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Charlie Sheen -- Rehab for Three Months

1/31/2011 11:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen will be in rehab for the next  three months, derailing the next eight episodes of "Two and a Half Men" ... and possibly leaving the show's crew SOL.

Charlie Sheen Rehab
Sources connected with the show tell TMZ the crew is grumbling ... worried they will be the financial casualties of Charlie's problem. There are 300 people associated with the show, many of whom are nervous about not getting a paycheck.

Sources say when production was halted last February while Charlie was in rehab, the crew was  "partially compensated."

We're told the studio hasn't decided what to do this time around -- whether the staff will be fully or partially compensated. A decision is expected soon.

That said ... everyone we've spoken with is supportive of Charlie and knows he needs to get better, which ultimately will be the best job security.



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1326 days ago


if Charlie can support the cocaine dealers and porn starts he can surely support the crew!!

thinking he's in rehab now in order to try to stay one step ahead of the cops! Shouldn't they be looking into this and coming up with charges??

1326 days ago


You make me sick, Mr. Sheen. You're a grown man, in the lap of luxury, father to many small children (well, that we know of), and get the most money out of all other TV stars! This is just pathetic! You have the $'s to cure cancer, to pay for heart transplants, and help adopt a 3rd. world country....and look what you're doing to yourself! I just can't believe it. If you were poor, you'd be in prison. You'd be concidered a deadbeat husband, a deadbeat dad, and a deadbeat son! Oh wait, I hope everyone around you already knows that! You aren't just letting your family, friends, your co-workers, and fans must realize by now you're letting YOURSELF down. How sad...

1326 days ago


The show doesn't need him. Shoot the episodes without him and you'll see.

1326 days ago


thinking he's in rehab now in order to try to stay one step ahead of the cops! Shouldn't they be looking into this and coming up with charges??

Posted at 4:18 AM on Jan 31, 2011 by Sloane

Do you really believe Barrack Obama, his wife and his children don't know about Charlie Sheen smoking cocaine? If he did know would he not be directly responsible for pursuing the most just action.

Consider the real authority behind Charlie Sheen's stay at rehab. Consider the children that watch Two and Half Men. Consider the classroom talk all over this nation at the 6th year level. Politicians watch TV just like you and me, they even occasional eat food and sleep.

1326 days ago


Carlos Esteves isn't going to jail because his father Martin Sheen made promises that he can't keep.

1326 days ago


Of course i wish Charlie well, but i feel like CBS has "leant a deaf ear" to this problem for too long. They say that it hasnt affected his work and that he's is functioning well. But seriously whats their take? Let him continue on this destructive path, while killing himself just because he shows up to work on time and makes money for all involed in the process? CBS shame on you !

1326 days ago


With what they pay Charlie why don't they make him pay the salaries for 3 months? That's sounds fair to me. He's responsible for it. There should be something in their contract saying they will pay up if they put people out of jobs. Maybe then they'll be a bit more responsible.

1326 days ago


I read the comments and I understand the anger. However, I choose to focus on the comment made about the people who work on this production - at all levels. Have you considered this economy? Yes, in theory, those workers on the lowest level can find other jobs, on other productions. But, are there any available? Through the actions of this undeniably "sick" man, there will be those who lose their homes, their financial stability, etc. Maybe even their health benefits. Why should his actions be rewarded by an hiatus - thus confirming his supposed irreplacable value? My husband is 70 today. He has loved this show since the beginning. But I have noticed that he no longer laughs at the "Charlie" character. However, the last several shows, he has roared with laughter over the antics of "Jake" and "Eldon", and of course "Alan"'s reaction to their behavior. This is supposed to be a comedy, not a one tasteless joke 30 minutes about booze and hookers. That is a stale storyline, made all the more repulsive as it parallels Charlie Sheen's real life. This family would love to see this show continue (without Charlie Sheen if necessary). Give us more of Alan, Jake, Eldon, Evelyn, Berta, and bring back Herb. There is a reason "Alan" receives awards. His comedic timing is perfect. Bring it back to an ensemble about family, instead of a one note boozefest. You simply have to go far to surpass the human volcano, the shopping cart on the roof, and the fart lighting. Yes, it is juvenile, but have you been following the news? Sometimes, it is just what you need - laughter at silly things. Additionally, reconfiguration of the show would allow the financial burden on all those involved in this production to be much lighter. So many of us are struggling with just $3.19/gallon gasoline (in Florida), why should anyone want others to suffer more financial hardship? It's just a television show, that we watch on a Monday (the day shown to have the most heart attacks in the week). It provides silly comedic relief to life's problems (except for the "Charlie" storyline). Let it go on, let him regain sobriety, and realize the beauty and promise that is life, and give the rest of us a 30 minute appointment to healing laughter. He and his family remain in our thoughts and prayers, as does the welfare of all involved in producing this show. This is just my opinion, I am sure you will have others, as you are entitled to do so.

1326 days ago


Charlie Sheen isn't getting arrested because advisers in washington fear outcry will harm their re-election. The nations most famous cocaine abuser walks free because of politics, though every man, woman and child has knowledge of the crime Charlie will go unpunished because his TV show is THAT popular.

1326 days ago


The sad thing is I don't know if rehab will ever work for him because he really believes he is just fine. Another day at the office - everybody acts like this - he's fine (SO HE THINKS) All I can say is he is setting some crappy example for his kids

1326 days ago

david Shapiro    

Waaaaaa, i may lose my job........welcome to the REAL ****ING WORLD hollywood..
I agree though, Charlie makes 2 mil an episode, let jhim pay the crew.........

1326 days ago


Charlie Sheen should pay the cost of all his 300 associates that works along side of him. His associates should not have to suffer any loss of wages due to him going to rehab.If Charlie had enough money for drug's, alcohol and women of the uncommonly nature wasting his money away he can now spend his money righteously. Charlie have a heart and do what's right. You need your associates and now they need you. One hand helps the other. No one should have to suffer a lost because of you. Your lucky to have persons concerning about you and your well beings, and willing to do whatever it takes to help you through your ordeal.

1326 days ago


Charlie should pay for all the trouble he has caused. I've never watched his show, there is something in his eyes that is not right, evil. Everyone else involved in the show shouldn't suffer for his problems. He makes enough $$$$ to take care of the mess he has made.

1326 days ago



1326 days ago
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