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'Golden Voice' Ted Williams Bails on Rehab

1/24/2011 5:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ted Williams -- the homeless man with the "Golden Voice" -- has left rehab against medical advice, less than two weeks after checking in for drug and alcohol dependency ... TMZ has learned.

Ted Williams Rehab

Our sources say Ted -- who decided to go to rehab earlier this month after a taping of the Dr. Phil show -- left the Origins Recovery Center in South Texas moments ago and is on his way to the airport.

Ted's girlfriend is currently in rehab at the Safe Harbor facility in Costa Mesa, California.


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Hey! The man loves camping out "down by the river"!

1331 days ago


This guy is a total drug & alcohol addict. WE AMERICANS have probably supported his NINE children all their life with our tax money. This guy does NOT deserve any more attention - I feel bad for the dumb fools (Kraft & the Cavs) who hired him to work for them. He's turned out to be such a loser. Well, Teddy, your old sweet mother was are a disappointment!!!

1331 days ago

Stu Gotz    

ha ha ha to all you dummies out there who were duped by this clown. how gullible can you be? noone reaches this level of depravity unless he has given all of his family and friends a reason to turn their backs on him. Once a bum, always a bum

1331 days ago


What a shame, but you know what they say: "You Can Lead A Horse To Water But You Can't Make Him Drink It".

1331 days ago


Unless it is to go directly to another rehab he can forget this second chance he was given. Pretty sad that he will probably piss away the chance of a lifetime.

1331 days ago

Big J    

The gutter's a-calling.

1331 days ago


He'll probably wake up in his cardboard box and think, "Whoa, what a dream I just had. I met Oprah and Kobe and Matt Lauer and was wined and dined like a celebrity for a couple of weeks."

1331 days ago


Don't blow it have more chance than most.

1331 days ago

t jam     


1331 days ago


I'm amazed at the idiots who comment on this story and know nothing about it, including the fact he has a girlfriend. She was on Dr. Phil last week. If you aren't knowledgeable about something or have acquainted yourself with the facts, don't be a moron and post crap about it. This is a truly sad story.

1331 days ago


You can expect Oprah, Phil, Drew and whoever to chase this guy down and try to convince him how wonderful he is. They'll throw more thousands of dollars at this loser while somebody else deserving of that help will die on the sidewalk.

1331 days ago


I knew he WOULDN'T sad.... I hope she stays and drops his ass!

1331 days ago


Dr. Phil is a no talent ass clown and a tool. He shouldn't be allowed near real people with real mental health issues. That man's enormous head would stun a mathmatician with its disproportionate ratio of such a huge surface area and so little volume.

1331 days ago


There is a reason this guy is a bum, he isn't ready to stop drinking or doing drugs. He had a good radio job and blew it. Then all the media outlets treat him like he is a dancing bear at the circus or something, whisk him away to dozens of interviews, cameras going off in his face, and people thought it was the feel good story of the year. The media exploited this guy for ratings, and set him up for absolute failure by trying to craft this amazing story of how he righted himself and begins a new successful life. I don't blame Ted Williams, he was just doing his thing on the side of the road, as for the media? They can go #$(* themselves.

1331 days ago

Stu Gotz    

The real "sad" thing about this story is that there are dopes out there who are stupid enough to have been seduced by this loser clown. Sorry for his mom and kids though. That pr-ck has 9 kids, and takes no responsibility for them. Couldn't he stop at 1, which is even infinitely too much for a person like that. No doubt he's a selfish, bum. nothing more.

1331 days ago
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