them and go independent/anywhere the truth is a reality? Your fans WILL find you! Rachel and Ed, they will get rid of you both also because you have brains. You three spoke for people who couldn't speak for themselves, one gone two to follow PLEASE and together! Until you three get settled, people will think Beckuugg, Orally and Lumpy can actually read and that's so SCARY!

1325 days ago


Keith is the man with his witty and sharp commentary, people are just talking sh*t because they dont understand or care about what's really going on in our country. MSNBC should've fought better for keith, the true fans will surely miss him. This is a warning for the rest of the liberal commentators on that network. Becareful of your political views and affliations, if you speak too much truth, affect to many people, and shed light on the darkness in this country, you will be targeted.

1325 days ago


Sorry To See Keith Go. He Was The Truth And The light Of MSNBC. They Are Morphing Into a carbon copy of Fox News And We don't need Two.

1324 days ago


Keith, you have always been at the top of my "worst person in the world" list :-) Hope the door hit you extra hard on your way out, maybe on its back swing, smacking Rachel Maddow as well :-) Unemployment is a bch isn't it? On the plus side, now you can make as much political donations as you want, got money?

1322 days ago

duane desardins    

Keith was was my one hour of absolute honest news.Thats msnbc's and my loss.I'll miss him, not so much msnbc.

1322 days ago


To message 339,
Honest news? When the supposed "honest" newsman makes a political donation to a candidate, his integrity is out-the-door. He is no more honest or less biased than Rush Limbaugh is. He preached the brand of news YOU wanted to hear, that's what makes him honest, right? So, please, be honest with yourself, call him a liberal hero if you will, but that what he will ever be.

1322 days ago

Juanita Moore    

Keith you are sorely missed. We look forward to your gag order being lifted so whichever network. picks you up will instantly soar to the top ratings. We could count on you to get to the heart of the matter. P.S. Rachel was one of the only hosts to speak to your defense and expressed appreciation for you being a huge part of the line up!!!!! Hurry back

1312 days ago


MSNBC You have made a monumental error in letting Keith GO! What are you thinking? This man is the most intelligent commentator only equaled by Rachel. HE is the quintessential voice not seen since Edward R. Murrow and Chris M. stated So on AIR, ask him. Whatever bone you had to pick with him should have been negotiated deeply and wisely. You have taken a huge step backwards and you NEED to get over your indifferences, choke them down and bring the Genius of drill down News back. Oh How Much More I could say about the DAMAGE YOU HAVE DONE TO YOUR NETWORK AND MOST OF ALL OUR SOCIETY. PLEASE GET HIM BACK, WE NEED HIS VOICE NOW MORE THAN EVER. PLEASE.

1300 days ago

Chuck Forwerck    

#342 I could not have said it better, THANK YOU!!!!!
As for Rachel, I believe she wanted to credit Keith as her "MENTOR", however, that could have cost her job! Then we would have no one! This is my first encounter with a "right-wing-nut" organization that neglected to check "the bottom line" before making a stupid decision! My TV NEVER GETS FOX, and my radio will never tune to Rush "LIMBURGER"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chuck Forwerck - Traverse City, MI

1279 days ago


Hey I love MSNBC and still watch it I start at 6 all the way to 10 love it. But without Keith its hard. wish you well. :)

1261 days ago

bob teixeira    

i watch msnbc every day and i know that no one can take keith olbermann place he was an out spoken man and said what was on his mind and tells like it is the truth you will never find anker man like him.i wish him all the luck and sucse i hope in the further i will see him tv soon.

1136 days ago

Barbara Reeves    

Keith, good ridance, hope you take Chris and Rachael with you. I may actually tune to MSNBC for longer than 60 seconds now.

1130 days ago
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