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Oprah's Sister -- My Old Wisconsin Home

1/26/2011 9:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

This house in Wisconsin belongs to Oprah Winfrey's half-sister ... TMZ has learned -- but now that O knows she exists, it probably won't be Oprah's sister's house for long!!


O's half-sis Patricia -- who just met Winfrey for the first time back in November -- lives in this 1,070 sq. foot house in Milwaukee ... that includes 4 bedrooms and only 1 bathroom.


According to -- the estimated value of the house is somewhere around $55,500 ... which Oprah could probably find in her couch cushions. 

So we gotta ask ...


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Thank you, Phil (#17);

I thought the sister was a dead ringer for Nell Carter, too! Good call.a

1304 days ago


I wondered how Oprah and Stedman drove to Milwaukee and got out of their car, on Thanksgiving, and no one recognized them. Some one in the hood had to have seen a big car pull up and Oprah walk to the door. I can't imagine Oprah arriving in a house dress and floppy slippers.

1304 days ago


Forget you haters. Oprah and Pat will get to know each other. God will do the rest. This is what is real relationships are about. Pat now has found her family and that's a true blessing. The public will not decide how Oprah spends her money. Oprah is a very, very, smart black women, now you know you haters hate the fact that she is so rich and black. Get over it, it's a done deal.

1304 days ago


Oprah has upgraded her sister, once she was on her show a move is already in place. Oprah doesn't let u see her family that much so to give the public this much info. There has to be privacy in a big way, Oprah protects her family for various reasons as she should.We live in a messed up society, and there are people that would do criminal things to try and get to Oprah and her money. So she has already moved her sister & family as we speak. Oprah is not Oprah for being stupid and slow to re-act. Gotta love her! Her smarts and the people she surrounds herself with to keep her fine tuned machine rolling is amazing. Go Oprah!

1304 days ago


If HARPO was going to put her sister in a new house i think she would've done it by now. She's known since November and it's almost February.

1304 days ago

Lakey Jones    

if that was my sister i wouldve helped her out

1304 days ago


I hope Oprah does because like Oprah said on her show she didn't sale her out to the media which she could have for a quick check.

1304 days ago


OMG..that comment that she could find that amount in her cushions..that was a real lol moment

1304 days ago

susan britwar    

as in the first line from the song from Color Prurple," I'm Here " I got my sister......congrats Oprah

1304 days ago


I agree with post #4. I hope the media will give Patricia some privacy. Patricia did not ask for this media attention. She's not the one who even contacted Oprah. She knew she was O's sister for years before she even said anything - out of respect for Oprah. I watched the interview she did on Oprah's show (and I'm not even an Oprah fan really - I like her, but she is not the Queen in my book). Anyway, I got a really good feeling about Patricia. I think she's genuine, thoughtful, kind - a good person. I hope the media cuts her some slack and doesn't go digging into her background and exploit her. I'm sure she's already trying to adjust to her new found "fame" or whatever you want to call it. Leave her alone - or at least have some respect for her.

1304 days ago


Damn thats cheap, 4 bed in Boston area is like 300+ thousand.

1304 days ago


O sister could have sold her story yrs ago, but she chose not to. She was not after fame or fortune. She wanted relationship with her mom whom happened to be O's mom. O will take care of her.

1304 days ago

crazy christmas pie    

Oprah has said time and time again that she doesn't appreciate it when her family treats her as though she were an ATM. . . .my thing is, if your family needs money and you've got billions, why can't you hook em up with a couple hundred thousand and be done with it? Oprah really seems selfish and comes off as though $$money$$ is her brand--not LOVE--as she said during the Piers Morgan interview

1304 days ago


Comment #14 had me laughing my azz off. That person called Oprah "Orca!!" Damn that was funny!!

1304 days ago


A week ago Gayle King had a show on about family secrets. Her son announced in the supermarket about Gayle having 14 cavities. She said she was embarassed and talked to her son about keeping some things in the family. The show was about Ron Regan saying his dad had alzheimers when he was president.. should he have announced that or should it stay private. To bad Oprah didn't watch that instead of doing what she did to her mom. The woman is elderly, had a stroke, did not want contact. Patricia if she cared about her mother would of ended it there she couldn't let it go she had to contact Oprah's neice. Then Oprah announces it to the world, putting her mom on tv. Why? Only for Oprah's benefit. I felt sorry for her mom.

1304 days ago
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