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Oprah Winfrey REVEALS Secret -- I Have a Sister!

1/24/2011 12:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Oprah Winfrey spilled the beans on her big secret today on her show ... she has a long lost sister!

Oprah's Sister
Turns out The Big O has a half-sister named Patricia -- who was put up for adoption at a young age and bounced around foster homes until she was finally adopted at the age of 7. Oprah said her mother Vernita Lee never told her about Patricia.

Oprah, Patricia and her mother were all reunited on the show.

Vernita Lee



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Wow, looks like they both have eating disorders. Maybe they lived next door to a Flavor flav's Chicken House as children?

1336 days ago


Aww Oprah bought a sister. Bet she'll keep her in the basement with Stedman.

1336 days ago


Oh, BS! When the talk was all about teenage pregnancies, 0prah confessed she was pregnant but (conveniently)"lost the baby" when she was fourteen. When the emphasis was on sexual abuse of children, Oprah "confessed" she had been raped by a cousin. Added incest, just for luck. Every time a "cause" has become popular, Oprah has done it, or had it done to her. And cries mightily on camera about whatever it is. She's a fake and a phony.

1336 days ago


If they are happy about it - that's great.. Wonder how long Patricia knew Oprah was her half sister, if she knew at all, and never tried to contact her. So what if Oprah wishes to help Patricia, she helps a lot of people, why not one more. Makes her happy. I would do it too if I had her money or even a portion of her money. Better to give than to receive.

1336 days ago


Probably not her only unknown sibling!

1336 days ago


Talk about winning the lottery.

1336 days ago


Who Cares? Oprah is so Full of Herself, that is why she is so fat. Time for her to go back to Australia!! Her shelf life is up!!

1336 days ago


Maybe Oprah will send her on a trip to Australia.

1336 days ago


Oprah get back on your diet girl

1336 days ago


She just hired a fat lady to play 1/2 sister for ratings

1336 days ago


FYI Oprah only owns HALF of her new network (OWN). Discovery Communications owns the other HALF. This is why you see other DC shows being promoted on her show...sorry providing life changing/ life saving/ life transcending information. God, enough with the platitudes. Your human like the rest of us on earth and dont exactly walk out the beliefs of some you have extolled and espoused like Tolle.

1336 days ago



1336 days ago


Why is life so full of ROADBLOCKS?

Oprah's mother put up the Roadblock up for years against Oprah's sister.

Oprah's STAFF put up the Roadblock. SOMEONE should be fired because they did NOT do their jobs by working up the chain.

How dare the STAFF that you provide paychecks, so casually dismiss your family business without clearing it with you or your inner circle.

Do***ents were available.

It's obvious Oprah's mother has been a ROADBLOCK in Oprah's life. No excuses for bad mothering.

If life on Earth was easy, it would be called HEAVEN.

1336 days ago


Agree with #9. Spoiler alerts would be nice, seeing as it doesn't come on here until 4 p.m.

1336 days ago


Oprah is really a good person, especially as far as celebrities go. So...I never understand why people want to hate on her. Anyway, I'm glad she is reunited with her sister. Oprah had a terrible childhood, and she is one reason that sexual abuse of children was brought out in the open and dealt with, we have a lot to thank her for...back in the 80's, when she first had her talk show, she brought many painful subjects to light. People no longer had to suffer in silence. Sure, it was a bit of emotional pandering, perhaps....but she is now a billionaire, and one of the wealthiest most powerful women in the nation.

1336 days ago
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