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Schick -- We're Cutting Our Ads from 'Skins'

1/24/2011 6:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The exodus continues ... Schick has now pulled its commercials from the controversial MTV show, "Skins."

MTV Skins Controversy

A rep for the company tells TMZ, "After 'Skins' on MTV aired last week, the makers of Schick Hydro decided not to advertise during the program because some of this show’s content is not aligned with Schick corporate guidelines."

So that makes Schick, Subway, H&R Block, Taco Bell, Wrigley and GM to pull its ads from the show.

UPDATE: A rep for MTV tells TMZ, "'Skins' has earned the loyalty of fans across the globe for its thoughtful and honest portrayal of teen life today. An internationally acclaimed scripted drama, the show has been honored with a long list of prestigious awards. MTV stands by the US adaptation of 'Skins' and the vision of its creator Bryan Elsley."


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We are talking about gum and razor blades right? I love gum, Razor blades and Skins. So I guess I'll keep watching Skins and chewing a different brand of gum and use a different kind of blade.

1331 days ago


i've seen its just whinny bi-polar kids with supervision doing whatever they want, It sucks I sticking to the JErsey shore at least on I won't be so borde when floding landry is more fun

1331 days ago


Wow the PTC are a bunch of idiots, now everybody is gonna be watching the show. I seen the show, didn't think it was that good although it has potential, but there was no child pornography in there. It's raunchy but there's worse on TV.

1331 days ago


Thank-God for that, some of society will not rest until kids being molested by kiddy porn is shown on tv. hell it won't be long before full nudity and xxx movies are on regular tv. tv has become dispicable, it is an outrage how explicit tv is. and they say monitor what your kids watch, hell u can't it's even on the commercials. that is also why there is so much copycat shootings and things going on. i feel sorry for the next generation!

1331 days ago

Bill C.    

I'm sure there are enough makers of zit cream and condoms to pick up the slack.

1331 days ago

truth hurts    

I attempted to watch the British version last summer and it was awful! I'm glad the American version is getting bad press...the show really sucks. Plus, it doesn't represent typical american kids...just the ones that are f'ed up!

1331 days ago


look at all the conservative cry-babies on here, when did everyone become such a wuss? "waaaaahhhh teens aren't like this and that" "waaaahhhh this kind of thing is outrageous for tv" "waaaaah drug use and sex waaaaaaah" LOL! makes me laugh.

1331 days ago


HAHA - "this doesn't portray today's teens, just the ones that are f'ed up!"

Anyone over the age of 30 that has a child needs to open their god damn eyes and realize that this world isn't innocent and your politically correct one track mind of thinking is garbage. kids are having sex at very young ages now and they could care LESS about what their wussie parents think. "Oh, my kid isn't like that" yeah, keep telling yourself that before you go to bed every night. lol

1331 days ago


I watched the show expecting it to be awful but it was no more provocative than gossip girl. The most explicit thing is that they talk about sex...oooo scary.

1331 days ago


What young people need to do is stop buying the products of the sponsors who backed out.

After all, those chains are largely dependent on business from their younger customers.

1331 days ago


Let's see how long this show lasts without sponsors.

1331 days ago


I wonder if MTV will be "standing behind it's decision" when they hear that huge sucking sound of NO PROFIT from advertising? HAAHAAHHaaaa.... doubt it

1331 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Smart businessmen. Who wants to watch a bunch of filthy, grimy teens who do nothing but self-medicate & indiscriminately screw, except for people exactly like them? As far as Americans having hangups about taboo subjects, you can go flip off. Almost every cover of your papers & magazines have naked people on them so who the hell is hung up?

1331 days ago


Yeah, we realize that that skins has earned the loyalty of fans across the globe. Just because they made it in the UK doesn't mean we need a "US adaptation." We are completely different countries, and what is okay in one country may not "fly" in another. US Skins is not even an adaptation, it is a copy with a different cast. If people want to watch that kind of show, I am sure they would go on youtube and watch the original that is far superior to the American. USA

1331 days ago


"vision" and "thoughtful and honest portrayal of teen life today"?!?!? ---- BS!! You are just using sex, alcohol, and drug debauchery to get ratings! You are polluting the minds of children with your wicked agenda of how people should act! The Lord will not let you go unpunished!

And for those that keep saying to turn the channel and not let your kids watch. That isn't the problem. The problem is the constant media bombardment of this false sense of what is normal and then have other kids at school who don't have good parents preach that this immorality is good. We should be telling kids to make the right choices in life, not to do things they will regret!

1331 days ago
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