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Sneaky Fans Denied Entry Into MJ's Tomb

1/30/2011 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned two conniving Michael Jackson fans tried to scam their way into the King of Pop's resting place this week, but their plan was foiled when security told them to beat it. 


According to sources, shortly after Dr. Conrad Murray's hearing on Tuesday, several rabid fans descended upon Forest Lawn to pay their respects to MJ -- but two women in particular took it to the next level.

We're told they rang the bell outside of the mausoleum repeatedly until a security guard answered, who told them they weren't allowed in MJ's tomb.

According to sources, they told security they weren't there for Michael, but for the famous guru Yogananda -- who doesn't have restrictions on who he allows inside. Security didn't buy their tale and promptly told them to leave.

A rep for Forest Lawn tells us, "The two women were not kicked out of the park, but they were not allowed into the mausoleum and asked to leave that part of the park."


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C'mon. Michael Jackson is not in Forest Lawn Cemetary. He is not shrined or tombed.

His funeral was a show. Staged. Michael Jackson was already burried or cremated, someplace else.

1361 days ago


Posted at 5:42 AM on Jan 30, 2011 by Chico



1361 days ago


Michael is still alive somewhere. We may never know, but my gut feelings tell me that he isn't really dead. My intuitions are usually pretty good. I have always felt he is alive somewhere in this world. Why else would TMZ bother to post something like this. It is just to keep that doubt alive in our minds.

1360 days ago


That picture also looks fake. The building on the right looks like it it falling forward. HEE HEE!!

1360 days ago


Hello Everyone:

Alice just posted a link on another board for a video. This is one that I think most of MJ's Fans would be interested in seeing.

1360 days ago


C'mon. Michael Jackson is not in Forest Lawn Cemetary. He is not shrined or tombed.

His funeral was a show. Staged. Michael Jackson was already burried or cremated, someplace else.

Posted at 5:56 AM on Jan 30, 2011 by janet

Now this is something I could buy much more than the idiotic claim that Michael is still alive somewhere. Who knows if his body is really at FL or not? Regardless, he should be left to rest in peace. Do people want to climb into the sarcophagus with him, or what? Leave him be, and if you feel the need to do something, say a prayer for his soul and for his family before you go to sleep at night.

1360 days ago


This story reminds me of the 50 cent rap in "Monster":

"..This the bomb, RING the alarm, MJ No. 1..."

They were ringing the alarm waiting for the King to rise.

1360 days ago


Although I am a fan of MJ, I don't consider myself "rabid" - what I don't understand is that if you are a rather overzealous fan of his, there are still boundaries. Have some respect for not only Michael Jackson, but his family and Forest Lawn - the staff and the "inhabitants" and their families. MJ was hounded all his life and, although he loved his fans, I doubt he appreciated the constant hysteria by some. Let the man rest in peace now and go off and do something worthwhile in his name - volunteer for a good cause, donate $ to a charity ....

1360 days ago


type in your browser john denver forest lawn on the tonight show

that sums it up.

1360 days ago


LMFAO!!!!!! This is hysterical! Oh, Taaj, you are officially a dumbass!! Wonder how upset she is that her name didn't make it into this article, because we all know the ONLY reason she did this was for the notoriety. When are people gonna realize ... *smdh* Sorry, I really do love all MJ fans, truly, even those I disagree with. But this psycho is NOT a fan.

1360 days ago


I'm happy to hear Forest Lawn turned these people away.
Letting those people in would be really disrespectful to the famlies that have loved ones in the mausoleum.

1360 days ago


Good grief.

Were they drunk or what? It is so called fans such as these women that can ruin things for everyone else.

As they say, you always find a few bad apples in every bunch...

1360 days ago


John Denver tonight show johnny carson forest lawn song

funny. rock of ages

1360 days ago


Ok fess up which two of you posters was it?

1360 days ago
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