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Underage 'Teen Mom'

Coronas and Beer Bongs

1/27/2011 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

19-year-old "Teen Mom" Maci must have misplaced her Shirley Temple -- because TMZ has obtained some pretty crazy pics of the MTV reality star brewing up serious trouble ... and hitting a beer bong.

No word on when exactly the alcohol-infused party pics were taken -- but thankfully, Maci doesn't look pregnant at the time. 

MTV had no comment.


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oops, should be SINCE the legal drinking age is 21, any "teen" mom is underage. It's a mathematical certainty.

1328 days ago


Oh no a 19 year old drinking beer! Stop the presses!!

1328 days ago

dave r    

Jackie dont be a moron. the drinking age is 21. duh

1328 days ago


For the record MTV didn't make these teen moms into stars it's people who constantly give them attention (ie: TMZ, fans, and haters) who have made these people "known".

It's getting old watching and hearing grown men and women along with celebrity gossip sites pick on teens who decided to keep their child when they got pregnant.

1328 days ago


Posted at 5:26 AM on Jan 27, 2011 by I'dtagthat-is-gay-all-day
It's not ONE PERSON'S RESPONSABILITY, it’s a shared responsibility! Of course you should wrap it AND IF YOU DON’T and the woman let’s you have sex and get's knocked up now who’s responsibility is it now...ONLY the guy’s???

Go f@#k yourself you little goof, the only load you’re shooting is in some guy’s A$$! don't even pretend your not some skirt wearing poodle walker.

Posted at 5:53 AM on Jan 27, 2011 by Whamo

Im 6"4 butt pirate LOL---- You are the gaylord yelling at a woman calling her a b*it*ch asking her who effed her over like a pansy as$ wimp-- There is nothing more gay than a man who feels good for talking trash at a woman---Im sure you sitting there in panties--STFU

1328 days ago


How hypocritical do you have to be to enact laws that allow someone to put on a uniform, carry a rifle, legally kill for their country and unfortunately die for it at 18, yet not allow them to touch a beer till their 21? Also a politician will happily say someone is adult enough at 18 to help vote them into office but would deride that same person as a criminal if they have a beer. Laws that are so self serving should be what's illegal, not having a drink at 19.

1328 days ago


To those of you calling me morons, you actually don't read. I already said that in my Country the age is 18, I didn't know in US it was 21.....jeez...maybe before you start typing, you should read throw comments.

1328 days ago


@ crabbygirl81...Thanks a lot. It looks like these people can't read.

1328 days ago


Yawn b*i*cth, stupid etc.... You are a little mary pansy calling a woman names and putting her down--Does that make you feel better about yourself little boy? Hey isn't there a girl scout somewhere you should be pushing down? Pansy a$$ f*a*g move--talking s*h*i*t to a female STFU

1328 days ago


ahhh you dont need a condom..its all about being able to control yourself..I have been with hundreds of women and never wore a condom.Only haveex with good looking girls and youll be fine..

1328 days ago


I agree. A man talking s*h*i*t to a female is pretty gay. I'm sure he's wearing a string a pearls and heels right now

1328 days ago


Looks like Panama City to me.

1328 days ago


TMZ....stop having anything to do with teen mom and giving them publicity. Once people stop that, then maybe they will go away and have to find real jobs. I was a teen mom and had to work my butt of to provide for my daughter. These girls never spend time with their kids (amber portwood) instead they are getting nails done, boobs done, highlights in their hair and everything else to stay in the public eye. I believe if you are going to be in the public eye, don't do things that are going to focus negativly on you. Maci in these pics were taken not even over a year ago. The guy in them is Kyle who she has been seeing for less then a year. (Tmz....don't block out their faces if on the right under recently their faces are shown). Her underage drinking could result in her losing custody of her little boy. All mom's ahould be able to go out and take care of themselves every once and a while. Even teen moms. But if you are going to be in the public eye.....stop doing stupid stuff!!!!

1328 days ago


I don't understand American values, people would argue up and down that she should be able to walk into the store and leave with an extended clip semi-automatic weapon, but God forbid she should drink a beer. Like go kill a bunch of people, no problem, but don't ever have a beer until you're 21, that makes sense, way to go Tea Party.

1328 days ago


Ugh, I hate to see this, because I always thought Maci was light years more responsible and likable than the other teen moms. Not that I don't think 19 year olds should drink (I think the drinking age should be lowered to 18), but I would hate for a court to use this against her and threaten her custody of Bentley.

1328 days ago
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