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Lindsay Lohan

Dawn Holland is

Lying for MONEY

1/22/2011 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan believes fired Betty Ford staffer Dawn Holland is lying and scheming against her in a shameless attempt to exploit the actress for a quick payday ... TMZ has learned.

Sources close to Lindsay tell us ... Lohan was fuming when she learned Dawn picked up a new lawyer -- insisting the move is an "obvious" sign Dawn wants money ... from either a settlement or through a civil suit.

We're told Lindsay is still very confident the D.A. will not press charges against her -- no matter what Dawn decides to do -- because LiLo doesn't believe she did anything wrong.


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No, Lindsay. She WAS going to lie for money, but you didn't give her any and now she's really mad.

1337 days ago


Of course Holland is looking for a payday, she's made that clear with all the interviews she's been doing. The problem is Hollands greed by selling the report and story while still being employed by Betty Ford completely undermined herself.

Her new lawyer has conformed there is NO deal with Lindsay Lohan either in writing or in principal so thats good news for Lohan, it was Lohans mad father getting involved without the permission of Lindsay, her lawyer or her manager that caused the latest furore.

Holland is a wacko with serious problems, in a way I feel sorry for her but she brought this on herself, I wouldn't put her in charge of my dog.

1337 days ago


"LiLo doesn't believe she did anything wrong"

She never thinks her actions are wrong.

1337 days ago


@ No 1 Dimes.

Lindsay Lohan doesn't need Dawn or anyone else to lie, what Dawn Holland has done and is doing speaks for itself. If this went to trial Dawn would be torn apart and it would be because of her own actions. I kinda hope it does go to trial and we would see exactly how this woman has manipulated things to her advantage. Bring on the witnesses and 911 call Lindsay made. Holland is digging her own grave.

1337 days ago


Dawn is was not lying about LL being drunk or shoving her around. She was telling the truth about what took place but agreed to forget about what she experienced for a price. LL agreed to a payoff - or those in her camp did - but they stiffed Dawn making her this angry. So now she's been physically attacked and stiffed. No wonder Dawn is really fired up. I'd be pissed as well.

I bet she wishes she would have simply aided the DA and police in the first place!

1337 days ago


Lohan family members spaming TMZ comments again.

1337 days ago


Honestly, Lindsay Lohan has absolutely NO street credibility left. From the passport fiasco to idolizing a liar like Dina, how likely is it that we can all of a sudden believe this slightly reformed addict?

It's NOT.

1337 days ago


It's NEVER Lindsay's fault (sigh....)

1337 days ago


It's real clear who poster no. 2 is LMAO.

Yes, I'd say the Lohan family has arrived. Dina to be specific.

1337 days ago


Of course Dawn wants money. Lilo had her fired and Dawn has bills and a family to feed. Lilo is a witch and should go to jail!

1337 days ago


Betty Ford and Lindsay Lohan should be both out in front of the judge and prosecuted.

1337 days ago


Karma is a bitch isn't it Lilo? Dawn has learned everything she needs about getting $$$ from you Lilo. Remember when you sued e-trade for a milk commercial? Well now honey, what goes around goes around. If you are going to screw people over, karma will make you pay.

By the way, I think you look amazing and very healthy. Keep up the healthy attitude. You will need when you go back to prison for probation violation. See you in court.

1337 days ago


Even if she gets jail time for VOP which will be 180 days she will stay there 2 weeks due to overcrowding and still wont learn anything. But sill would be cool to see her even 2 weeks behind bars.

1337 days ago


@ 13 DANA

Not likely she will be jailed for VOP unless she is convicted of Battery. The chances of that seem very slim because of how muddy those waters have become.

By the time the Riverside police and prosecutor are done investigating, charging, and convicting her this could well cost over a million dollars to gain a misdemeanor conviction for battery.

Lindsay has the option of suing Betty Ford for a HIPPA screw-up and the cost of that measured in damage to the clinics reputation could be millions more.

Dawn still also faces the possibility of a criminal HIPPA violation and that could land her in prison not jail.

California is an asylum where the inmates are running the show.

1337 days ago


@ Spot
I dont think LIndsay will ever sue BF caouse they re trying to get her out of the mud but BF might sue Holland if Lindsay is convicted of batery and VOP and that will mean BF broke the law by hiding a VOP and not reporting it and they has to be prosecuted.

1337 days ago
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