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Charlie Sheen: 'I'll Pay the Crew'

2/9/2011 5:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen has notified members of the "Two and a Half Men" crew that he will pay a portion of their salaries for the two weeks the show has been down ... if CBS and Warner Bros. agree to pay the remaining portion.


TMZ has confirmed ... Charlie is saying he is ready to come back to work next week to complete the season.  We're told Charlie is upset that Warner Bros. and show creator Chuck Lorre have not offered to pay the crew for the downtime, so he's made an offer to pay 1/3 of the crew salaries if Warner Bros. and CBS each pay 1/3 as well.

A CBS exec tells TMZ ... no one on the show is ready to go back to work on Monday.  We're told under the best of circumstances the show will come back at the end of the month, assuming Charlie can handle it.

And the CBS exec adds, no one has asked the network to pay 1/3 of the crew salaries for the downtime.

A Warner Bros. exec would not address Charlie's financial offer but  told us ... "We sincerely hope that Charlie's rehab is going well.  We hope that he is healthy in the very near future and we look forward to the return of production of 'Two and a Half Men.'"



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Oh, he has a contract to pay the crew? I doubt it. Crew wife, in the rest of the world if we don't work, we don't get paid.

1166 days ago


Maybe he should pay his dentist too.

1166 days ago


As we celebrate Recovery Month, it is time for Congress to knock down the barriers to treatment and recovery for 26 million Americans suffering the ravages of alcohol and drug addiction.
Jim Ramstad

I love making people laugh. It's an addiction and it's probably dysfunctional, but I am addicted to it and there's no greater pleasure for me than sitting in a theater and feeling a lot of people losing control of themselves.
Jay Roach

I really love to act; I love everything about it. I've never had this addiction to being known. I mean, sure, if you go into acting, there's part of you that is saying, 'I want attention' but I was brought up to work to deserve attention, and it is the work, not the trappings that are important.
Christopher Meloni

Get well, Charlie. Your kids need you and you are not done acting.

1166 days ago


They should take him up on this offer. A check is a check and in this economy it will help these employees. And afterall he is the sole reason the show was on hiatus and these employees lost there pay.

1166 days ago


In fairness, Charlie should foot the entire bill since He caused the shutdown. FYI if u want a natural antidote to alcohol that will never see the light of day because the USA is a puritanical, hypocritical nation of boobs --

1166 days ago


Wht should they pay? It's Charlie's fault they're shut down. He probably makes more money than anyone - including the creator. What a cheap *ss! I used to watch the show - I love Alan! But Charlie is not acting anymore - he's just playing himself. They should have the show about Alan/his son/ex-wife, etc.

1166 days ago


RE he's stepping up to the plate, good for him and more power if he can keep his self solber

Posted at 12:32 PM on Feb 9, 2011 by kp-

BS he's stepping up. He should be paying ALL OF THEIR DOWN TIME and giving them a bonus for putting up with his stupid @$$. He can drop $100K on blow and hookers but no money for the people who are REALLY there for him every day? EPIC FAIL.

1166 days ago


"We're told Charlie is upset that Warner Bros. and show creator Chuck Lorre have not offered to pay the crew for the downtime"

He's upset they won't cough up the money to pay the crew for down time that HE created????

He really is clueless.

1166 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    


1166 days ago


The studio should help. Whatever Charlie makes, they make 100 times as much. ThT SHOW AIN'T NO RINKY-DINK OPERATION.

1166 days ago


"Is this the 5 O'clock free crack giveaway??"

1166 days ago


Give me a f--king break. He wants to contribute half? How about all of it. He's making $1,200,000 per episode. Lets do the math. If it is a (for example) 50-person crew, and the average salary is $100,000 per year, then it would cost him approximately $192,307 to cover a two-week period, before payroll taxes, pension, health and welfare contributions.

I think if CBS wanted to send a clearer message to this moron, they would stick him with the bill. Certainly he has the means to pay it.

What a distorted sense of reality he must have. Shame.

1166 days ago


Sorry, I spoke too soon. It appears he's only offering to pay 1/3. That's even worse! What a weenie. WB and CBS shouldn't pay anything for the downtime. Yes, they shut down the show, but with good reason.

1166 days ago


Why are we hearing so much from Charlie Sheen? Rehab is going that good?

1166 days ago


Are his hookers & their madams/pimps receiving 1/3/of their wages while he's on his magic 2 week crack-free, miracle home-rehab?

1166 days ago
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