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Zuckerberg vs. Zuckerberg

1/30/2011 10:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Last night on "Saturday Night Live," Jesse Eisebenberg came face-to-face with the guy he played on the big screen, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. Awk-ward.


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I wonder how much Mark paid to get on tv. That was awful.

1364 days ago


Didn't SNL used to be a comedy show at one time...long, long, long ago?

1364 days ago


Mark has that dorky cuteness about him.

1364 days ago


those things never work. but if was fun (for the FB guy), I guess. Anyway he's OK , only 'cause he made lots of money with the internet , not like us idiots typing comments for free.

1364 days ago


Zuckerberg is such a douche that he thinks he came off as looking good in the social network.

1364 days ago


i CANNOT believe how racist TMZ is!!! so, you really could bother to post ANYTHING about Nicki Miniaj????! I mean really? just the white boys hah?!!!!

1364 days ago


I admit 2010 wasnt the best year for hit movies but the Social Network was still the best Ive seen. I dont understand why most people hate on facebook and the movie..The real Marc Zuckerberg may be a jerk but hey hes worth almost 50 billion dollars...and thats Austin Powers money right there

1364 days ago


I guess the TMZ article writer didn't realize that they've met several times before, including in rehearsal all week.

1364 days ago


1st- SNL BLOWS!!!!!

2nd- you spelled Jesse's name wrong..

3rd- no one gave half a sht about this Zuckerberg douche until this crappy movie came out. Facebooks been around for over 8 years ya know...

and don't even get me started about the sh.tty oscars and the fact that they acknowledged this sht....

1363 days ago


Posted at 1:35 PM on Jan 31, 2011 by smashley

FINALLY, SOMEBODY THAT DIDN'T LIKE THAT MOVIE!! There was NOTHING interesting about it. The PLOT was incredibly BORING and the characters are not likeable so you really don't care about what happens (even though you know what happens to them so it's actually redundant dullness). It was just entertaining enough to watch without walking out but it is NOT worth ANY awards.

1361 days ago



1358 days ago


Another gratuitous, random reference to Jesse Eisenberg being Jewish? I'm pretty sure that, at this point in the game, every such reference should be accompanied by a mention of the fact that Natalie Portman, Logan Lerman, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Paul Rudd and Mila Kunis are also all Jewish. That's for starters.

1357 days ago

ray Luchi     

we are a legal non profit for homeless kids and i build homes and we approached zuckerberg about not giving us money but loaning us money to start out bi yearly home raffle with proceeds going to benfit homeless children and with him making more in one yr off of it then 90% of the people make in a year and guess what people ?????? he didnt spend even a split second either helping us nor telling us no i cant help you nothing nadda zero zilch i honestly feel thats whats hurting the good old usa is you have thse guys worth billions and who do they help ???surely not the lower classes for example sur he donated 100 mill to a college but hey the college is already worth 100 mill if not more do you relize had he loaned us the 500k we were after with 750k going back to him we would employ 50 people and help hundreds of kids whom are homeless and also the public wins 2 homes a year plus a lot of prizes the ultra rich need to help the poor and middle class not toehr wealthy enteriprizes and this would fix america but i guess were just parasites to them we have not even been answered by any of the 50 ultra welahy we have approached or their charitable programs always find a way to say sorry we cant help but good luck its pathetic if i was worth that much id take 500 million dollars and help the lower clases with start up capital and so forth of course only thoese with legitimate reasons but how litigtimate is 2 home raffles helping homeless kids ???100% people so i wont ever be using face book and quite frankly i dont need face book and we will keep pushing to help the kids someday with our raffles thanks mark your a kewl dude man

1355 days ago


facebook faceoff see Baine vs Baine and see them trash each other on Grace Baine's reality show "Mother nature grows the green carpet" divorced and still at odds the star wars saga continues see google google Mother nature in peril on youtube whats next on the green

1283 days ago
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