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Sheen's Uncle Looks to Capitalize on Charlie's Rehab

1/29/2011 10:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: Joe Estevez tells TMZ the guy claiming to be his manager is just an acquaintance and does not rep him at all. He calls the whole thing a "total and complete fabrication."

Charlie Sheen's uncle, Joe Estevez, is looking to cash in on the problems of his nephew ... by lobbying for Charlie's role on "Two and a Half Men" while Charlie is in rehab.

Charlie Sheen's Uncle Rehab
TMZ has obtained a letter sent from Joe's manager to Chuck Lorre, the creator and EP of "Men." The letter describes Joe as "by far the funniest of the Sheen & Estevez clan."

Joe's manager throws out the idea, "Chuck, just a wild thought ... How about a test episode of 'Two and a Half Men' where Joe comes to house sit while Charlie is on 'vacation?'" Good to know Charlie's family has his best interest at heart.


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O-C Guy    

He should be cast as Charlie - but 15 years in the future to see what Charlie's life turned out to be.

1330 days ago

Olivia W    

Coke filled suitcase take me away.
To that green house of summer on the bay.
Soft glowing visions in my eyes.
Bright warm sunlight in the skies.
Charlie smiled and everything was okay.
We laughed and raised our glasses through the day.

Lay your head down Charlie, time to rest.
Skiing in your mansion is the best.
But when they come a knocking, don't yell and pound your chest.

Coke filled suitcase take us away.
Charlie's house of money in the bay.

1330 days ago


This man and his ilk describes the very essence of Hollywood

1330 days ago

getta grip    

Would be ideal for Martin to take over the role - I like the idea of Charlie waking up and is now an old man, Im no script writer but Im sure it could be figured out and if Martin did it I dont think Charlie would be pissed "just daddy keeping the fire burning" til he gets back!!!

1330 days ago



He is after all Martin Sheens brother...

1330 days ago


Well, Joan Crawford in her sixties filled in for her daughter, Christina on a soap opera in the 1970's. That was really strange.

1330 days ago


Who knew s***baggery was a genetic trait?

1330 days ago


i think the show would be excellent with the brother alan and his son....bring back the crazy stalker girl next door...and they could have many story lines!!! c'mon..keep the show rollin!!!

1330 days ago


Look, if Charlie wants to throw his good paying job away let someone else do it. Hell, his Uncle Joe may be pretty good in the role(the whole family are good actors) and all the crew and cast will still have their weekly paychecks coming in. When Charlie comes back the uncle can leave but for now I see this as a win-win situation for everybody.

No one is trying to take advantage of Charlie, Charlie don't give a rats ass about the show or his other cast mates...if he did he wouldn't be putting their jobs in jeopardy like this.

By the way, why have not heard or seen form his brothers in all of this?

1330 days ago


Chuck Lorre, think outside the box. Charlie Sheen's uncle is a good idea. Cast him in a dream sequence as old man Charlie. The dream would show unpleasant incidents that would happen to Charlie if he doesn’t clean up his life. A combination of John Cryer and old man Charlie should make good television. When Charlie comes back, he wakes up from the dream and begins to clean up his life.

Posted at 12:32 PM on Jan 29, 2011 by uma


That would be a great idea...if you wanted to quickly scuttle the show and knock it off the air. Nobody who actually watches the show wants to see Charlie clean up, make amends, fix relationships, get in a long term relation and get married.

If they tried that the show would be off the air before he even finish making amends and got into the relationship. lol

1330 days ago


Here is a better idea - why don't they get a real actor with talent and a good reputation to join the show instead? I do feel awful for Martin Sheen, who has to be very upset about all of this. Charlie needs help as bad as he ever has, and has so much to lose at this point that I sincerely hope that he is serious about turning his life around. Maybe if he manages to get better, his children will benefit from it by having a sober dad, and his uncle will stop trying to take advantage of his low times.

Posted at 12:12 PM on Jan 29, 2011 by mdokun65


That's a terrible idea. Charlie IS the show, get over it.

Without him it's just another failing sitcom that would be off the air in weeks. That's the reality. Jon Cryer and everyone else on the set has Charlie to thank for 7 years of successful television. They've had a very good run thanks to him.

1330 days ago


Charlie Sheen IS the STAR of the show. there have been a lot of actors over past years who left a show (contract) thought they could do movies,did NOT work; when someone who is the LEAD STAR in a series is in trouble or leaves the show is usually cancelled, having worked in the film biz have seen it many times. Neville Brand (doubt any of you are old enough to remember) was fired from "Streets of Laredo" because they could not keep him sober, the rest of the cast wanted to continue the show; no way said Universal, Neville WAS the STAR of that show. There were others too. Meanwhile, the cast/crew are out of work, I do not think insurance will kick in to pay everyone, they will be let go (crew for sure, I would bet, they need to work) as for the cast, I don't know. It is the top rated of all network shows, but CBS could say 'we have had it to Warner Bros.' and so the plug will be pulled.

They do NOT want another actor, even if it were a HUGE name, Charlie made it his way and no one would be able to replace him, I do NOT think. I have never watched the show and really do not care what they do with it. I DO hope that Charlie has finally found himself and will be OK, he must want to be OK or no matter what he does will not help, I think HE wants help now.

No reason to be nasty to Charlie or his family, I am sure they want Charlie to be well again as they do love him. Pray for them all.

1330 days ago


Good ol'e Uncle Joe. Looks like Emilio aged up.

1330 days ago


How about an episode where Charlie and Joe commit suicide?

1330 days ago



1330 days ago
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