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Charlie Sheen's Twins -- With the Nanny

1/29/2011 9:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

With daddy a little preoccupied, Charlie Sheen's twin boys -- Bob and Max -- went for a stroll with their nanny outside their home in Los Angeles.
Not a care in the world.


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Cats in a cradle with a silver spoon, the little boys are blue cause their mans on the moon. When ya comin home Dad, I don't know when, but we'll get together then son, we'll have a good time then.

1325 days ago


Always put shoes on the small children. If an emergency comes up where you need to let one of the toddlers walk then they will not run into debris on a sidewalk, road, etc... where it might become embedded into their feet. That nanny should have put shoes on the children and double knotted the shoe laces so they could not take them off. The pacifiers were a poor choice at this age for toddlers born about March 2009, too. Like so many things in the parents' lives this demonstrates not really being all there for the next generation.

1325 days ago


These babies and his other children are true victims in this whole mess. As for the nanny, she cared enough to get these boys some fresh air. She appears lucid and alert. I am sure she is doing her best with these boys despite all of the drama on their family.

1324 days ago


Quit ragging on the nanny However Charles should be careful! I don't think she's mexican. I get a Walking Deer feel with this one and the subtle signs like no shoes and blankets points to the real deal. Now if someone should ask one or both of these boys their names and the response is Little Coyote and Little Bear then we have a problem! For the love of tobacco! their old man was seen with a pipe!!!!!!!
Charlie Sheen you say, I say Fire in the Blood. If you don't believe me then ask Geronimo's sister who's pushing the stroller here. Rosa!Margarita!benita! nope! especially when that hatchet comes out.

1324 days ago


I find this very, very sad. Nobody chooses their parents, and these kids have been cast a rotten lot.

1324 days ago

Jerry Springer    

It is becoming very clear as to why the celebs and Politian’s are so against enforcing illegal immigration. Cheap labor who cannot complain to the authorities…..

1324 days ago


I'm not sure I like the looks of the nanny! She doesn't look like she takes care of herself. At least the boys look clean and happy.

Posted at 7:33 AM on Jan 29, 2011 by Muppet

I don't see anything wrong with the woman, and yes, the boys do look "clean and happy." IMO that makes for a good nanny, not a bad one. I can't help but wonder if your comment is racially motivated.

typical Mexican nanny taking care of our kids

Posted at 8:27 AM on Jan 29, 2011 by j-cob

I KNOW this comment is racially motivated. There is nothing typical about a "Mexican" nanny, but you wouldn't know that would you; like you could afford a nanny anyway.

It's simple: if you don't want someone of the Latin persuasion as nanny to YOUR kids (yeah, right) hire someone else. Stupid comment.

Posted at 9:44 AM on Jan 29, 2011 by TXluvsMJ2

My comment was NOT racially motivated!! Leave that to the racists please. I was speaking of her looking unkempt!

1324 days ago


It is becoming very clear as to why the celebs and Politian’s are so against enforcing illegal immigration. Cheap labor who cannot complain to the authorities…..

Posted at 5:24 PM on Jan 29, 2011 by Jerry Springer

Why is everyone assuming she's illegal and being cheaply paid?

1324 days ago


Thanks, TMZ, for providing a photo of the woman who takes care of Charlie Sheen's twins.
Y'know, the woman he DIDN'T give thirty thousand dollars to.

Just sayin'.

1324 days ago


Dennise Richards should raise them, at least she's doing a good job with her daughters!!!

1324 days ago


Why is everyone assuming she's illegal and being cheaply paid?

Posted at 6:04 PM on Jan 29, 2011 by Muppet

It's a pretty safe bet. She is modestly attired for the employ of conspicuously wealthy people. One of the many underpaid, underclass that power America. In contrast a person in a similar arrangement in th UK would be kept on much better terms.

If I was so wealthy, I would be embarrassed to have paid help look like this, as it reflects poorly - Charlie you're all @$$.

1324 days ago


Get those frakkin plugs out of those boys mouth!

1324 days ago


Is it me or does that nanny look like a cross between an umpa lumpa and something from planet of the apes?

1324 days ago


also, why is everyone complaining that she is probably underpaid? she's a ****ing nanny. what is she suppose to make, $100,000 a year?!? Just because her employers are rich doesn't mean she should be making top dollar. if that were true everyone in America that worked would be well off.

1324 days ago


Poor kids.I can't stand parents who create kids and yet choose to act like *******s. I hope Charlie this time, the rehab helps you. These kids need a father figure not an addiction daddy. What did they do to you to deserve a father like you? GROW UP PLEASE.

1324 days ago
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