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Lindsay Lohan Made Photo Deal With Betty Ford Chick

1/21/2011 1:21 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan made a secret deal to meet with Dawn Holland -- the Betty Ford Center worker Lindsay allegedly attacked -- and the plan was that a photog would take pictures of the two together, sell them and Dawn would pocket the cash ... sources familiar with the deal tell TMZ.

Lindsay Lohan Photo Deal
The plan -- hatched BEFORE Dawn decided not to pursue criminal charges against Lindsay -- was that Dawn would make $10,000 from the sale of the photos.

Sources connected with the deal tell us the point was not for Dawn to get money in exchange for dropping her case -- but rather for Lindsay to "help her out."

Sources say the deal fell apart when Lindsay's business manager, Lou Taylor, put the kibosh on the plan.

Dawn was pissed, felt Lindsay was "disrespecting" her, got a new lawyer and may pursue the battery case.


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how pathetic

1370 days ago


And I call BS on you, "Susan,"/Dina. I think that DINA the Denial-saurus set this up, and then blew it off because she knew she wouldn't have to follow through. Say what you will about Michael, he's tried to help Lindsay get well. Whereas DINA the Denial-saurus just keeps letting Lindsay sink lower and lower and lower into the mud.

And FTY, even if she does beat this rap, which she may well, do you honestly think that many people would EVER pay to see her in a movie again? Not likely. She's unlikeable, unbankable and uninsurable. So guess the last laugh really is on...YOU.

1370 days ago


The Betty Ford Center very obviously knew about the battery. So why did they allow Lindsay to leave with a clean record? Sounds like they were covering this sordid mess up - which doesn't speak well for them in their ability to truly rehabilitate others, if they are willing to enable them, at the same time.

1370 days ago


This chick was seriously dumb enough to think that the Lohans would make good on their promise, especially when it involved money?

BOTH of these women should be prosecuted. Dawn for obstructing justice and Lindsay for battering Dawn.

1370 days ago


Its real funny how if she had never gone to France, and completed her probation like a good girl, none of this would have ever happened in the first place.

1370 days ago


Tell Lilo just to write the ho a check. That should stop everything.

1370 days ago


The Betty Ford Ripoff Center. You pay. You get positive reports to courts. However, along with our bad rehab treatment you also reap what you sow... you still are an addict ... you still are the same as when you came in ... and your life just got a lot worse for coming here .. thank you very much.

You get what you pay for. You pay BF Ripoff ... you get back nothing in return. Can you expect anything more? Really?

1370 days ago


Whatever Holland's legal and personal troubles might be, they do NOT exonerate Lindsay, her companions or Betty Ford.

They procecutor is always saying that the investigation continues........

1370 days ago


plain out coercion.leslo should be prosecuted on the original charge plus coercion and hindering an investigation and holland should be charged with criminal contempt and false statements cause now she changed her sure theres more charges if they want to them and this is gonna be the same PD that is already involved and out for leslo.either way she is f*cked.

1370 days ago


crackpot baby in a quater to three
crackpot baby in a quater to three
crack crack crack crackpot baby
crackpot baby

1370 days ago


Good thing I was sitting down. Throw LL in jail - let her finally pay her dues and maybe we won't have to hear about her lies any longer.

1370 days ago


@ Lucky 130 .... forget Paris ... if she would have taken up the prison minister's offer back in 2007 when all this nonsense first started she would have had three years of soberity ... a fuller life ... and most likely would not had spent all the money on attorneys, rehabs, bail bondsmen fees, court costs, moving expenses, time, job loss, pay offs, fan negativity, etc, etc. etc.

Lohan could have received one year of free treatment is a proven program that truly does work... but .. nope ... She goes the route most other celebrities and wind up right back to square one.... and a lot worse off.

You reap what you sow. This Lohan saga proves it.. big time!!

1370 days ago


how come Lindsay cant pay her 10 K if she pays the same amount for montly rent?

1370 days ago


Told you she was getting paid. Stupid her...always take cash up front.

In addition to charges of battery, you can add interfering with a police investigation!

1370 days ago


Depending on what side of the case you're on, sounds like it is either witness tampering by LiLo or extortion by Dawn. This is a tough one. On the one hand, LiLo has reason to pay her off-avoid a PV and jail and on the other hand, Dawn appears to be milking this alleged battery for attention and cash. No matter what side you're on, it's shady shade!

1370 days ago
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