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Charlie Sheen -- Rehab for Three Months

1/31/2011 11:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen will be in rehab for the next  three months, derailing the next eight episodes of "Two and a Half Men" ... and possibly leaving the show's crew SOL.

Charlie Sheen Rehab
Sources connected with the show tell TMZ the crew is grumbling ... worried they will be the financial casualties of Charlie's problem. There are 300 people associated with the show, many of whom are nervous about not getting a paycheck.

Sources say when production was halted last February while Charlie was in rehab, the crew was  "partially compensated."

We're told the studio hasn't decided what to do this time around -- whether the staff will be fully or partially compensated. A decision is expected soon.

That said ... everyone we've spoken with is supportive of Charlie and knows he needs to get better, which ultimately will be the best job security.



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Charlie, what a great name for a druggie!! Hasnt this man been let off too many times already. He's a woman beating junkie, and worse he has daughters!! Send him to rehab, which he wont learn anything from in 3 months after 35 years of taking the drug, and then fire him... he's a WOMAN BEATER!!!!

1369 days ago


Charlie has of become sort of a male Judy Garland - minus the talent, of course.

1369 days ago


Hey Charlie,
Hope you get better, but screw you for putting so many people out of work because of your filthy habits.

For those of you who think tv crew and staff are making tons of money and can "just get another job", you don't know WTF you're talking about.
It also affects pensions and elegibility for health insurance.
Even if you're working on a hit tv show for season after season, it's still only for about 24 or 26 weeks of the year for most of them.

1369 days ago


Why should the others suffer from this man's selfishness and total lack of control. They are a beautiful crew. The comedic timing is PERFECT in every one of these actors. The show will go on just fine if they even introduce in the story that Charlie is in rehab or whatever they want to write about without Sheen while he's away. This isn't just HIS show. They are BRILLIANT actors and support group. Write a story where the show will go on. We're not quitters! Let the show go on, I say. If anybody can do it, these people can!

1369 days ago


I've always had a great dislike for Charlie, in my eyes he's an aggressive, mean horrible person so I put off watching two and a half men for years. But I started watching bits at a time, and got sucked into the comedy, and voila I was hooked. Now I watch the re-runs, but they're first time for me!! I really hope they can find someone to replace him cause every single one of the actors on the show are brilliant (yes even you make me laugh Charlie, you bum)Charlie is really only playing himself anyway, surely someone out there can act the part.

1369 days ago

LA me    

Maybe they should get paid out of Charlie's salary!!

1369 days ago


300 people out of work because of this ********?

I wish he would die of a drug overdose already!

1368 days ago


300 people out of work because of this a.s.s - h.o.l.e.?
I wish he would die of a drug overdose already!

1368 days ago


Maybe Charlie Cokehead, can compensate the crew.
He has enough money to waste on blond bimbos alcohol and cocaine.

1368 days ago


Addicts don't care about the damage they leave in their wake. It is a disease of selfishness.

By not firing this idiot CBS is telling America that as far as they are concerned this type of behavior is acceptable and fully endorsed by them. I encourage people to send emails to CBS and their sponsors telling them that you do not approve of their glorification and rewarding of this idiot.

1368 days ago


What a self-centered jerk off & that dumbass show is just reheated 'Charlie' if you ask me. Week after week of self-centered ahole antics. It's gotten boring & I don't believe for a second that Charlie carries that show. Without Cryer, it wouldn't be ****. So sick of this guys boyish behavior. He doesn't give a damn how his behavior affects other people so why should his fans give a damn about him? The whole lovable bad-boy crap has gotten old. He's lookin' like an old, beaten up drug addict & it's really not that sexy anymore; not to mention the pathetic whore-mongering. That's just sad & is becoming embarassing for him. So much talent just wasted. Give me 'Martin' ANYDAY over this ridiculous character that Charlie has become. btw, that last porno queen looks like a horse-face. What is he thinking? Is this the drugs or what? This guy is just jerking us all off. He's got no intention of staying clean or sober. Wonder how long the cast & crew are going to go on 'loving Charlie' while he puts them all out of work??

1368 days ago

300 crew members out of work, & in this economy. I guess do-goodry has it's costs. This sort of outrage would never have happened in the Reagan Era, when people were free to do as much blow as they wanted as long as they kept it under wraps!

1368 days ago


So because of his actions, those people may not get paid?? Addiction is one thing, but his actions are very selfish to those around. Starting with his family down to the people that work on the show.
I will not lie and say that I am praying for him. I feel for all the others involved who may suffer.

1368 days ago


I think that the workers should be paid why should they suffer! On the flipside i wish Charlie well in recovery but his co workers should not have to suffer financially

1368 days ago


#6 is so right abt the pay! The next 3 months should be on Charlie's dime.
It comes back to his actions so why not?!

1368 days ago
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