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Sneaky Fans Denied Entry Into MJ's Tomb

1/30/2011 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned two conniving Michael Jackson fans tried to scam their way into the King of Pop's resting place this week, but their plan was foiled when security told them to beat it. 


According to sources, shortly after Dr. Conrad Murray's hearing on Tuesday, several rabid fans descended upon Forest Lawn to pay their respects to MJ -- but two women in particular took it to the next level.

We're told they rang the bell outside of the mausoleum repeatedly until a security guard answered, who told them they weren't allowed in MJ's tomb.

According to sources, they told security they weren't there for Michael, but for the famous guru Yogananda -- who doesn't have restrictions on who he allows inside. Security didn't buy their tale and promptly told them to leave.

A rep for Forest Lawn tells us, "The two women were not kicked out of the park, but they were not allowed into the mausoleum and asked to leave that part of the park."


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Those ladies only wanted to see with their own eyes that MJ is not there lol He is alive , wake up people !!!

1369 days ago


Posted at 1:02 AM on Jan 30, 2011 by ErinAndrewsIsAFameWhore

Have reported you - hope your post will be removed. Disgusting.


There are fans out there who have a way too "possessive" and "entitled" attitude when it comes to Michael Jackson. This is an example of that.
Those fans are totally out of order and out of any decency. They should respect that only Michael´s family and selected friends have access to his tomb. This is how his family wants it. Please DO respect that.
It is embarrassing!

1369 days ago


I visited Forest Lawn years ago...

Posted at 2:48 AM on Jan 30, 2011 by Trish

Why didn't you stay there?

1369 days ago


Why didn't you stay there?

Posted at 4:31 AM on Jan 30, 2011 by susie


1369 days ago

mj fan forever    

The stupidity has NO limits!!!!!

These people are NOT true Michael Jackson fans, they are simply some idiots and megalomaniacs!!!!

Everyone know that is NOT allowed to enter inside, so, there was NOT ANY plausible reason for doing a nonsense thing like this, if not, maybe, to show oneself!!!! The security has acted VERY WELL!!!!


1369 days ago


We normal (yes, we do exist) Michael Jackson fans apologize :-)

1369 days ago


Agrees with mj forever..miss him too! What encapsulates a true fan though, should we have a poll? Fake fan or real fan? He is still alive isn't he

1369 days ago

Cali MJ Fan    

Seriously, rabid? TMZ, you're just as bad as Roger Friedman, although Roger pushes the envelope a tad higher by continuing to call Michael ... "Jacko"

Just because 2 fans tried to get in to see MJ, doesn't mean they're rabid. A little ballsy, yes, but rabid.... I don't think so. defines the word "rabid" as:

1. irrationally extreme in opinion or practice: a rabid isolationist; a rabid baseball fan.
2. furious or raging; violently intense: a rabid hunger.
3. affected with or pertaining to rabies; mad.

The context always derived from the use of the word when describing MJ fans contends the definition #1, despite the definition using ideals and sport as examples. IMO, there's nothing irrational or extreme in L.O.V.E. of and for Michael. However, when printed by the TMZ' and Friedman's of the world, most readers immediately envision definition #3, complete with foam spewing from our lips, hair resembling Medusa's writhing snakes and dialated pupils.

The fact that this story is news is truly only because it is MJ. I am confident there are situations such as this, that occur daily at different notable historical figures where curiousity or devotion overwhelms a person's soul. Think of the millions who have gone to Egypt to visit the Pyramids, those who wish to see Princess Diana's island, and so on.

So please Harvey, tone down the rhetoric. It only furthers unneeded controversy around Michael, when we both know there will be a decade's worth when Murray's trial comes.


1369 days ago

juan lopez    

i bet those 2 bitches, those rabid fans, post right here on tmz. this story is so funny, i love it!

they rung the bell??? they are 2 ding dongs! your so right Tellit. there are too many to name.

they are 2 stupid bitches!


1369 days ago

Alice(from Romania)    

1369 days ago


I think the cemetary should allow all of the rabid loser fans of MJ into the crypt and then lock the doors behind them so they can all rot together with their dead child molesting ugly tranny junkie idol. That would make them happy and the rest of the world happy as well.

1369 days ago


Most of those in the MJJ community know who at least one of these "fans" is. That "fan" is more interested in being Katherine's assistant than she is in justice for MJ.

With that said, the "fan group" who told/sold this story to TMZ is no better than the "fan" trying to get into FL.

Some "fans" have taken their status in MJJ too far. It's all about notoriety for them, instead of justice for Michael Jackson.

1369 days ago


I much prefer, definition of bitch............

A man considered to be weak or contemptible......Juan.

Their definition, not mine, I am a nice person :)

1369 days ago

juan lopez    

dont worry ruthy, has nothing on TMZ description on what is a fact...


1369 days ago


Posted at 5:42 AM on Jan 30, 2011 by Chico

Good post, Chico.

1369 days ago
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