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Justin Bieber -- What the Biebs Wants ...

1/24/2011 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber isn't your average teenager -- so you would think he doesn't have to ask permission to buy himself a toy helicopter. Think again.

TMZ obtained a video of the Biebs shot in an airport about a year ago -- in which Justin tries to ask his mom if it's okay for him to buy the toy ... because his manager Scooter just told him no.

Biebs stays on the phone with his mom for several minutes, trying to negotiate some kind of settlement between the three of them.

Check out the vid and see if Bieber ends up getting his way.


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1375 days ago


It's refreshing to see that this 16 yr old has to ask and obey his mother and manager about this, when told no. He sounds like a typical little boy and it's the way it should be.

1375 days ago


Why are people in America so obsessed with others sexual orientation. Is it because no one is getting any or something. Justin looks, talks and acts like your average "clean cut, God fearing" 16 year old BOY. His pants aren't hanging off his ass, he isn't weighed down with a 100 lbs of gold, his teeth look normal, he is not playing with guns, has never been arrested and keeps the lyrics to his songs clean. For all that he gets called gay. So the American attitude is that good boys are gay and thugs are cool. What a mixed up country.

Posted at 5:26 AM on Jan 24, 2011 by Jennyy

Can you name one artist that does the b.s. you just described?
Who the eff are you talking about Jennyy? Sounds like you've been doing bong hits with Miley

1375 days ago


Posted at 5:26 AM on Jan 24, 2011 by Jennyy

His pants aren't hanging off his ass, he isn't weighed down with a 100 lbs of gold, his teeth look normal, he is not playing with guns, has never been arrested and keeps the lyrics to his songs clean

Another words....he's not black right?

"God Fearing" ?

Posted at 5:31 AM on Jan 24, 2011 by Whamo


Why do you automatically link the word THUG as a reference to being black. Black has nothing to do with it *******. Go to the mall and take a good look around you will see as many WHITE/ASIAN/LATINO "thugs" as you do black. The THUG mentality is not restricted to color or race. There are many good clean cut God fearing boys among all the races as well. You don't notice them though do you and when pointed out to you you figure they must be gay right?

It's people like you who are turning the USA into a cess pool of haters

As for the God fearing part, you should make an effort to learn something about a person before you go running at the mouth about them. My best friend's 12 year old daughter can tell you all about Justin's religious belief's as he sings and talks about it all the time.

1375 days ago


To hell with the helicopter. If I were him, I'd be more concerned as to why I'm not growing any pubic hair and why my voice still sounds like a 12 year old.

1375 days ago


Some of these comments are brutal. What I see from this clip is that his life is just as I thought it might be. He is a kid and can't even play with a toy because his agent doesn't want him distracted from days of performing. How awful. He is missing/or missed his childhood.

1375 days ago


ok that was actually pretty good. I can't believe I spent 8 minutes on it but I have to say hooray for Scooter. Sounds like he's got his head screwed on straight. Understands that just because the kid wants the thing and has the money for the thing doesn't necessarily mean he needs to get it. I wonder if other child stars just didn't have someone telling them no??? It seems like the mom is kind of a pushover, she was ready to give in to his pressure, but scooter stood his ground. I think justin is going to look back and realize he was lucky to have someone in his life that really cared about him and taught him about limits.

I wonder if scooter has kids of his own?? I've listened to that kind of haranguing from my own kids... lol

1375 days ago


lmao @ 40. silentstarling

1375 days ago


This Justin is so lucky, always hanging around hot older guys. I bet he gets a lot of action.

1375 days ago


scooter is kinda hot! ha ha!
for heaven's sake! give the kid his helicopter! its his money anyway.

1375 days ago


I hope Justin dies gets cancer and dies

1375 days ago

fishy won ton    

the manager is a jew cashing in on the Jewish god

Scooter dont give a damn about this poor kid!!!

1375 days ago


What a terrible job babysitting Beiber.He doesnt act like a teen he acts like a 6 yr old brat.Beiber will be wearing pink the rest of his life.

1375 days ago


The manager should have purchased the helicopter on the sly for the kid that has made millions for him and others, so when they when they were in a safe, appropriate area...Justin could fly it. He should also should explain it then why he had to wait until then, because of safety and impulses of a kid acting foolish in a crowded area.
Sorta strange since Justin was just on a British show and said his Mom travels with him and when he needs some space, he sends her to the spa.
Flying a helicopter in field, spending time with him is more important then the manager being a bad ass in front of TMZ's cameras and saying no, no, no. Do something that lets that kid be a kid, instead of a money-making machine, Mr. Manager. And Justin's Mom and Dad...let your son know you are his parents and let him be a regular kid instead of a paycheck.

1375 days ago


Justin's body frame is too small for all that hair. He needs a new hairstyle but he's a great kid and Canadian too. Yeah!
His mother should let him get the toy. I see them at the mall and I want one too, even though I'm too old for toys and female. I love those helicopters, trains and monster trucks.

1375 days ago
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