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Porn Star:

Charlie Wanted Me

to Babysit His Kids

1/31/2011 9:44 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Maybe he got a reference from Britney Spears, but whatever the reason ... the porn star who partied with Charlie Sheen last week says he asked her to babysit his kids when they all move in to Charlie's porn star mansion.

Kacey Jordan
Kacey Jordan was on "Good Morning America" today where she told them the same tale of drug use she told us last week ... except this time she was sober.


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And why would he even ask her to baby-sit when the kids are always with their mother's?..This whore she ****ing making up stupid stories. Leave the kids out of ur herp mouth. jeez...IDIOT.

1361 days ago


What this girl doesn't realize is that now that she opened her big mouth, she just excluded herself from any kind of private party invite from someone in the mainstream tv/film industry. She has the balls (or she has no idea of the consequences of her actions) to go on tv and to state what when on at a private party, the drugs, the girls and the conversation about the porn house. Do you think Charlie would give her a check for 30K for nothing (originally she was supposed to get 5K for going to his party), he could have given it to her for for accepting the house offer, and or could it be to keep her quiet. It's hard to say without being there.

The other porn girls that were allegedly at the party are wisely keeping quiet, why, because they're smarter that this girl. This girl better keep her day job, because that's all she will left after she burns through the 30K. She may think this will give her some publicity, in the short run, but it'll dry up and she'll be remembered for it. What girls like this don't realize that both industries are fairly well connected. Do you think other people will offer her money to party with them at their homes (I guess it's safe to say, you could call her a hooker), maybe but highly unlikely, she'll find out the hard way.

Also, why would someone from City National bank hand over a canceled check to tmz to be made public? You can tell that the notes on the face of the check were made by someone from the bank when they verified the check w/Charlie and his people. Isn't there privacy issues regarding protecting someones bank account and someone's personal transactions? It's obvious that this girl received this check and had tmz there when she cashed it so it could be made public, unless that was a setup. If I were Charlie, I would have his lawyer's go after the City National for disclosing his private transaction.


1361 days ago

The Judge    

In all seriousness, I believe we need a new word for this type of classless parasite. Fame at any price ? Think again dumbass...

1361 days ago


I can't believe mainstream TV is giving these skank ho's the time of day. I haven't watched any of these shows in years and now I know why.

She's a porn skank; plain and simple. Nothing she says has any redeeming value. Go back to prostituting yourself. The only time your mouth needs to be open is when you are using it in your chosen profession.

1361 days ago

He was drunk and not in his right mind. He should get that check back!
Give the money back you dumb hoe!
Charlie, get you attorney on this!

1361 days ago

He was drunk and not in his right mind. He should get that check back!
Give the money back you dumb hoe!
Charlie, get you attorney on this!

1361 days ago


What a loser retard he is.

1361 days ago

So What    

So now the news on TV has whores on their talk shows now. What is the opening shows name. Move on HOLE!!. She is a loser and always will be. Lets get some real news you ass bits.

1361 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

coke, porno and sexcapades. now if that aint some proper 'breakfast talk' then i don't know what is. that'a make my cup of coffee go down real smooth!!

1361 days ago


This girl is full of sh**. She claims she was dating kevin federline while Britney was divorcing him and he was going to court, for one at the time Britney had custody of the kids and for two Kevin was dating Kate Von D . The paps were very tight on Britney, Kevin and the kids during the divorce so anyone around them was pictured and the only girls ever around Kevin during the time were his mother, Shar, and Kate and it was splattered everywhere Kevin had already moved onto dating Kate and that there was large speculation he had been having an affair with her during his marriage to Britney

This is just another tramp trying to get her 15 minutes of fame and doing and saying anything she can to get it.

1361 days ago


Whore, ButterFace, Skank, LoudMouth...Whore!!

1361 days ago

They are crayz!!    

I still would pay five cents to watch her eat the azzh ole out of a horse while a donkey rides her from behind.... what? she will do that for free? what a class act. you go girl

1361 days ago

Michelle Marie    

Charlie gave this girl a $30,000 check while "wasted". Yet, still honored it when he was contacted by the bank.

Seems to me, this girl could show him a bit of gratitude and respect his privacy...but I guess girls like her are only quiet when their mouth is FULL. DUMB BITCH!

1361 days ago


Its' Parents must be proud of their It now!!

1361 days ago

Tiffany Bolay    

snitches get stitches! she should tell the public about something she probably was doing herself. . . saying she did not want anything to do with the 'coke' bitch probably stiff that **** as soon as he laid it out!

1360 days ago
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