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Clinton's Dinner w/ Cameron Diaz

... and 3rd Wheel

1/21/2011 11:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

President Bill Clinton sunk his teeth into a high profile dinner date with Cameron Diaz last night -- but he had to compete with another legendary playa ... Alex Rodriguez.


The threesome dined on steak and pasta at Prime 112 Steakhouse in Miami ... and sipped on some red wine.


Bill, Cam and the other guy all left separately ... but Clinton was seen a short time later at Chad Ochocinco's birthday bash.

Hail to the chief.

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Il Duce    

Too bad, but Cameron is starting to look "worked"!!

1349 days ago

Get It Right....    

President Bill Clinton..... He is the President!!!!!

1349 days ago


Dudes a Rainman type---born with a calculator of a mind for numbers and facts and dates and recall---but also born into an emotional, empty, alchoholic world that to this day he still covers up the hurt with, by pursuing women. He is a certified by Congress Liar. Cant help it either. The kind that wants to sit down and do the NY Times crossword puzzle with Hillary, than that evening when he should be tucking her in, has the need to run down over to Jennifer Flowers house.

He'll never change---he cant. A Rainman of a Brain, a Playboy of a Heart. Hello a cross between JFK and Ricky Ricardo.

1349 days ago


Happy Birthday Ochocinco!!! LOVE YOU!

1349 days ago


Love the look on his face..Could it be that A-Rod showed up with her?

Bill was probably hoping to have a night with Cameron..and that killed any shot of it


1349 days ago


This guy was such a disaster. He would have been a one term President like Obama is going to be had the Republicans not took over Congress in 1994 and saved his asss. Clinton also tried to ram a Nazi healthcare system down our throats but his was defeated. That defeat helped keep him in office as well, and nevermind that spoiler Ross Perot doing his part to steal the election from Bush senior and Dole. Ironically enough, all the tards on here crying about "tax cuts" that don't exist have this hillbilly to thank. When Clinton took office he signed the largest tax increase in United States history. The economy only started to "boom" in the 90's when he decided to CUT his own tax hike in 1997. And in 1999 the economy begin to decline, same as it did for Bush when he left office, and thanks to Obama he has only made it worse. 10% unemployment? Only a Communist Kenyan President community organizer can make that happen.

1349 days ago


President Clinton? I think you mean FORMER.

Posted at 6:42 AM on Jan 21, 2011 by ifuseekamy

Actually...former US Presidents are still called Mr. President..
but in his case, it should be Mr. Hollywood.

1349 days ago


"President Bill Clinton sunk his teeth into a high profile dinner date......." President Bill Clinton TMZ!!!!!!

1349 days ago


Could someone PLEASE buy Ms. Diaz a hairbrush!!! I swear she has the nastiest hair on the planet...it looked so nice in The Mask - she has gone consistently downhill since then...too skinny, bony really and that HAIR IS JUST GROSS - never looks washed or cared for...yuck...I think she's "sticky" to touch...

1349 days ago

Vernon P. Alarcon    

Why is this ahole's mouth always open?

Every picture I see of this mutt is with his mouth open.

Doesn't it shut?

Can't he keep it closed?

Hillary needs to slap it closed for him!

1349 days ago


I'll bet he offered Cameron an after dinner "cigar" for sure!

1349 days ago


Who gives a horses behind who has dinner with Mr. Hillary Clinton. Yes that's what I said about billy boy. Mr. Hillary Clinton. And who cares who's birthday party he attends. I wouldn't walk across the street to see big nose :)

1349 days ago


What an odd trio. Nonetheless, I'm jealous of Cam & Alex that they got to hang with him. And at least they dressed appropriately.

1348 days ago


Why is Wild Bill wearing a wedding ring? Very odd.

1348 days ago


terrible terrible situation: a girl usually loves it but for us (guys) is just terrible.

1348 days ago
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