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Vietnam War Saves 'CHiPs' Star from Jail

1/28/2011 3:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Larry Wilcox – star of the '80s show  “CHiPs” -- was spared a jail sentence for his role in a financial scheme ... partly because he fought in the Vietnam War.

Larry Wilcox

Wilcox -- had recently pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit securities fraud and was facing up to five years in federal prison.  Instead, Wilcox was sentenced to 3 years probation and 500 hours of community service.

After Wilcox shed a few tears inside the courtroom, the judge explained the actor was spared the slammer because of his service in Vietnam coupled with his extensive record of community service.

Wilcox joined the Marines in 1967 and spent 13 months in Vietnam as an artilleryman.

Semper Fi.


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Concerning POST #81 - if your name is "Ronda" you should kindly list a last initial or name. I am Ronda Kay of the Larry fan page/TCC page and will not tolerate any attempt to lead others to the assumption that it is me typing this post. If you are trying to post as me, I will take it as a threat and take legal action. If you meant no harm, then please accept my apology for taking it that way....otherwise I will state that I have know Sue for years, and because of her I received an autograph from Larry for my son....and have had email contact with Larry because of the fact she vouched for me, to Larry. Please understand, that I won't let others try to turn my friends against me. Now it's time for peace and to move on with our lives.

1328 days ago


Ohhh this is too funny. I wonder how much Sue paid you all to do this.. Oh let me guess, she offered you a signed photo of Larry. She probably signs them herself. Wouldnt surprise me.
Oh and Ronda, im sure that there are more people out there with your name, so don't fret so much. Legal action. Hmm sounds like Sue again. Oh dear, do calm down, you will blow out so much energy venting on anger that isnt really anything to do with you. Its amazing isnt it, Sue posts on her board how upset she is, and wow suddenly she is really nice. Lets see how long this lasts.
Then there is the 'Letter from Larry.' Did Sue write it. Probably. But if not then Larry thanks his fans. Did you see a personal thanks to Sue? No I didnt either.

1327 days ago


Basically folks.. SUE WALSH IS OVERATTED. She is a struggling writer with a husband and cats. Totally over obsessed with Larry who is a crook. What vette said was right, she would do Larry is offered, I read on another chips board that has better standing that her own board that he gave her a lift home in his truck and it broke down, the mind boggles as to what Larry actually paid her for to be honest, the flight home when she missed it or the blow. what actually happened in that broken down car that day, gross to actually think about it to be honest..
Sue Walsh get a life love. No one likes you, they are just out for what they can get from you.

Ive been a member on the chips central board and am now on the facebook group and see it all, they are all 'oh we love you sue etc' ass lickers all over the place.
Larry is a crook and Sue what would she really give up to save her beloved??? She was heartbroken that she couldnt fly to Florifa to support him. Get a life love, you just wanted the FAME...

1327 days ago


Well "spew"...yes, I am intelligent enough to know that there are others named RHONDA...however the spelling RONDA is quite rare. And actually can be considered cyber bullying, if harm is meant. So if someone needs to get a "life", perhaps it's you and the other's who obviously have nothing better to do than trash Larry fans. Just do us all a favor and remove yourself from the fan club/facebook page...and follow the person YOU think deserves your attention. Oh, of course, I completely expect you to start your cyber attack again...but I HAVE A LIFE, and won't repond again. RondaKay (not Sue), I'm very much MYSELF.

1327 days ago


Actually Ronda I think you are confusing me for the person above you, who was saying about Getting a life. Nothing to do with me dear. I have a life thankyou very much, and I have already left the board, so please direct your anger to the person it was intent for, which is not me, and also do not threaten me with legal action, you can also get into trouble from cyber threats, and that is something I have not done, and also not seen anyone else do but YOU.
Also for your info the correct spelling of Ronda in the UK is Ronda. So your not so unique after all. Check it up.

1327 days ago


I have seen other "investment" or "promotional" ideas with his name on them. He had in the 80's & 90's investment advisers and was also an easy target for others to want to use his name on "get rich quick" schemes. At that time his wife was also part of these packages. As I read them I always wondered if they had read them or were simply desperate, cleaver or stupid. Neither he nor his former co star have been that fortunate with acting ventures so when you are use to a certain lifestyle its hard to change. He was lucky this time. bankalchemist.

1326 days ago


Erik has done quite well for himself from what I see and read around the net, he has a facebook out there, not official but its got bits on it here and there.

Your right Larry was lucky this time. Slap on the wrists though. Maybe next time he wont be so lucky.

1326 days ago

Linda Pearman    

Latest Info on Larry Wilcox:

1306 days ago


Chi parla male di Larry fa schifo per me.Io sono un estimatore lo voglio bene e per me e un eroe

1304 days ago

biff g bitches    

**** allyall *****s

1275 days ago

gisella pino fuentes    

david hasselhoff
es un viejo verde

966 days ago
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